[MECH] SPITEMS V1.3.3 Drop Items and Blocks w/ Spout [1185]

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    I've three worlds: A survival, a creative and a Nether-World. Our Admis can use all Permissions on all worlds, but the players only can use the Memberlist in the Creative-World. (spitems.member)

    When they leaving the World (Multiverse Portals) all works fine, they lost the permissions and so the functionallity of this feature. But if they DIE in the Creative World and they Respawn in her homes of the survival world. Sometimes the can use the Hotkey for SPItems and are able to cheat items in the wrong world.

    I've tested it many times, the permissions are setuped right, and if I bring/teleport them, the permissions works. But if they die in the creative world, sometimes the hotkey is in the Survival World avaible.

    For me i make first a workaround so that they can't die in the creative-world to stop the possiblity to cheat with it, but i think i have to report this strange behavior. (Used Plugins)

    I hope this can be fixed.
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    my Spoutcraft-Client and the Clients of my friends crash, when we want to add Stone-Stebs to our inventory. If we build them "normally", (putting three stones on a workbench) the Stebs wont cause a crash and work perfectly.

    Also if we try to add White Wool, we instead get Black Wool.
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    Thank you for reprting that error. Fixed the Itemlist.yml see changes on main post.
    Added 3 more slabs/steps types.

    BTW: Have anyone a "official" Prize-List for iConomy ?
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    If you meant price-list there are some in here but I think they are not official.
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    I take it this doesnt work with GroupManager permissions?
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    Why must a person be an op to use this? At least, that's the only way I can get it to work.
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    Don Redhorse

    there is a config file... read it... and read the op..
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    I have read it... all two lines:p
    I have set '[*OnlyOPs*]' to both true and false and still I have to op myself to make it work.
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    Don Redhorse

    well in this case you don't have the permissions... I have it to false and have spitems.admin as permission and I have the admin list.... perhaps a log?
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    '[*OnlyOPs*]' are an option from 1.2 . Currently only the OPs.txt OR PermissionSystem work.
    I have removed because it complicates the plugin-use.
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    Grammar Troll

    What do you mean with "change name for tooltip"? Does this change the hover-over name in players' inventories, or does it only change the hover-over name in SPITEM's pop-up window? If it doesn't already, can you make it so that it changes the hover-over name in inventories as well?
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    any chance to get this work with my eyefinity setup works perfectly fine with one monitor but when in eyefinity its all squash together
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    plugin works nice on 1.8.1 with dev spout and spoutcraft.

    I updated the admin itemfile for 1.8.1

    you can find it here
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    there are no more tabs

    #1185 and all rec. spout programme


    EDIT: hm it works on my server now. I don't know why it doesn't works.
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    Hey ;)

    I got a big request for this Plugin to become the best Item-giving-related plugin ever:

    Make something like a database, where admins can set the maximum per item/per player/per group amount in a set of time! =) this would be epic!

    Hope you get what i mean xD

    Configurable amounts of items obtainable...
    Members of 'PermissionsGroup' can only take 32 Stone, 12 Iron, 6 Gold, 2 Diamonds per 24 hour realtime =)

    Omg, i would really love that man :)

    But anyways.. even without, its a great plugin^^

    Thank you very much..

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    Just a note for people using this.. It is best to keep your gui at auto otherwise it messes up the sizes of everything.
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    I have the sizes of all the icon wrong :/
    If i select my gui in auto (which is large) , it's good
    But i want my gui in normal :(

    I had no problem in v1.1 and now i dont understand why all the icons are too big
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    Having the same problem with the newest version. GUI is set to auto.


    Forgot to update Spout so its fixed now. Thanks for a great plugin!

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    dont change anything for me :(
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    Did you update your client or the server? Or both?
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    Bones to Bonemeal problem:

    • Bones created with /give Username 352 can be crafted into bonemeal.
    • Bones given by Spitems can't be crafted into bonemeal.

    • Spout 403
    • Spoutcraft 449
    • Spitems V1.3.3
    • part of Adminitemlist.yml:
    • BONE:
      id: 352
      cost: 0
      itemdata: none
      use: true
      id: 351
      cost: 0
      itemdata: 15 <-- Also Value needs to be fixed in all *itemlist.yml (from 4 to 15):
      use: true
    Thanks for helping
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    GUI isn't showing up at all :O
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    C= 64

    Using: Spout R: 1.0.6 build 403 for CB 1240 on 2 Oct 2011 for my server and the latest spoutcraft client is v / minecraft 1.8.1 and bukkit #1240 (Oct 3, 2011 23:29:49) for MC 1.8.1, when loading into the game as client and selecting the GUI by pressing the U key the GUI appears but only the blocks menu and i cannot select any blocks and or change the category to tools or such it shows a noon functional or partial GUI in other words.

    There is no error in the console just the issue itself, screenshot below:


    EDIT: also tried spout server plugin build [​IMG]and have the same issue.

    EDIT #2: Just tried the dev build of Spout server plugin build 450 and it now works.

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    I have an idea for the plugin.
    Can you add a regulator field to define custom numbers of item.

    Thx C=64 to steal your screenie :)

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    I too am having a problem with some crafting ingredient items. So far i've discovered that bones given with spitems cannot be crafted to bonemeal, and also the bonemeal item in spitems actually gives me lapis luzil dye. Also noticed today that sticks given with spitems cannot be crafted with. This is a major issue, if even a single stick from spitems gets into a stack of "legit" sticks i have to trash the whole stack of sticks and use /give to get a working stack. I have to disable this mod until this issue is resolved.
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    I have pemissionsEx but when someone that has the permission isn't OP he cant use it
    but if he is OP and have the permission he can use it
    so basically i think this has something to do about the OP thing dont turning off. Maybe making the OP thing configurable?

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    same probleme here

    my moderator have the permission node : spitems.admin
    and in the config.yml : '[*OnlyOPs*]': false
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    I have the same Bug!
  30. Please add support for custom items created with Spout (UltraItems) :'(

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