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    SlowHealth v3.2.0

    Download: SlowHealth.jar
    Source included in JAR


    - v3.2.0 tested with CraftBukkit #122-1060​

    - Adds health (configurable) every second (configurable) to players on the server.
    - Can hurt player if you make regen-amount negative
    - Can set maximum amount SlowHealth will heal the player by
    - Can set minimum amount SlowHealth will stop hurting the player by (if you set regen-amount to less than 0
    - Can set the starting altitude that slow health with start working
    - Multi-world support
    - Permissions support

    - Save SlowHealth.jar to plug-in folder
    - Start and stop server to allow Slow Health to create the needed files.
    - Inside your plug-in folder there should be a SlowHealth Folder with three files
    - default.properties
    - world.properties (or whatever your default world is in your server.properties file)
    - WORLDLIST.txt
    - If you only have a single world just change the settings in your worlds property file.

    Adding Worlds to Slow Health:
    - For every world you have add the world name in the WORLDLIST.txt file. One world per line.
    - Run the server and let it create the properties file, then edit it to your liking.​
    - Any world not on the WORLDLIST.txt will use the setting in the default.properties file.​

    Customize Slow Health:
    All values must be in integer form (whole numbers)​
    - regen-rate:1
    - This value is how fast SlowHealth will heal you in second.​
    - regen-amount:1
    - This is how many 1/2 hearts SlowHealth will heal you for.​
    - Set this to a negative number to hurt the player :eek:
    - regen-max:20
    - Controls at what value SlowHealth will stop healing.​
    - regen-min:0
    - This is used if you are hurting the player instead of healing them.​
    - Controls when your stop hurting them. 0 will lead to death.​
    - regen-altitude:0
    - If a player goes below this depth, the will no longer be healed.​
    - Used if you want to make underground harder.​
    - sleep-heal:20
    - When players sleep through the night they get healed this amount.​

    If using permissions use the node 'slowhealth' for everyone you want to be affected by this mod. Permissions is not needed to use this mod, Slow Health will default to everyone getting healed if not installed.​

    To be added:
    - Fix the plug-in to work if properties is set to spawn-monsters=false.
    - An option to have slow health heal you after a set amount of time after you take damage​
    - An option to heal you only when you are standing still (probably will be mutually exclusive of above option)​
    - Heal only when light is above a certain level​
    - Console controls to edit settings 'on the fly' (will support permissions)​
    - Suggest more please...

    - Code modified from Silence's SimpleGod code and Protected's SlowHealth 1.0.
    - Also credit to feverdream, Drakia, Edward Hand

    Change Log:

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    just 'slowhealth'
    there are no sub nodes.
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    when can we expect this one:
    - Fix the plug-in to work if properties is set to spawn-monsters=false.

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    Any chance you'd be willing to add health regen while sleeping? Like hop in a bed overnight, heal X amount of hearts. And/or add a degen of health when hit by a zombie, just for more realism for hardcore players, like 1/2 heart per second for 3 seconds for example. I know you said you wanted to keep it simple, but many possibilities. Just some ideas.
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    Still haven't figured that one out. I don't know if there is a way yet to overide or turn of the auto-heal in a peaceful world.

    I am working on the bed thing, but I just can't get it the way i like. I'll post it though once I get home.

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    No compatibility with CB 733/1.5 client version?
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    Yes it works with 733

    Slow Health now heals after sleeping. I need more people to test this though. It should support multi-world settings. If you are upgrading from the old version add the line:


    to your settings files. I've only tested it on a single world and 2 users server.

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    Thanks for keeping this up to date and adding features, however the lowest amount it goes to is half a heart every second? I hardly consider that slow.
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    Going to test this on a 20-man server. Is there a downloadable config file I can edit so I don't have to take the server down, launch, turn off, edit, launch again?
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    When you run it the first time config files should be generated.

    If you set the regen-rate to 40 it will heal you every 40 secs. So you can make it VERY slow if you wish.

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    any chance we could get a version with different rates depending on altitude?

    And to make it above a certain altitude instead of below

    I am hoping to set this up to deal damage at high altitudes due to oxygen deprivation and wouldn't mind being able to add slow healing near sea level as well.
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    I don't know why I couldn't. It will take some re-thinking/re-tinkering on my part. I'll work on it soon.
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    awesome thank you. I'd love to have extra options.... working great as intended btw
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    Good to hear! I tested it in my classroom today (shh don't tell my boss) and my students seemed to like it. I also am testing with them my personal land protection mod along with some other nifty ones. Expect a new mod release from me soon.
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    Ah, from your explanation it seemed to be something different. Thank you for the clarification, fantastic plugin!
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    Hello, we love this mod, and have been waiting on an update for a while! we got the mod on our multiplay server from multiplay.co.uk and the heal after sleeping works great. however, regular healing does not work. we get he following error in the logs

    011-04-30 02:11:32 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Timer-0"
    2011-04-30 02:11:32 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    2011-04-30 02:11:32 [SEVERE]     at actruncale.SlowHealth.SlowHealth.handleHealth(SlowHealth.java:122)
    2011-04-30 02:11:32 [SEVERE]     at actruncale.SlowHealth.SimpleTimer.run(SimpleTimer.java:37)
    2011-04-30 02:11:32 [SEVERE]     at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Timer.java:534)
    2011-04-30 02:11:32 [SEVERE]     at java.util.TimerThread.run(Timer.java:484)

    Our config file is this
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    Humm... do you have permissions installed? Try deleting your config folder and let the mod recreate the files.
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    Pleaes make work with spawn-monsters=false
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    We get the same on our server, though only if we use the /reload command.
    If you stop and start the server it works fine.
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    Yes we have permissions installed, i added
    - 'slowhealth'
    to our default group that everyone is in, i also tried adding it to each user and it doesn't work.
    our moderator group looks like this
            default: false
                prefix: ''
                suffix: ''
                build: true
                - Default
                - 'slowhealth'
                - 'dropchest'
                - 'dropchest.create'
                - 'dropchest.list'
                - 'dropchest.which'
                - 'dropchest.remove'
                - 'dropchest.radius.set'
                - 'dropchest.filter'
                - 'whitelist.all'
                - 'elevators.operator'
                - 'bordergaurd.all'
                - 'bordergaurdlite.all'
                - 'bordergaurd.setborder'
                - 'bordergaurd.disableborder'
                - 'bordergaurdlite.setborder'
                - 'bordergaurdlite.disableborder'
    We still get the same severe errors in our logs and no health, except for when sleeping, that still works.
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    The plugin version still reports as 3.0.1 in-game
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    Any help for us on this mod??
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    Works perfectly for me, thanks.
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    Works great, no errors, thoroughly tested on my 740 server.
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    Yes it would better for just lying on the bed and regenerate health slowly
    Because sleeping through night working when ALL players sleeping
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    A small problem which I did not like: apparently sleep healing only works if player's health is in the boundaries made by the plugin. I.E. if health only regenerates while being below 4 hearts, the sleep heal will not work if player's health is higher than this.
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    I have to vote with BeerDone. There should be an additional cap var for the sleep heal as I'd like to let my users only regen 3 hearts passively but regen all hearts in bed.
  28. Is it possible for you to make it work even though monsters are off? Cause that was the primary use i find for it =D
  29. I can't get this to work. I install the plugin into the directory. It creates the folder. I leave things as default, boot up the server and hurt myself. Nothing happens. I looked at the server.log and there were no errors. I have added "slowhealth" to the permissions. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
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    Does it say "SlowHealth enabled" in the console log? Does your world name differ from default? If so, did you try renaming world.properties to your world's name? Is your world included in WORLDLIST.txt? There are 3 files there, you can't leave em default if your server is not default!
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    Very cool plugin. Thanks a lot for that. Just a bit confusing, that the console output is version 3.0.1, the thread title 3.1 and the actual version 3.2.

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