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    SlowHealth v3.2.0

    Download: SlowHealth.jar
    Source included in JAR


    - v3.2.0 tested with CraftBukkit #122-1060​

    - Adds health (configurable) every second (configurable) to players on the server.
    - Can hurt player if you make regen-amount negative
    - Can set maximum amount SlowHealth will heal the player by
    - Can set minimum amount SlowHealth will stop hurting the player by (if you set regen-amount to less than 0
    - Can set the starting altitude that slow health with start working
    - Multi-world support
    - Permissions support

    - Save SlowHealth.jar to plug-in folder
    - Start and stop server to allow Slow Health to create the needed files.
    - Inside your plug-in folder there should be a SlowHealth Folder with three files
    - default.properties
    - world.properties (or whatever your default world is in your server.properties file)
    - WORLDLIST.txt
    - If you only have a single world just change the settings in your worlds property file.

    Adding Worlds to Slow Health:
    - For every world you have add the world name in the WORLDLIST.txt file. One world per line.
    - Run the server and let it create the properties file, then edit it to your liking.​
    - Any world not on the WORLDLIST.txt will use the setting in the default.properties file.​

    Customize Slow Health:
    All values must be in integer form (whole numbers)​
    - regen-rate:1
    - This value is how fast SlowHealth will heal you in second.​
    - regen-amount:1
    - This is how many 1/2 hearts SlowHealth will heal you for.​
    - Set this to a negative number to hurt the player :eek:
    - regen-max:20
    - Controls at what value SlowHealth will stop healing.​
    - regen-min:0
    - This is used if you are hurting the player instead of healing them.​
    - Controls when your stop hurting them. 0 will lead to death.​
    - regen-altitude:0
    - If a player goes below this depth, the will no longer be healed.​
    - Used if you want to make underground harder.​
    - sleep-heal:20
    - When players sleep through the night they get healed this amount.​

    If using permissions use the node 'slowhealth' for everyone you want to be affected by this mod. Permissions is not needed to use this mod, Slow Health will default to everyone getting healed if not installed.​

    To be added:
    - Fix the plug-in to work if properties is set to spawn-monsters=false.
    - An option to have slow health heal you after a set amount of time after you take damage​
    - An option to heal you only when you are standing still (probably will be mutually exclusive of above option)​
    - Heal only when light is above a certain level​
    - Console controls to edit settings 'on the fly' (will support permissions)​
    - Suggest more please...

    - Code modified from Silence's SimpleGod code and Protected's SlowHealth 1.0.
    - Also credit to feverdream, Drakia, Edward Hand

    Change Log:

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    GOOD JOB! Waiting for this one!

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    Works :D!
    Thanks very much.
    Was looking for an update to this!
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    Your welcome!

    Hope I didn't step on anyone's toes. This just needed to get done :)
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    Haha *some devloper porting this* "hmm now to post to bukkit i finally ported slow health! W-T-F.."*
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    Nice, think some ppl waited for this :)

    As a sidenote: SimpleGod is from me, not Protected. I think you meant "Protected's SlowHealth code" :)
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    I guess this means I can take my version offline, rofl.
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    Ah you're right! Although I did use your code, I just slapped an 'if statement' and some other bells and whistles on your SimpleGod mod :)

    lol I think I still even have the classes named SimpleGod and SimpleTimer in this release.

    Will be adding an option to adjust the healing per tick; either positive or negative.
    --- merged: Jan 20, 2011 8:02 PM ---
    Ahh gotcha. I'll add max-regen and min-regen as an optional parameter.

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    More feature requests:

    - a configurable cap on how high SlowHeal can heal you
    - a configurable altitude below which SlowHeal won't heal you - this makes SlowHeal work well for builders, but adventuring into the depths of the earth is still risky.
    - different healing rates for day/night?

    If you put your code up on github or bitbucket, I'd take a stab at implementing these myself. I might anyway, but I'd rather fork from your code (thus preserving you as the originator) than create a brand new repository.
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    The source code is in the jar file. You are more then happy to take a look at it.
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    Thanks ^^
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    Lol you might want to change the title for when the jar loads up. When it starts on my server, it still loads as SlowHealth version 1.0 :p
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    Ha Nice, I'll fix that in the next release.
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    good job ! it will be nice if we can choose the invert process : reduce health by X every Y minutes, for simulating starving for example...
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    Yep I'll work on that and get you the jar today.
    --- merged: Jan 24, 2011 10:12 PM ---
    Ok I updated the jar. Now you should be able to customize the heal amount using the server.properties tag regen-amount
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    Can the regen speed be slower than 1000? Like 1/2 health every 5 or 10 seconds?
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    1000 means 1 second.
    5 secs = 5000
    10 secs = 10000

    You can set this to anything you like really. There is no min or max (well kind of not true).
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    Haha, im dumb. for some reason i thought the time worked backwards lol thanks!
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    Thank you so much, i'll try it :)
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    Does this plugin detect when a player's health is at maximum and stop sending heals? I am concerned what it would do to bandwidth with 20+ people playing if it does not currently do this.
  22. im testing the plugin but it seems the ammount and the time doesnt working, it keeps giving the same ammount/time u perhaps know why?

    #Minecraft server properties
    #Tue Jan 18 10:13:38 CET 2011

    this s my properties file
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    I don't know why. I changed my settings to yours and it works like intended.

    What version of craftbukkit are you running?
    --- merged: Jan 25, 2011 9:48 PM ---
    I loops through all players in the server every X seconds. It does not change the player health at all if the player is at max health, but it does query the server to check each players health with player.getHealth().

    I haven't really found any lag issues, but if some one could suggest a better way to program it please let me know :)

    hope that answers your question.
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    Excellent, it's work nice ! thank you very much
  25. well ur plugin needs more testing y me, as it seems its now working again... so will test it tmr after some sleep:)
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    Humm... weird. Let me know what you find out.
  27. when i walk in lava and out it heals me half a heart in 1 sec, while my settings is 1000/1

    also if those settings changes it doesnt do a think, same result.
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    A godmode would also be nice, i know there already is a plugin for godmode but it would be nice to have it in the same config huh ^^
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    What version of the server are you running? 1000=1000ms=1sec
    It the problem just happening when you walk in lava? Or is it happening when you take any damage?

    I've thought about that, but:

    A. there is a mod for this already
    B. I'd like to keep this mod as simple as possible
    C. I still might add it in :) though I'd have to change the name of the mod.
  30. ah its in ms,

    and god mode is in essentials already with loads more commands, this is a heal mod so u shoudnt change that, atleast thats my opinion.

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