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    Download(Tested on CraftBukkit 210 and 239)

    Have you ever wanted to make a clear nice display for your redstone projects?
    Here is your plugin!

    • Place black or white wool, and power it with redstone
    • The wool will change color according to the redstone state:
    • Turns white on redstone power
    • Turns black when the power turns off

    Any tips/bugs/needed changes, please tell them!

  2. Uhm... You see the build number when you go to download Bukkit from here :/
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    Yes, but there's a new build every ##days/hours. I don't know when I did it...But I remember the number 201, so it's probably 201 if that's even possible? :|
  4. I see :p. Probably best to make a note of what version you downloaded when making a plugin ;).

    Though I would've thought you'd of built it against Bukkit (Which is only at #109 atm) and not CraftBukkit :/
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    Ah then I remember 201 from CraftBukkit :p I'll recompile it tomorrow with the newest build, for the ones who can run it now, have fun! :D
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    Could this also be used to color wool?
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    I can't think of a way to do this but it would be neat to be able to change through multiple colors of wool to make a color screen. But again, seems like that is probably impossible.
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    Well since monitors are black, you could make other wool colors to change depending on the redstone current to black, same as white to black, but with other colors as well, that would be lovely :)
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    Yes, but how would the wool know what color it should be?
    --- merged: Feb 4, 2011 2:02 PM ---
    I'm recompiling it right now with build 104 :)

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    Well you put, for example, the White wool, and if you put the redstone current to it, based on the signal, weather it is or isn't it changes to white or black, same with other colors as white. If you put a black wool block, nothing will happen, because it will change black to black = no visual difference ;)
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    Ah, like that, I'll take a look into that ;)
    --- merged: Feb 4, 2011 11:18 PM ---
    I recently made this with the plugin:
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    neat plugin we just built this with it
    theres a random number generator behind the wall
    and there are two dices because we wanted 2 in case we want to change the board game
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    Nice :D
    Good to see it being used,
    Is that the Ludo game? I bet you use the PushBlocks plugin to push blocks :D
    Thanks for posting :)
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    It's "Mensch ärger dich nicht" a german board game and we just break the blocks and set them new :O
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    Ah, I see.
    To be honest, I only read the top, about the title.
    But I will use that guideline for the topic of my next plugin, which is almost released, which has the same function as this, but including more and different things! :)
    Thanks everyone for posting btw!
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    Never noticed your name was Dutch untill I saw the link was .nl :)
    Great to see dutchies ;)
    Also looking forward to seeing more plugins
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    You can edit your post to fix it and we'll reconsider your plugin to be moved to Plugin Releases :)
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    How about when a black wool is introduced to redstone, it will change itself to the next color (following the spectrum) then people can make pulsers to change the color!
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    Love your plugins and i find it cool when people talk about the plugin i made/ ported from hmod!
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    Do you wish this thread to be deleted? Other than your jar file being named improperly, it seems to fit the guidelines, but you mentioned having a different, replacement plugin?
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    Couldnt you add the option of having the data value of the wool reflect the current power of the redstone? Thats the only way i could think of having color options in a binary system like redstone. More importantly im assuming this is to be used on displays of some sort so you should make some compact circuits or maybe bigger AOE of the redstone so that we can make monitors with many pixels. This is a great idea and sounds like my next project on my server (a bunch of switches in my house that correspond to a message board so i can write rude messages to the members of my server. The most useful one would be a sign with something of this nature
    line1: wirelesstrans
    line3: [id] (such as 234)
    line4: inverter (true/false) OR transmission direction NESW

    this would be helpful in alot of applications but especially in this mod. this all leads to the desire to create a computer in minecraft, which although stupid, is epic. at this point im rambling so im gonna shut up ;)
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    Don Redhorse


    any update on this? I will try it on the 617 the next days but did this plugin die?

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