Inactive [MECH] SimpleCommandSigns v0.8 - Hit a sign, Run a command. [1.2.5-R4.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Devil Boy, Oct 23, 2011.

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    Devil Boy

    SimpleCommandSigns - Hit a sign, Run a command:
    Version: v0.8

    BukkitDev Link

    • Create CommandSigns.
    • Use CommandSigns.
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    Is this plugin smart enough to know the player that clicked on it and pass that player's name to a command that requires a name? (E.g., /give playername dirt 64) (E.g., /set playername permission.something : true)

    Can the signs be set to one use only (per player)?

    Can signs be set to remove themselves after being clicked once (by anyone)?

    I would absolutely LOVE to have something like that to use as a "hidden rewards" system for a server... For example, I go down into a ravine, place a sign that tells someone they found an ancient pair of boots. The sign below that is the sign to click to get the boots, or to earn the ability to fly (Zombe's Mod fly, for example) on the server.
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    Devil Boy

    It's in the features list ;)
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    will this work with Command Iconomy?
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    Devil Boy

    If anything, at least CommandPoints. I haven't really tested with Command Iconomy, but seeing as the plugin merely makes the player run commands, it should work fine.
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    Saved the day on my server, great plugin - cheers.
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    If a played has clicked a sign, does he have the command permanently then?
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    Devil Boy

    Commands are not attached to players. Permissions are. Right-clicking a sign will merely execute a command.
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    I have an idea you may add: Two commands in one sign :)
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    Devil Boy

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    Best plugin ever THANK YOU SO MUCH!
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    is it possible to integrateredstone
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    Devil Boy

    RedstoneCommandSigns (use with caution)

    That command should work. :/
    I don't see what you could have done wrong... I'll look through the code when I get the chance. Maybe submit a support ticket on BukkitDev for me.
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    I actually just got it to work, the problem was that I had a line break that I didn't need, but thanks for being so nice and replying :)
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    Devil Boy

    Ah, glad it still works after the latest update XD
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    I cant seem to get Factions commands to work

    /f join Bob
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    Devil Boy

    You'll have to look through the comments on the BukkitDev page. It's been done using the ChatCommand plugin.
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    A few months back , I noticed users were able to spam click command signs.
    (Even with my strict spamguard)
    Is this fixed by any chance?
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    Devil Boy

    Umm... We haven't done anything to prevent spam clicking. This should really be handled externally like by your spamguard.

    Any idea how your spamguard works? Maybe something can be modified so that it detects commands given by these signs.
    I'm pretty sure that running the command through our ChatCommand plugin will work.
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    How can I make commands executed from the console?
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    Devil Boy

    RedstoneCommandSigns runs commands from the console.

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