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    This plugin acts as a bridge between plugins and signs to easily display text on signs. Instead of entering commands, clicking the sign, or any other routine plugins could use, players can enter 'variables', key values starting (and ending) with %, to show information at that spot.

    It also includes features no other plugin is needed for, such as custom text and ticker values you can set in values.yml. Signs are stored on file, they survive reloads and server restarts.

    A simple video showing what it does:

    See WIKI page for more information


    The linkedsigns.txt contains information of where signs are located. The values.yml sets the (standard) usable keys. If your ticker message does not 'flow' over all signs, add more spaces at the end or start of your message. This is simply how it works. :)
    Show Spoiler

    # In here you can set default values for this plugin.
    # The ticker property can be LEFT, RIGHT or NONE and sets the direction message is 'ticked'.
    # tickerInterval sets the amount of ticks (1/20 of a second) are between the ticker update.
    # The value is the thing to display or tick.
    # To use colors in your text, use the § sign followed up by a value from 0 - F.
    # Example: §cRed to display a red colored 'Red' message.
    # You can find all color codes on the internet (they may use & there, ignore that!)
        ticker: NONE
        value: This is a regular message you can set and is updated only once.
        tickerInterval: 3
        ticker: LEFT
        value: 'This is a test message being ticked from right to left. '

    time and date formats

    These can be set in the config.yml file:
    You can find more help on the format on the internet, search for 'system date format'.


    As for 1.o1 you can set ticker pauses. This example shows the test message, with a pause of 10 ticks (2 * 5) after each word.
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        tickerInterval: 2
        ticker: LEFT
        pauseDelays: [5, 3, 2, 5, 8, 6, 7, 5, 6, 3, 6]
        pauseDurations: [5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5]
        value: 'This is a test message being ticked from right to left. '

    Simply put: it ticks as long as the first delay, then pauses the duration, then goes to the next pause segment. This does not reset after ticking the full line, so try to use delays the length of the entire String. (or use none)

    Permissions and commands

    Use /togglesignupdate to turn sign updating on or off, just in case someone made a huge amount of updating signs that causes lag. Use /reloadsignlink to reload the values.yml.
    Permission nodes (Bukkit permissions):
            description: Allows you to build signs containing variables
            default: op
            description: Allows you to set if signs are being updated or not
            default: op
            description: Allows you to reload the values.yml
            default: op
    - Fix values.yml to allow multiple player-specific values (90% done)
    - Commands to set variables and tickers
    - Possible to set time and date formats

    Plugins that use SignLink

    TrainCarts (arrival signs)


    Download SignLink from GitHub
    View the source code at GitHub


    Show your appreciation for my plugins by donating
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    Nice :) This could be very useful!
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    Gonna test it soon.

    I already like it :D
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    Mind = Blown
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    Shittttttttttttt you are a legend so many epic plugins good job btw dont understand how to use with Train carts XD
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    It works great! I'm using it to show when the next train is to leave the station. I'm also thing about setting one up to show when the next will arrive as well, that might take a bit of trial & error to get the sign to display the correct time and server lag might thwart that idea too.
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    @1337phreak Can you please do a tut i am confused lol dont no how to use im noob :p
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    Watch the tutorial video in the first post, pretty much explains everything.

    Just place a sign under a rail with
    where 00:00 is the time you want and yourvariablename is the variable you want to set.
    For example:
    After that build a sign where you want the timer to be and write %timer% on it.
    You can also combine it like this:
    Next cart:
    Now everytime a cart rolls over the sign it restarts the timer so you have to time it as you like it for your situation.
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    Ok so confusing lol come to my server and please show :D

    @DomiStyle ^^^

    Hey your online please join this to help test :D plz

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    Also I believe you forgot the recommended build:
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    ugh forgot it again.. :)

    And @DomiStyle ... wow my mind is blown too! :eek:
    I knew it was smooth after lots and lots of testing, but didn't expect someone to actually make a 4-line ticker display :D
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    Incase someone wants the Nyan Cat:
        tickerInterval: 1
        ticker: RIGHT
        value: '-_-_-_-_-_-_-_,------,      o    +      o     +              o    +      o     +              o    +      o     +              o    +      o     +              o    +      o     +              o    +      o     +              o    +      o     +              o    +      o     +              o    +      o     +              o    +      o     +              o    '
        tickerInterval: 1
        ticker: RIGHT
        value: '_-_-_-_-_-_-_-|   /\_/\              +             o     +       +    +             o     +       +    +             o     +       +    +             o     +       +    +             o     +       +    +             o     +       +    +             o     +       +    +             o     +       +    +             o     +       +    +             o     +       +'
        tickerInterval: 1
        ticker: RIGHT
        value: '-_-_-_-_-_-_-~|__( ^ .^)  +     +o          +                     o          +                     o          +                     o          +                     o          +                     o          +                     o          +                     o          +                     o          +                     o          +                     '
        tickerInterval: 1
        ticker: RIGHT
        value: '_-_-_-_-_-_-_-""  ""                 o  +           +        +        o  +           +        +        o  +           +        +        o  +           +        +        o  +           +        +        o  +           +        +        o  +           +        +        o  +           +        +        o  +           +        +        o  +           +        +    '
    Just copy into the values.yml and make a sign with:
    Then place some signs right from the sign you just made.
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    ok.. i guess i'm doing something wrong.. I can't get it to scroll across the signs.. mirroring you move for move from the video it's still not working for me. :/ Another thign I notice is that I don't get the "painting the signs" commentary you are in the video.. is that just verbose for yourself? or is this not functioning properly? no errors in the console.

    EDIT: I'm using stone instead of wood.. does that make a difference? I can get the scrolling to work on one sign.. the train arrival variable as well.. just not multiple signs.

    **EDIT: HAH!.. dunno what I did... but screw with it nonstop.. and got it working.. cheers.. ths is a lot of fun. ;)
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    I knew someone would notice the coloring...

    That is some other plugin we use on our server (part of a larger part, I'm trying to divide it up in bits). You click a sign and by scrolling you can change the color of all lines OR a single line.
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    How much signs for the nyan cat? xD
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    I haven't tested...but maybe it's possible to make animated displays using signs? It only sends over the changed text, not the entire chunk, which allows for pretty powerful constructions. :)

    Would be pretty awesome to have a 16-bit color display with 16 pixels per sign...
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    2 feature requests:
    * Make signs scrollable up and down in the config.
    ticker: UP/DOWN

    * Add an option to pause the ticker after some time.
        tickerInterval: 1
        ticker: LEFT
        value: 'This is a test message.'
        pauseAfter: 10
        pauseFor: 5
    The code above would show the message "This is a test message" tickering left and it will pause after 10 seconds for 5 seconds.
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    @DomiStyle The first one is simply not possible, due to the fact that it can't set a single character on the sign. Text is centred on the lines, and every color used will also act as a 2 characters. Also wouldn't be possible to show multiple vertical lines side-by-side, since theres not enough room on the signs for the var. names

    The second one is possible, I'll consider adding this feature in the ticker. Note that it will use ticks (1/20th of a second), I like to keep things simple on the end side.

    Plus you can make it pause exactly at the same displayed text status, could be useful. PauseAt and PauseDuration will be an array list (so you can set multiple pauses).
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    I see, good work anyway.
    Looking forward to the pause feature.
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    Ok TODO's for the next version:
    • Sign coloring feature (use &x for colors, automatically update the sign while you edit it)
    • SignTextChange event to interactively change text of signs being edited while the player edits it
    • Right click a sign using a sign to edit it (existing plugins fail BADLY)
    • Support for ticker pauses (80% done)
    • Add list support (top sign set %variable[]% to set all signs below automatically, variable[1], variable[2] etc.
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    Good news everyone! You just read this in my voice.

    I finally revived the dead sign editing plugins: SignLink can now edit signs by right-clicking a sign while holding a sign! It automatically hides the new sign and transfers the text between the two signs. Editing a sign was never this easy. :D

    On top of that, when in edit-mode, it will show the actual variables, and not the displayed text! This allows you to quickly change the format of displayed text and variables. :D

    Now adding interactive coloring support; text get colored as you type them in.
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    Ok uploaded to v1.01 adding some awesome sign editing and coloring features, with a more advanced API.
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    Suggestion: Be able to edit signs from in-game

    I have a subway system, and an announcements board in each station. If I need to notify everyone trying to ride (train stops at xxx station, instead of yyy), it'd be nice to do it without a /reload
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    @alex4108 someone is working on a redstone extension for this plugin (I guess), which allows you to trigger levers using variables on signs, and change the text of variables when setting power to it. You also posted an error, I'll see how I can fix that. (index out of bounds)

    I'll add a reload command for signlink too, so you can reload the values easily.

    Got a breakthrough. :)

    In the next version you can set player-specific text on signs. Update routine no longer needed, this is done is a task. Reason this does not lag, is that I added changed checks from line to sign. This means you can now do:
    Variables.set("key", "value", players[]);
    And it will manage all updating and others the next tick, fully automatic.
    Note that it is better to set a variables for multiple players at once, or it will do the same %key% check for every player. (with the same results obviously)

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    I guess I'll give you another bug report while you're working :)
    Bug #1:
    I have a 3 sign long ticker, to the left. Variable bla
    if I %bla, it ticks the message properly across the three signs. However, at random times, the ticker will just stop. Also, if I /reload or /stop and start the server again, I get this
    %bla = TICKER MESSAGE TEST 123
    Sign 1:

    Sign 2:

    Sign 3 (frozen):

    Bug #2:
    It seems after a restart or /reload, all variables containing numbers are screwy, and don't display properly anymore
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    Thanks, although I already threw aboard the previous

    At this point text is divided in two parts: one physical part (that is actually on the sign, the variable key) and a virtual part (the value of the key). This means nothing is altered on the signs, while allowing changes to flow through. (does require a variable update before it becomes visible)

    Only bug I currently have is that signs don't allow external changes anymore: for example, my external sign painting plugin fails. Changes done to the sign only apply after the variable gets updated...I need some way to update the sign when changes are done to the text itself. :)
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    Updated to v1.02
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    Hey, first of all, thanks for the plugin :)

    Second, I'm trying to use it with TrainCart and I had this:

    Task of 'SignLink' generated an exception
    at java.util.HashMap$HashIterator.nextEntry(Unknown Source)
    at java.util.HashMap$ Source)
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftScheduler.mainThreadHeartbeat(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(

    I have to say that I also have Wirelessredstone wich use signs ;)
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    @M4xwellou lol I sometimes seriously hate Java. I use my own iterator instead of a for each loop and STILL it complains when I remove elements...I'll fix this and add a reload command with it. (forgot to add it)

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