[MECH] SheepFeed v1.4 - Sheep grow fur when fed [Permissions] [1337] [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by ArmEagle, Mar 31, 2011.

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    omfg, this is awesome, i will use it ;)
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    I gotta have this on my server, We are always looking for sheep with fur
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    love this plugin I use it on my server, um could you update it to 670 please I'm want to roll my server forward to CB 670 bu I want to make sure that all my plugins big or small are ready to go aswell, thanks so much!
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    I just tested it, it works just fine on 670 without any changes.
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    When u die a sheep after feeding it... the sheep will only drop 1 dyed block. BUT if you don't dye the sheep it will drop more than 1 or more! Please look into this. it get annoying only getting 1 block constantly.
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    Hmm, that is strange. Though your line of events doesn't completely make sense to me. So, to be sure we're on the same page;
    A - you sheered a sheep, fed it, waited for the wool to grow back, dyed the sheep and then sheered it again, it dropping only 1 block of wool.
    B - you sheered a sheep, fed it, dyed the sheep, waited for the wool to grow back and then sheered it again, it dropping only 1 block of wool.

    I'm pretty sure you mean A, since in the second case, I think, the dye doesn't stick (if it's not white-gray-black).

    Maybe something changed in CraftBukkit, because I'm pretty sure I'm not influencing the amount of wool dropping at all. I'll test it a bit myself later.
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    ok then let me clear it up 4 ya :)

    When i first find a sheep, dye it, and then hit it. it would drop 1-4 dyed blocks.
    Then when i feed the sheep and i regrows its fur. i can ether hit it like normal dropping 1-4 white blocks, or dye it only getting 1 dyed block. So ya it would be A. Try to see if this is fixable please :)
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    Ok thank you for the clarification.

    I just did some quick testing and at least several times after feeding, wool regrowing and dyeing, the sheep would drop multiple blocks of wool. Maybe you're just unlucky. I don't have an influence on the amount of wool a sheep drops, as far as I know.

    Though, this was with a server running the latest CraftBukkit, #684, I do not think that makes a difference. The same plugin version still works just fine though.
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    Just wanted to say I love the plugin :)
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    Good plugin, but I can't test it now, when I log on to my server (with the latest bukkit b684, with localhost or it just says "End of Stream" I'll try it tomorrow.
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    I love it! THANK YOU!
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    I tested it on CraftBukkit #714 and it worked without a problem. And based on your lack of another response I assume it worked for you later too.
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    L O V E YOU S I R ! :D :cool:
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    Does this work with any wool color.
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    It will 'reset' the wool color to white for any color that wasn't initially a natural color. So, the colors it will NOT reset on are: white (duh), light/gray, black. After all, you dye the wool, not the sheep. I should probably add brown to that list too.
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    Pink is also a natural color (though very rare, didn't see one of them in nature)
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    Well yes, but at some point you have to draw a line. And even though Notch added it as a natural color, I don't think I will add it.
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    What about the TYEDYESHEEP plugin. On my server they spawn in different colors.
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    Ok, so this is what happens:
    - you sheer some sheep: sheep is now sheered and doesn't show any color anymore.
    - you feed the sheep
    - sheep grows back its coat: if the wool color was white, light gray, gray or black, it will keep that color, else the color will be white then.

    I guess I should have made the colors configurable though. I have a config file already after all. I guess I'll do that with the next change.
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  21. After many frustrating rounds of enabling/disabling different plugins, we think we have narrowed down the following crash, to be caused by this plugin:


    Could that be right? And if so, fix please? :)
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    That could possibly my plugin yes. I'll look into getting more information about this.

    Version 1.2.1 Hopefully fixed a concurrency issue, was indeed being stupid about one thing.

    Btw, 'natural' sheep colors can already be configured in the config file for this plugin.

    Just as a remark about me mentioning that before.

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  23. How is "regrowcolors" specified exactly? As it's not created on default config creation, don't want to mess up the config, but getting:

    09:07:25 [INFO] Sheepfeed: config.yml is outdated, missing 'regrowcolors' entry.

    Now :p
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    Yes, good point. So I changed how it works and it will now populate the config file with the default colors on startup:

    Version 1.2.2 Now saves the default regrow colors to the config file instead of
    making people guess what to do and keeping the default check in code.
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    any plans to add permissions 3.1.x support? i would love to only let my hunters feed sheep
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    Is there a reason you specifically mention Permissions 3? As far as I know there is no difference between P2 and P3 on the plugin side of things.

    But sure, I'll add Permissions support soon.
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    no, no real reason just a few plugins i run had to be updated to 3.1.x and it was specifically to tie into the 3.1.x because it support multiworlds now. But im not a plugin author so i dont know your better than me to know whats what.

    And good work on planned permissions support i await it patently, thx
  28. Suggestions:
    1. If you feed a chicken it has a configurable chance to drop either feathers, eggs, or feathers and eggs.
    2. Make it possible to punch/shear chickens to get feathers without killing them?

    (Unnecessary explanation: On my server chickens are the only source of feathers)
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    I don't see me adding that. It would be a perfect little bit of functionality for a new plugin, for someone who wants to 'learn' Bukkit.
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    I tested it and it seems to still work just fine for CraftBukkit 1060 (thanks to the Bukkit devs!)
    There are no build errors/warnings, so I didn't bother to upload a new JAR, not when it's working just fine.

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