[MECH] SetSpeed v1.8.1 - Set Your Speed [1597][Spout]

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    Version: 1.8.1 (Versioning = MC Version 1.8 Release 1) (Oct 26/11)

    • A command that allows you to set your speed (/setspeed).
    • 2 commands so you dont have to crouch (/speedon /speedoff)
    • Configurable item that will trigger /speedon /speedoff events.
    • Wearing items will make you faster
    • 4 Hardcoded Permission nodes.
    • 2 Custom Permission nodes.
    • Hard cap at 50.
    • Self-Updating Config File.
    Spout/SpoutCraft Only


    Other Stuff:
    [​IMG] Please donate to help support me :D

    If you don't have permissions the "setspeed.admin" flag setting will default on the OP system (in theory). The "setspeed.mod" flag will default to all players so choose settings wisely. The "setspeed.#.#" flags will allow the player to use /setspeed #.# (Ie. "setspeed.4.0" will allow said player to use /setspeed 4 or /setspeed 4.0). "setspeed.setothers" will allow you to set others speed, "setspeed.setworlds" will allow you to set either all players in all worlds or all players in defined worlds speed.

    Allows players to set their speed using the /setspeed command. It is fully configurable. Uses permissions, if you dont have permissions it defaults to OP and non-OP (read above). To use set your speed using the command above, than hold shift while moving. Commands /speedon /speedoff allow non-crouched speed adjustments (need to use /setspeed first). Configurable item that will activate speed on left click (default torch). Worn items can now be used to activate speed value (Check config)....+More

    Commands: (open)

    /setspeed # -Sets your speed by multiple.
    /sespeed # PLAYERNAME - Sets players speed by that multiple
    /setspeed # -world WORLDNAME -Sets all players in that world to that multiple
    /setspeed # -world -all - Sets all players speed in all worlds to that multiple
    /speedon -Activates speed mode (Dont need to crouch)
    /speedoff -Deactivates speed mode

    Permissions: (open)

    "- setspeed.admin" -Allows use of the configurable speed setting tied to this (or OPS)
    "- setspeed.mod" -Allows use of the configurable speed setting tied to this (or All players)
    "- setspeed.#.#" - Allows player to use /setspeed #.#
    "- setspeed.perm.#" -Will set players crouch speed permanently to that number
    "- setspeed.setothers" -Will allow player to set others speed.
    "- setspeed.setworlds" - Will allow player to set all players in certain/all worlds speed.

    • Look for input.
    Version 1.8.1 (Oct 26/11)
    • Updated to Spout. Which removes all buggyness of the previous version.
    • Updated to 1.8
    • Removed onPlayerMove.
    Older Changelog (open)

    Version 1.7.1 (July 10/11)
    • Added a self-updating config file
    Version 1.5.5
    • Fixed /speedon/off making all players stop/start.
    • Moar permission nodes.
    • Added ability to setother's speed and set all in world/s speed.
    • Added 2 configurable speed max values (for others and worlds).
    Version 1.5.4_1
    • Fixed all players getting Speed.
    Version 1.5.4
    • Added another custom Permissions node.
    • Fixed speed items.
    • Added Enabling/Disabling sneak speed.
    Version 1.5.3
    • Added custom Permissions node.
    • Added speed items.
    • Added default speed value.
    • Maybe more..... I think I forgot something...
    Version 1.5.2
    • Added 2 commands
    • Added configurable speedon/off item.
    • Cleaned code a bit
    Version 1.5.1
    • Released.
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    :O i love it!
    Lets see how it works 'in the field'!
    Good Job!

    It works :D
    Nice job!
    its particularly handy when your in water!!

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    :O you should try and implement negative numbers giving you slower speeds :)
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    Hmm Will do XD
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    That sir :) deserves a like!
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    You can use decimal places to go slower. Not that it makes much of a difference XD. Just tested that. 0.1 = 1/10 normal speed.

    EDIT: Retested anything lower than 1 doesnt make much if any difference. Will try to get this working
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    nice :D
    you should have claimed it as a new feature lol
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    Im in the process of making another command so you dont have to crouch.

    New commands :D and more.... Please refresh your config.yml file after this update.

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    Ooh, looks nice :p
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    :p. Still adding features if you want one ask for it :D
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    I do like features :)

    Could you slow down falling?
    I'm not sure this can happen!
    So people come to a gentle stop!
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    This seems like a great alternative to crouch sprint like in the Sprint plugin

    Would it be possible to add like a player speed that can only be configured in the config file?
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    I might be able to cancel all damage if the speed value is greater than 1. I dont exactly understand what you are asking Brvtvs.
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    ok, here is something that if not implemented could be good, in the permissions add op's the ability to change other peoples speed like:
    /setspeed {Player} {Speed}
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    can you fly or is it just moving incredibly fast?
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    it's a speed plugin, not flying.
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    is all this does is increase you walking speed? very useful.
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    I like! :D
    Hey, you think you can make a /setspeed <player> <amount>?
    It'd be nice to change the speeds of other players :p
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    I will be working on targetting players tonight. Next release will include both no fall damage and this.
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    Can you have multiple permission tiers?
    • Speed 1 is normal speed
    • Speed 2 is 10% faster
    all the way up to double speed.
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    I will be setting it up for multiple configurable permission tiers in 1.5.4

    There is no easy way to SetSpeed to other players right now. I may do what Nytemare has said for 1.5.3

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    This would be sweet... Some of my OP's on the server...lets say...havnt a clue but are sweet at building things :D
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    how would it not be easy to set others speed? you'd do the exact same thing to a different player as you would typing in the command yourself
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    +1 for this. Want to sell my players a speed upgrade.
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    Multiple permissions would be fun
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    Another idea....make a preconfigured default. So all players have 140% speed and aren't able to change it. It would definitely ramp up the excitement for PvP servers and the like.
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    Would it be possible to have different speeds based on what the player is wearing ?
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    Hey, how about permission nodes for each level? That way, the command side of it could be disabled entirely for those who want to use it as a bonus to certain players/groups, or even maybe as a punishment for others?

    Here's some example of what I've got in mind:
    - setspeed.90 - moves at 90% normal speed
    - setspeed.150 - moves at 150% normal speed
    - setspeed.200 - moves at 200% normal speed

    I'd like to offer this as a tiered system that players can purchase using in-game money, via the buy abilities plug (whenever it's updated); 50 currency and they can purchase 120% speed, 120 currency for 150% speed, and 500 currency for 200% speed.

    Any thoughts on this from other admins?
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    @MineralMC i just wanted to suggest an iconomy support for setspeed.
    but Permissions like u suggested are much better :)

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