[MECH] SecretDoors v0.2 - Create secret doors for hiding your stash! [670 - 803]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by MrChick, Apr 11, 2011.

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    how......you cant do that until bukkit is updated. they said they wouldn't be releasing any pre-release builds.
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    i know but u can use a pre build that they are working on it is very unstable but the api isnt out so i cant gett it working for that so he is just out go luck on that one
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    ok......i guess

    so are you working on making the plugin for 1.8 then?
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    You guys can't read, I am already USING it on CB 1.9pre #17

    It's worked for me non stop since 803 with only a handful of block disappears.

    There must be some other plugin interfering.
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    it must be a plugin conflicting with it then if it works on 1.9
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    Any idea what could be conflicting with it? All I know is that I didn't add any new mods when I updated to Cb1337, but secret doors stopped working. It worked on Cb1185, and broke with 1337.
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    no i dont if u send me a list of what mods u have on ur server i will mark them against mine and the ones we have in comon i will delete till i get it working

    i was just looking at the ops i broke ur plugin topic and it may be a bug in cbRB1337 so i am going to update too 1340 and see if it fixes it

    edit: nope that build doesn't fix it it must be plugin conflict

    @MrChick the new fourm for the plugin is http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/secret-doors/

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    I removed all my mods except for SecretDoors. Running on Cb1337 it still doesn't work, the blocks don't return when closing the door.
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    Mr Chick isn't doing this plugin anymore.....
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    yes i know i am taking over for him ya like i said it may be a bug in the 1337 build but 1340 didnt fix it but it does work on CB 1.9pre #17
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    so whens this gunna b up for 1.0.0?
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    first of all 1.0.0 Bukkit is not even out yet so cool off i have to wait for that then i have to up date the code and i am still working on permissions got i hate them
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    This Plugin is outdated. Please update.
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    this plugin under @MrChick is now inactive i am working on getting it updated with my basic java the first thing i am going to try to do is add permissions but i am struggling with this at the moment
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    i have got the plugin working finally but i don't have permmisons working i will make a thread for it on dev bukkit for downloads
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    Can you link to this thread?

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    Yeah dilo, send me a link and i'll put it in the main description
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    i will i have to get the page back up i fucked it up and i havent had time to get it going again
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    vous avez fait bien. (désolé pour mes erreurs im anglais)
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    MrChick this is now inactive, please update to latest rb and tag me if you wish to revive
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    I can port this plugin so it works on Bukkit 1.4-R4

    I really think people would love it as much as I do. :)

    - MintDev Owner
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    Needs urgent update for the latest build.

    R6 - Error and does not work.
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    Does not work with latest...
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    Can you up to date the plugin to use it in 1.2 and plus versions ?
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    i downloaded the plugin and tried to test it out but it didn't work - please help when you get the chance!
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    I love this plugin! You should keep it updated if need be.

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