[MECH] SecretDoors v0.2 - Create secret doors for hiding your stash! [670 - 803]

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    Yes, that's what I want to see. There was one way how that could happen but that was only if SecretDoors was used wrong.
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    is there a way to turn off the reminder every time you open a door?
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    Not yet
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    Hey there when i lock my door with LWC if you put a torch infront of the door and break the torch the door will open
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    Ah thanks I forgot to add torches to the block blacklist.
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    MEYER Marco

    There is a problem with the pressure plate no ?
    A solution maybe ?
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    Np man :)
  8. Just a suggestion, implementing this but with trapdoors/latches. That would open a lot of capabilities, also my server enjoys this mod a lot! Thanks! :D
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    adding trapdoor support would be great :) watching the floor dissapear beneath someone will be funny >:D
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    Hi, this plugin is great. But when I open the door, it seems everyone sees the message "Make sure you close the door!". Is this a glitch or...
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    Any Updates on Permissions support? Looks amazing!
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    will it work with wool or non dirt blocks?
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    This plugin is okay, but on this server with the plugins, I find it annoying because side of the blocks are getting destroyed, a way to hack into my castle with lava security. ;(

    Make a command that you can set a secret door, (off by default) so I won't have to worry about leaving my door open to the dungeon/quarry of my castle.
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    It works with every single block.
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    Does it work for 1.7?
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    Duplicates iron doors.. if placed infront of a wood door.. you may want to check it out people can use it to cheat


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    Now make a Trap door Version!
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    what would be the sence?
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    I'm assuming you meant sense, Well you could place hidden rooms in a dungeon floor that you designed for special loot. Also it adds more options. Instead of just looking for a hidden door on the walls, Now you get to look for them on the Floor aswell!
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    Well, obviously I still haven't have had the time to do an update. WIth all the requests I guess it will be more like a complete rewrite, but that doesn't matter. I'm sure I'll get something out soon.

    The thing with the trap doors is that they only attach to the bottom of the block so you'd have a really ugly construction. I'm not sure if I really want to add them but I guess I'll include them and make them configurable for the people who really need them.

    That's all for now, I'm really sorry that I don't have better news for you :/
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    i would need a lot hidden trapdoors !
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    Don't feel rushed on updating. People sometimes forget that plugin developers do this for fun and not as a job :). Thank you for keeping this plugin updated, it is essential on my server!
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    I've used this plugin for a long time and I love it.

    Secret access panels to the inner workings/machine rooms for my creative stuff saves a ton of work.
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    i want a trapdoor support!!!
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    1. You can't just command him to do something you want. Its his plugin he does with it what he wants. If you want something in it. Ask it nicely.
    2. He already said 10+ times that he 'might' look into supporting trapdoors.
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    You are a genius! I love you for this!!!
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    Can you update this so you can use commands? I have a certain door, and this fucking plugin keeps treating it as a secret door, wrecking my wall!
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    @Teraku I've been trying to replicate your problem for about 20 minutes, and I'm not sure how that situation was created.

    It only grabs blocks off the front(outside) of the door in the closed position. I can only see if they're put in sideways and their closed position then becomes the open position(aka reversed)

    Not sure why you're so hostile, just uninstall it if it's that problem causing.
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    please list your permissions node in your plugin.yml so we may extract them regularly and stay updated using permissionshelper

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