[MECH/SEC] AntiFire v2.6 - Fire control and logging [BukkitDev]

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    Is fire damaging your precious buildings or forests? Want to allow fire but restrict its mechanics? Make some things fireproof? Or just log it? Admins need to quickly teleport to a fire and put it out? This plugin, inspired by happypumkin and x0pk1n, allows all that and more with detailed configurability. To be specific, it has the following features, all configurable by world:​

    • disable fire spreading, by world
    • fire start controls:
      • log fire starting with detailed world location
        • now maintains a log file of only fire starts for easy search
        • Log player starts only, and/or lightning, fireballs, explosions, crystals, or lava
      • disable fire starting from lightning, fire spread, explosions, fireballs, lava, or crystals
      • disable fire starting by players (with enable by Permissions if desired)
      • make certain block types fireproof! Configurable list of block IDs.
      • disable fire aspect weapons lighting other entities on fire (with Permissions to override)
    • New fire duration control:
      • fixed fire duration based on starting method.
    • disable fire damage to blocks, players, and/or non-player entries including mobs
    • disable lava:
      • damage to blocks, players, and/or non-player entries
      • placement by players, with permission support
      • or log log lava placement, same way as fire starting.
    • commands to view last few times & locations of fire starting, by whom
    • option to make burnt logs drop charcoal. Duh! Set by default for "world".
    • Admin commands:
      • to teleport to fire start location without having to type an x,y,z or player name.
      • commands to view/set/save all config values
      • command to reload from config.yml
      • command to flush fire start log to disk
      • command to put out all fires within radius of current or supplied user, or whole world(s), or at last fire start location (also without having to type an x,y,z or player name)
    • Permissions support, but not required.
    Changelog: refer to dev.bukkit.org history.

    Download: Latest from dev.bukkit here.

    [Note: This forum page is just to make AntiFire easier to find. Actively maintained on dev.bukkit.org]​
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    My server keeps burning! Will this help fire spread or lava's from flowing?
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    This can stop fire from spreading, but not lava from flowing. It can however stop lava from starting fires. It can also stop fire from damaging blocks.
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    can you make a /extinguish command to remove all fires from the server?
    I don't want fire to be completely disabled in my server.
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    Good idea. That will take some work, but can be done.
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    Finished that command. It is fun to watch a burning tree poof quietly amidst smoke. Try it on dev.bukkit.org or if it hasn't posted yet you can get an early copy here.

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