Inactive [MECH] ScubaKit 3.1.0 - Use helmets to stay underwater [2034][1.2.3-R0.1]

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    Current Version: 3.1.0 for CraftBukkit [2034][1.2.3-R0.1]
    Helmets change how long you can stay underwater.​
    This plugin is 1.2 ready. BRING IT ON BUKKIT STAFF.
    I hear this plugin is crazy complex. like 200 lines of code OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
    You put it on your head, then jump in the water. You'll be able to stay in the water a great deal longer. The length of time (or if it has to even be a pumpkin) is configurable.​
    • Different helmets can change your maximum air to different amounts.
    • The default amount of air a player has (no helm) can be configured as well
    • None
    open config.yml in Plugins/ScubaKit/ . If it does not exist, you can either get it from the Full Zip, or just run your server once with the ScubaKit installed. ScubaKit will automatically generate the file.​
    It should look something like this;​
        leatherAir: 320
        diamondAir: 320
        ironAir: 320
        pumpkinAir: 320
        chainAir: 320
        defaultAir: 320
        goldAir: 320
        ignorePermissions: true
        SuperPerms: false
        blockHatInstalled: false
        debugLogs: false
    Values shown here are default values assumed if a value is missing.
    The number listed is the number of tics you can stay underwater with the helm indicated in the words next to said number. I believe vanilla Minecraft's default value is 300, but by default we give our players a little extra breathing room. ignorePermissions tells the mod to not bother doing permission checks, instead we assume everyone is allowed to use scubagear.​
    Permission Nodes:​
    inside the config file are 2 settings that control permissions​

    Permissions settings (open)

    ignorePermissions: true​
    SuperPerms: false​

    If ignorePermissions is set to true, we don't bother checking for permissions when players run around with fancy helms on.
    If ignorePermissions is false, then there is a single node to set whether or not a player can use ScubaGear:
    Simple Permissions Node (open)

    ScubaKit.ScubaGear.* - allows players lungs to be altered by the mod​

    Or, you can use its children nodes to set specific helms as usable. In this way, each helm has its own permission node
    ChildrenPermissions Nodes (open)

    ScubaKit.ScubaGear.Pumpkin - allows players lungs to be altered by wearing a pumpkin helm​
    ScubaKit.ScubaGear.Chain - allows players lungs to be altered by wearing a chain helm​
    ScubaKit.ScubaGear.Leather - allows players lungs to be altered by wearing a leather helm​
    ScubaKit.ScubaGear.Iron - allows players lungs to be altered by wearing an iron helm​
    ScubaKit.ScubaGear.Gold - allows players lungs to be altered by wearing a gold helm​
    ScubaKit.ScubaGear.Diamond - allows players lungs to be altered by wearing a diamond helm​

    Please note, that by default, nothing gives extra air, you must configure it.

    3.1.0 - Fixed error on movement while not wearing a helm. Oops. Also moved all strings to a seprate file so they can be changed into any language.​
    3.0.2 - SuperPermissions fix. (Thanks Andrewkm)​
    3.0.1 - Updated for bukkit #1938. Removed silly "in 3d" message​
    3.0.0.D - Updated for bukkit #1597. Fixed infinite air exploit​
    3.0.0.C - Updated for bukkit #1337. New setting, displayWarningMessage, toggles the air remaining message on or off. Spout servers shouldn't need the warning message since bubbles update properly​
    3.0.0.B - Updated for bukkit #1240. No changes.​
    3.0.0.A - Updated for bukkit #1185. Finished blockHat support, and changed how we do it. It should be slightly smarter/faster. Pumpkins no longer give extra air by default. People were getting on my case about only using pumpkins, which was just flat out false. Configure it yourselves (existing config files aren't changed by this).​
    3.0.0 - Totally redid permissions support. We now also support SuperPerms. The nodes are the same between the two. BlockHat support extended for more blocktypes. TypeIDs 1-6 added. Several bugfixes. Added new bugs too probably.​
    2.1.7 - New setting, debugLogs, defaults to false. If set to true, spams your logs uselessly.​
    2.1.6 - Bukkit 1060. Also hacked in support for glass blocks on your head, if you use BlockHat​
    2.1.5 - High detail level logging fix. Whoops. Should probably test better.​
    2.1.4 - Changed the way we load. Better now. No need to upgrade if you're running 2.1.3​
    2.1.3 - Config file ... rearranging. Compiled against bukkit #1000​
    2.1.1 - Minor edge case fix for servers without the permissions plugin.​
    2.1.0- in depth permissions.​
    2.0.0 - Permission support. (3.1.x and 2.7.x should both work)​
    - lots of code rearrange. woo!​
    1.1.2 - Minor fix to logging​
    1.1.1 - Undid "fix" in 1.0.2 Much happier now​
    1.1.0 - Changed to way we check how much air you have. Remaining air is checked every 15 seconds. If you have less air renaming then your maximum air. We say "you have x seconds of air left" (or you are out of air). This fixed "you are out of air" spam.​
    1.0.2 - "Fixed" you have x seconds of air remaining for max air settings that ended with 00​
    1.0.1 - Air remaining messages now in seconds, rather then Tics. Or Ticks, or whatever i was.​
    -Air remaining messages now added in for values as high as 10,000 tics. (500 seconds)​
    1.0.0 - Initial Release, suck on that!​

    Coming Soon:
    Configurable recharge time.​
    Consumables. Thinking about it.​
    More options.​

    *You don't need the full zip. The JAR will create the config files if they don't already exist.
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    Btw. I'm first
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    technically youre second since the plugin post is first :)
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    Updated to 1.0.1, but somehow updating screwed up the formatting in the post. Guess I gotta fix that now :\
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    The Commander

    Trying to use this on my server, works good apart from if you use anything other than the pumpkin it spams the chat log with how many seconds of air are remaining no mater if your in the water or land.

    I have edited the other default values:
    leatherAir: 400
    diamondAir: 1000
    ironAir: 500
    pumpkinAir: 2025
    chainAir: 700
    defaultAir: 320
    goldAir: 700

    EDIT: This is using 1.0.1
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    I think I fixed it. try 1.0.2. Its a band-aid fix, but it should do the trick for now.
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    The Commander

    Yeah, I only get the one pop up telling me how much air is remaining for leather and iron.
    No pop ups at all for gold, diamond pumpkin

    All of them seem to say "You are out of air" though.

    I wonder if any of my other plugins are conflicting with it, nothing in the server log suggests it is.
    Group Manager
    Heroic Death Announcements
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    The "You are out of Air" thing is really a lazy coding issue on my part. Its on the top of my list of things to fix this weekend. Just tell your players not to drown until then!
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    The Commander

    Yeah, I look forward to an update this weekend.
    Will make building underwater more enjoyable.
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    Updated to 1.1.0. We now check how much air you have left every 15 seconds rather then every step you take. This should remove "you are out of air" spam.
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    Doesn't work in #935. Just gives repeated error messages. [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYERMOVE to SkubaKit or something like that.
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    Thats odd. Working just fine for me. Could you post your config?

    Updated to 2.1.0, tested on CB 953 (MC 1.7.2). More in depth permissions. Simply running your server with the new version of ScubaKit should update your config (while keeping all settings the way they were in SK 2.0 or 1.1).

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  13. I don't understand :eek: , Do you need a pumpkin in your inventory? or do you wear the pumpkin?
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    You put it on your head, then jump in the water. You'll be able to stay in the water a great deal longer. The length of time (or if it has to even be a pumpkin) is configurable.
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    Can you add a recharge time for helmets?
    Maybe a simple check to see recharge time? (and persist per type even if they change head gear)?
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    Seems like a good idea. I'll start working on it.
  17. Suggestion:
    1. Keep the helmets with their individual timers.
    2. The helmets timer only kicks in after your inventory air consumables run out.
    2a. Each type of air consumable ticks off before the helmet timer.
    2b. Configurable air sources with configurable durations.
    Examples (open)

    Sugar cane gives 10 seconds of air.
    Empty Buckets give 30 seconds of air.
    Slime balls give 120 seconds of air.

    The plug-in would have commands that let the player decide the order in which to consume their consumable air supplies.

    (slow to fast, fast to slow)
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    This plugin don't works in 1000 can you update it :) ? Thanks !
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    Compiled against build #1000 now! See first post.

    A heads up though, I had no errors on my server when upgraded, so whatever error you ran into may still be there. If you still have trouble, feel free to post the error and your config.yml file in the ScubaKit directory in this thread and we'll get it sorted out.

    I suspect that something may be amiss with bukkit's new built in permissions thing.
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    Will you post your config file too?
    Should be located at plugins/ScubaKit/config.yml

    Poking around a bit, I found a mistake that would only pop up if you had your logging level set to fine or higher. I think that was the bug you were running into. Try 2.1.5 and see if that fixes it.

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    Thanks no probleme now :)
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  24. Thanks a bunch, would be greatly appreciated and a sweet feature =)
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    I added a new setting, blockHatInstalled. Download 2.1.6 and run it once. Change the setting to true and do a quick reload. The plugin should add a setting that looks like;
        leatherAir: 320
        diamondAir: 320
    [B]    blocks:[/B]
    [B]        GlassAir: 320[/B]
    Just change glass air and you should be good to go.

    Also, ScubaKit 2.1.6 is built against Bukkit #1060.
  26. You're a champ! Thanks, I'll update the plugin during the next update run =)
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    Yeah, I suppose I no longer need to watch things that closely. Expect a fix within the next hour.
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    Great, looking forward to it

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