Inactive [MECH/RPG] SimpleItemPermissions v2.1 - Full Control of item usage [1.2.5-R4.0]

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    Tested and working with latest RB build would love some feedback on this Thanks

    Should i put the permissions in a spoiler as theres a lot ? alsohow long until this will be moved because i did everything the setup guide said :S

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    V <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Please make sure to delete your old files and let V 1.2.1 generate new ones
    * ==== Version 1.2.1 ====

    * FIXED SuperPerms Support. (i think)

    * REMOVED Color to warnings Will re-add them soon!

    * Added Perms for Shears <simpleitem.shears>

    * Added Perms for FishingRods <simpleitem.fishingrods>

    * Added Perms for Wheat <simpleitem.wheat> (added this for 1.9 to control breading)

    * Created a Message config so you can easy edit messages.
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    It'd be pretty sweet if you incorporated nodes to allow/disallow the use of water/lava buckets..
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    i can do that but for 1.9 iam working on crafting/block control via configs
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    Deleted user

    Does this plugin prevent people from using certain items, or even picking up or crafting the items?
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    This plugin controls the item been placed in the hotbar therefore been used in my next update i willbe adding block control & craft control & item pickup all controlled via configs and custom permissions
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    just to let you guys know whats coming
    Crafting Control
    Block Control
    All Item Control
    So this plugin will let you control Everything that a player can place, break, use, equit
    This will allow you as a server owner to have full control and with this is you are setting up a RP server you can restrict a miner class to just certain picks, buckets
    It up to you what you do with this plugin but i also want to know what you wanna see in this plugin i may add so add ons for other things but i dunno

    Please ignore the new spoilers they are to do with the Dev build

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    Sorry, but how to control crafting? Cant understand.
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    Crafting is in the dev version but its very beta atm i will be adding furnace and brewing stand soon aswell

    and if your talking about how it works you by default it deny everything untill you give them the perm

    simpleitem.craft.<ITEMID> so say you gave someone simpleitem.craft.50 this would allow the group to craft torchs

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    Thing with block permissions works but there is still problem of item using. You can simply pick it up. I am using PEX if it matters
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    yes i will be fixing this in the next update
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    It will be very good if you could fix this bug as fast as you can)
    Our RP server is waiting for this plugin to be ready)
    Thank you for this plugin.
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    Sorry if its not correct to ask such questions, but how much time will it take you to fix this bug?
    P.S. Also something wrong with fists damage, even with permission nobody can deal damage.
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    That node appears to be broken for latest PEX, Bukkit build 15xx and latest version of this. Everything else seems to work fine.

    simpleitem.armor.* doesn't give the user permission to use diamond armor either.

    simpleitem.* does give the user permissions to use diamond armor.
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    Sorry this was an error on my part its simpleitem.armour.diamond
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    I like it, but it would be a lot better if you added support for servers that don't have Spout.
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    I cant do that iam sorry You dont need a spoutcraft client its just the server end spout so it doesnt change anything
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    Build #1557, SimpleItemPermissions v1.2.1:

    EDIT: Sorry, figured it out, Spout wasn't starting properly. :p
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    Can you post the 2 links for the requires plugins ?
    1. Spout
    2. Permissions

    I find thousand of plugins with the name "spout" or "permissions"

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    Search PermissionsEX & heres te link to spout
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    @arnie231 Using PermissionsBukkit, giving any group/user simpleitem.* does not work - and only some of the other permissions do. For example even though they have simpleitem.dmg.* they can use an axe to damage but not their fists. It's just really weird. They also can't destroy torches or sugarcane for some reason.
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    @arnie231 Why did you like my post.. yet not reply with any kind of solution or fix, or even try to help. Such a great plugin author we have here..
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    Sorry i thought i clicked repley :S anyway i guess yoru using the dev build ? and which torch are you having probems with ? redstone etc and sugarcane is classed as 2 IDs
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    I'm using v1.2.1, not the dev build.
  25. @arnie231

    How can i disable the Block-Break/Place feature, there is no config-entry even when i generate a new one.
    Pls i really need it!
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    Would you kindly say when the next release will be able?
    P.S. I mean with all known bugs fixed.
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    +1 would also be interested in a bug free version of V1. =D
    Thanks again for your work buddy, been following it since release.
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    I sure hope this isn't dead, this plugin is very useful. Also, if this isn't dead, maybe add a block id wildcard to make this easier to configure for multiple worlds.
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    Sorry guys i havent been very active with this ive been very busy with my server and real life stuff so had to take a break from coding but i have began work on this agian Dont Worry i wont drop support for it as this is the main back bone of my server
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    One little problem, simpleitem.armor.* gives access to all armor except diamond. For that I had to use simpleitem.armour.diamond. Notice the spelling difference in armor? Very useful plugin anyway. :)
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    How goes dev'ing on this? Since WG blacklisting isn't working worth a crap for me...this is going to be my crutch.

    The dev build config files look great, looking forward to seeing them in use. Is it going to be strictly restricted to block break/place? Or will we be able to block things like water buckets and minecarts?

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