[MECH/RPG] Simple Weapon Permissions 1.4-control fists, sword- and axe-using with permissions [1000]

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    Simple Weapon Permissions - permission nodes for inflicting damage with fists, swords, axes and bows !
    Version: 1.4
    Requires: Permissions

    Another lightweight plugin from me!
    You can control taking swords and axes in your hands.
    For axes there is also a permission-dmg-node. (if you have some lumberjacks and axe-fighting-classes)

    Control inflicting damage with Permissions !
    You can also define custom messages in the config file.

    • simpleweapon.*
    • simpleweapon.axe.*
    • simpleweapon.axe.dmg <- inflicting dmg with axe node!
    • simpleweapon.axe.wood <- equippings
    • simpleweapon.axe.stone
    • simpleweapon.axe.iron
    • simpleweapon.axe.gold
    • simpleweapon.axe.diamond
    • simpleweapon.sword.* <-equippings
    • simpleweapon.sword.wood
    • simpleweapon.sword.stone
    • simpleweapon.sword.iron
    • simpleweapon.sword.gold
    • simpleweapon.sword.diamond
    • simpleweapon.bow
    • simpleweapon.fists.dmg

    • pm me or post your suggests here !

    Jar: Homepage
    Source: github


    • added fists damage control with permissions node
    • added bow control: perm node: simpleweapon.axe.dmg
    • fixed some errors
    • updated to RB1000
    • added bow control: perm node: simpleweapon.bow

    • Release
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    Just needed this plugin, so i've decided to update it for the new permissions plugin. Now it's using PermissionsEx.

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    Heyas, does this work with craftbukkit 1185 or higher?

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    HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope its not too late to get some assisstants this plugin is perfect for what I need. There is a problem! Sure its good when players try "scrolling over" on the hotbar to the sword and it moves it but if they open there inventory and drags the sword over the spot on the hotbar they have selected it puts the sword in thier hand and they can use it! Please make permissions node for sword like you have for fist, no damage done!
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    Same problem as above...

    I´ll look in the src, maybe I can fix it by myself...
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    Any luck? This plugin is the backbone for my RPG idea. I wish I knew coding :(
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    i was looking for this for so long and when i finally found it the link doesn't work..
    In the name of Notch.. ¬.¬
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    i'm guessing your making major edits still/new ones because the download link isn't working for the .jar
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    This is amazing plugins, i know you are rewriting it to update it, Could you add all tools too? :D that would be the last plugin to finish my server.
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    I took a look at the src just to see that the bug is already fixed.

    I just recompiled it. So no credit to me please!

    -> Download

    Maybe I´m going to update it for modern permissions and config, but I´m a bit lazy...^^
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    Hows the update process going?
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    Just came back to this plugin after 9 months, does it work for 1.1 RB - 3? If not, you should change the title to include inactive.

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