[MECH,RPG] QuickSeeds v0.1 - Plant seeds quicker. More time to tend to your animals. [1000]

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    Version: v0.1.7

    I wrote this for my server which has a basic class system, one of which is farmer. Getting more wheat per harvest seemed like a bad idea since everyone has automated farms, so I decided that I should make the planting part of farming quicker instead.
    This plugin will plant seeds in the 8 blocks around the block the player just planted them on if possible (i.e. provided that block is farmland and the space above it is empty).

    • Plant seeds up to 9x quicker than normal
    • Optional permissions compatibility
    Download QuickSeeds
    Source Code
    Old versions

    How to use:
    • Simply plant seeds like normal
    If you do not have permissions installed, the plugin will default to all users. If you do have it installed, only players with the right permissions node(s) will be able to use the command(s)/feature(s).
    • /quickseeds - quickseeds.plant
    To do:
    • Allow seeds to be planted when the user has less than 8 of them in their inventory (should really be 9)
    • Permissions for reload command
    • Taking suggestions...
    Version 0.1
    • Initial public release
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    Not bad. I'm surprised this has yet to get a comment.
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    Thanks. I guess it's pretty basic, so there isn't a great deal to say about it. If you use it and find any bugs or quirks though, please do tell me.
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    I'll try it today and see how it fairs.
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    Could you tell me the CB build you're using if you do? There's no reason why it shouldn't work, but my server is down until the piston dupe bug is fixed, so I haven't personally tested it recently.

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    i say /slap and it tells me its an unknown command

    CB 1185
    perm: superperm
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    Oops, copied post from other thread. Fixed.

    This plugin doesn't support superperms as I haven't had a reason to add that yet.
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    This plugin reminds me of harvest moon :p
    Awesome plugin, thanks
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    ah ok ill try the bridge for now see if it will work then.

    edit: just tried it still giving me unknown command lol ill just wait tell your next update and check again then

    edit2: ok so its working (kinda) it still says unknown command when i use it but it works when i try it (i got another plugin that has a chance of making seed planing fail and thats kinda getting in the way as when it fails the seed dose not plant so does not plant 9 and i got to tipe /slap again and try to see if it does not fail) ether way not sure why the unknown command thing is showing up still when it is working but wanted you to be aware of it
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    It's not /slap, it's /quickseeds.

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