Inactive [MECH/RPG] ManaBags V1.4.9 - Inventory Expansions / Backpacks [1.2.5-R1]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by TheElite4, Mar 18, 2012.

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    will this ever not require spoutcraft becuase i will never be intrested in spoutcraft... :(
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    For bukkit? Yes, when hell freezes over. Thats about the time bukkit will natively support custom items and key strokes.
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    so its not going to happen?
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    cant wait when hell freezes, i let my fridge now open :D
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    need spoutcraft? can't seem to get it to work without it... and... i can't seem to download spoutcraft...
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    No, never. When the Mod API is released get back to me on that.

    It needs spout. Server needs SpoutPlugin and user needs SpoutCraft. <--- SpoutPlugin <--- SpoutCraft (Client)

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    A video would be nice. :)
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    Now, i've checked it. The items are going automatically to the bags now, if the inventory is almost full (only 1 slot free). But: The Items are not stacking automatically in the bags, could you implement this? Would be great.

    Thank you!
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    1.4.4 has the ability to do that already. Also I know of the 1 item short thing. Bukkit doesnt throw pickupevents unless it actually picks the item up. Just a short coming.
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    Hey, thats a really like your plugin but my server doesnt create the Folder.
    When I put the .jar file in the Plugin folder and turn the server on, it doesnt create the ManaBag Folder with the config etc. ... .
    Please help me.

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    Server_bat Screenshot.PNG
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    I really have to loggin with spoutcraft or can i loggin the normal way?
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    chris phillips

    looks pretty damn cool! [diamondore]
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    First of all, before getting anyone hopes up TheElite4, you should add in your title a (Spout) so people will know you will need Spout for it, and if they don't bother to read, then add a big bold description saying "REQUIRE SPOUTCRAFT"
    Also, most people are having problem with these, because some of them are using offline-mode(pirated) and Spoutcraft hates them. :3.
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    I like your plugin, and it has been a good replacement for the old BackPack plugin.

    If I could give you some suggestions for a future update:

    1) It would be nice if you could open more than one bag at a time.
    2) It would be nice if you could use the Num1, Num2, etc keys to also close the bags you had opened.
    3) An option or toggle to first fill your inventory, and then your bags and vice versa.
    4) A filter to choose which blocks or items go to which bags.

    I don't know anything about coding for Minecraft, so I don't know how possible my suggestions are, but they would be nice features.

    There seems to be a problem with the arrows, I am not sure if it is conflicting with the plugin PickupArrows. I seem to be running out of arrows really quickly now. I will investigate a bit and let you know.

    Thanks for a great plugin!
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    First of all: nice work
    But I am still having a problem with it(yes I am using Spoutcraft and yes the Spoutplugin is installed on the server). My problem is, that the manabags are having the flint symbol in inventory. The strange thing about it is that nobody else on the server has this problem. Do you have an idea why this is or how to fix it?

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