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    LevelCraft v0.1.8- The leveling up plugin; adding skills to Minecraft!

    Slowly moving to BukkitDev:

    Version: [617+]
    LevelCraft is a plugin devised to add a Challenge to Minecraft Single Multiplayer.It denotes normal actions into "Levels" this level is increased via the gaining of "Experience" the experience of which relates to the level. It is fully customizable and due to some recent changes is medium weight. This congratulates the user for doing certain actions. For example the more mining a player does the faster they mine and the better then mine. Makes sense right?

    LevelCraft is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


    Download: v0.1.7.2
    Download: v0.1.8

    • Dyamic ExpBar without the use of a client mod!
    • Support for API Permissions.
    • Improved Code.
    • Compatability with 1.8. :)

    LevelCraftCore is necessary to have to enable all the level plugins. It is the glue that holds them all together, it also handles the commands and the data storage. It is a beast, a boss and made my the 1337 pro that is Samkio. :cool: "Core' blimey it is mighty good."

    Current Levels (open)

    [X] = Outdated.

    Mining: Author @Samkio
    Download v0.2.1
    The Mining level depicts the use of the mighty pickaxe. Players leveling up by the mining of blocks enabling them to gain access of new pickaxes and new blocks.​
    1. Denotes use of Pickaxes. Higher level unlocks better pickaxes.
    2. Denotes block mining. Higher level the more types of blocks they can mine.
    3. Faster Mining. Higher level the faster you can mine.
    4. Double Drops. Higher level the higher your change of the block dropping twice.
    5. FirePick. Higher level unlocks the FirePick. A portable furnace that when mining blocks with golden pickaxe will drop what it would be if smelted.
      ie. CobbleStone -> Stone, IronOre -> IronIngot
    • Gain Experience by Mining.

    WoodCutting: Author @Samkio
    Download v0.1.1
    The WoodCutting level depicts the use of the hatchet or more commonly know as the axe. Players can gain experience by chopping down trees and planks allowing them to gain access to higher level axes.​
    1. Denotes usage of hatchets (axes). The higher the level the more axes you can use.
    2. Denotes cutting of logs/wood. The higher the level the more types of log you can cut.
    3. Faster Cutting. The Higher your level the faster you can chop down trees.
    • Gain Experience by chopping trees.
    Combat: Author @Samkio
    Download v0.1.1
    The Combat level depicts the use of swords on both players and mobs. A true warrior will attain to keep this high.​
    1. Denotes usage of swords. The higher the level the more swords are unlocked.
    2. PVP Range (Toggleable). Allows players to only attack players withing a range of combat level.
    • Gain Exp by fighting mobs and players.
    Range: Author @Samkio
    Download v0.2.2
    The Range level depicts how much damage you do per arrow. A handly level for keen archers.​
    Works both on Players and Mobs.​
    1. Greater Damage Arrows. The higher the level the greater damage your arrows do.
    • Gain Experience by attacking mobs and players with a bow.
    Dexterity: Author @Samkio
    Download v0.1.4
    The Dexterity level allows players to jump higher and run faster with the aid of boots. Level up by jumping. Jumping higher is turned off by default and only applies to Gold and Diamond boots. Players also receieve less Fall Damage with higher levels. (Note. Every attempt to make this level a light a possible has been done. This Level however may contribute a large amount of lag. Due to this LevelUpdates for this level are run every 1min [as upposed to everytime someone moves]).​
    1. Allows users to run. Crouch to run. Must be wearing boots.
    2. The higher level you are the move boots you unlock.
    3. The higher the level of boot the greater running speed and jumping height.
    4. Survive greater fall damage the higher level you are.
    • Gain Experience by jumping.
    Farming: Author @Torrent
    Download v0.2
    The Farming level depicts how a player is one with the land. It depicts the use of hoes allowing the player to use a greater level of hoe the higher their level. Gain experience via harvesting crops, tilling land and much more. Also adds the ability to obtain apples from trees by farming the leaves.​
    1. Depicts the level for hoes. The greater level you are the higher level of hoe you can use.
    2. Random chance to yield more wheat from crops the higher level you are.
    3. Random chance to yield Coca Beans from crops the higher level you are
    • Gain Exp for things such as Harvesting crops, tilling land, finding seeds, using bonemeal on crops
    Digging AKA Excavation: Author @Torrent
    Download v0.1.5
    The Excavation level depicts the use of the shovel. Allowing users to dig greater depths with a higher excavation skill.​
    1. Depicts the use of shovel. The greater your level higher shovel you can use.
    2. Depicts what blocks you can dig. The greater your level the more block types are dig able.
    • Gain experience by digging.
    Swimming/Diving: Author @mbsuperstar1
    Download v0.1.4
    The Swimming level allows players to use helmets as scuba-diving gear. Having a higher level allows you to stay under water longer, then re-fill your helmet on land.​
    1. Allows users to wear "scuba-gear" to enhance their breath in water.
    2. The higher level the more scuba-gear obtainable.
    3. Crouch to fill and empty air.
    • Gain Experience by using the scuba gear.
    Explosives: Author @Samkio
    Download v0.1
    The Explosives level depicts your ability with explosive devices. This being TNT, Dynamite Sticks (Redtorch light with lighter), and grenades (eggs Thank to @microapple for letting me use this functionality.) This plugin makes explosives really poor damage at the start but as you level up you deal greater damage. Be warned :D
    1. Denotes range of Explosives. The higher level you are the more choice of range you can use.
    2. Denotes Levels for TNT. Must be higher than this level to use TNT.
    3. Adds Dynamite and Grenades.
    4. Toggle Grenades with left click.
    5. Light RedStoneTorch with a lighter.
    6. Change Dynamite Range with left click.
    7. Depicts Levels for Dynamite and Grenade.
    • Gain Experience by using TNT,Dynamite and Grenades.
    Health[X]: Author @Torrent:mad:
    Download v0.1.1:mad:
    The Health level allows players to take greater damage. This is leveled up by getting:mad: damaged.:mad:
    BUGGY. :'( Avoid use.​
    Defence: Author @mbsuperstar1
    Download v0.1.3
    The Defence Level depicts the use of armor. Allowing players to wield armor only when they attain the correct level. Level up by using the armor.​
    (Disclaimer: not fully tested use at own risk.)​
    1. Denotes level to use armor. The higher level you are the more armour you can wear.
    • Gain Experience by getting damaged when using armour.
    Forgery: Author @Samkio
    Download v0.1.3
    The Forgery level, the most configurable level to date, allows users to forge tools, forge armour and repair tools and armour. The higher level you are the more you can forge! Level it up by smelting/repairing and forging items. A truly epic skill if i say so myself. :p
    1. Allows tools to be repaired by placing in a furnace.
    2. The higher level you are the greater tools can be repaired.
    3. The higher level you are the more tools/armour that can be forged.
    4. The higher level you are the more blocks that can be smelted.
    • Gain Experience by Repairing,Smelting and Forging.
    Scavengar: Author @Torrent
    Download v0.1
    Users have a small chance of finding 'lost' items in the sand / gravel /dirt /grass.​
    The higher level you are, the better chance of finding the items.​
    1. Allows hidden items to be found when destroying blocks.
    2. The higher level you are the more items that can be found.
    • Gain Experience by finding items.
    Prayer[X]: Author @L5D
    Download v0.1.1
    Introducing the new Prayer level! Users can now be at one with the gods. Level up by burying the bones of past victims to gain Prayer Points that allow you to do many functions such as healing and protecting. When your Prayer points are low don't forget to pray at an alter to replenish them!​
    1. Creates Prayer Points Replenish-able by praying at an alter.
    2. The higher level you are the more prayers you can do.
    3. Prayers use prayer points and must be replenished.
    • Gain experience by using prayers and burying bones.
    Construction: Author @Wesnc Fixed by: @Samkio​
    Download v0.1.1
    The construction level depicts what blocks are allowed to be placed. The higher level you are the more blocks that can be placed.​

    1. Depicts level for block placement.
    • Gain experience by placing blocks.
    FutureLevels (open)

    LevelsProgess/NeedDeveloper: 1-3 Difficulty.
    Excavation: COMPLTED.
    Combat: COMPLETED
    Range: COMPLETED
    Forgery: COMPLETED
    Dexterity: COMPLETED
    Swimming: COMPLETED
    Thieving: Author @Samkio/PM me. The ability to steal items from players inventory.
    Sorcery: Author @L5D. The ability to do a series of magical abilities using a wand (stick).
    Necromancy: Author PM me. The ability to summon agressive mobs (on your side).
    Crafting: Author @1337. The ability to craft items.
    Dungeoneering: Author PM me. The ability to destroy dungeons.
    Explosives: COMPLETED
    Cooking: Author PM me. The ability to cook items without burning them.
    Prayer: COMPLETED
    Health: COMPLETED
    Defence: COMPLETED
    Angling: Author @spoonikle The ability to catch more fish quicker.
    Fletching: Author @Spartan_V23. The ability to craft more arrows.
    Merchant: Author PM me. The ability to sell items. [Possibly have NPC "Traveling Salesman" randomly generated. They will try and sell stuff.]
    Engineering: Author PM me. The ability to engineer transport.
    Electrician: Author PM me. The ability to use redstone.
    Tamer: Author PM me. The ability to tame mobs.
    Speech: Author PM me. The ability to talk. ;) [Possibly have NPC's and have a sort of Persuasion level Possibly could be linked with Merchant]
    Survivalist: Author PM me. The ability to "Survive"
    Luck: Author PM me. The ability to find greater number of ores.
    Could be one Level.
    Hunger: Author PM me. The ability to last longer without food.​
    Thirst: Author PM me. The ability to last longer without water.​
    Fatigue: Author PM me. The ability to last longer without sleep.​
    Locksmith: Author @Florian Friedrich. The ability to break into locked chests/doors. (LWC or other protection).
    Forager: COMPLETED
    Florist: Author PM me. Get more flowers.
    Medicine/Doctor: Author @Samkio. Heal players from poison and damage with bandages and herbal remedies.
    Builder: Author PM me. Build Blocks!
    Artist: Author PM me. Paint Wool with a brush!
    Masonary: Author @Torrent. Bricks/Stone etc.
    Carpentary: Author PM me. Create wooded items.
    Vidoes (open)


    LevelView (open)

    If you are using MySql to store LevelCraft Data you can use LevelView curtesy of @OptiDash to allow users to view their levels online!​
    Spread the word! (open)

    Love LevelCraft? Express it:
    Code (Text):
    1. [URL=''][IMG][/IMG][/URL]
    Data Converters (open)
    SPOUT (open)

    LevelCraft is Expanded by Spout!
    Download it here:
    • Skill Capes - Obtained by Level Mastery.
    • LevelUp Sounds - Sound played on LevelUp.
    • LevelUp Notification - Achievement Style Notification.
    • + More to come![​IMG]

    Have any issues or ideas?
    Post here:
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    1.Not possible yet.
    2.Not sure I'm working heavily on he core atm.

    Cheers :)
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    Andreas Brisner

    I am still waiting for a response on the demolitions/explosives issue/bug.

    Eggs do not hatch when grenade is turned off, and this is pretty annoying. Will there be a bugfix?
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    Im getting a "An internal error occured while attempting to perform this command" when i type "/level class switch miner". I am getting xp to warrior but the animal Imm killing doesn't die for some time while I continue to level even after its dead. To my knowledge everything is set up correctly.

    PermissionsEX running on File instead of SQL:
    Code (Text):
    1. groups:
    2.     default:
    3.         default: true
    4.         permissions:
    5.         - lc.LevelName
    6.         - lc.shout
    7.         - lc.level.*
    8.     admin:
    9.         permissions:
    10.         - permissions.*
    11.         - lc.*
    12.         - lc.level.LevelName
    13.         - lc.shout
    14.         - lc.level.*
    15.         - lc.admin
    16.         - WirelessRedstone.*
    17.         - WirelessRedstone.createsign
    18.         - modifyworld.*
    19.         - permissionsex.*
    20.         - permissionsex
    21.         -
    22.         - weatherplugin.*
    23. users:
    24.     dez:
    25.         group: admin
    26.         permissions:
    27.         - permissions.*
    28.         - lc.*
    29.         - lc.level.LevelName
    30.         - lc.shout
    31.         - lc.level.*
    32.         - lc.admin
    33.         - WirelessRedstone.*
    34.         - WirelessRedstone.createsign
    35.         - modifyworld.*
    36.         - permissionsex.*
    37.         - permissionsex
    38.         -
    39.         - weatherplugin.*
    LevelCraft Config running with SQL support:
    (LevelView shows charecters: )
    Code (Text):
    1. SwitchableClasses: Warrior,Mage,Farmer,Lumberjack,Miner
    2. ExpLines: 7
    3. MySqlDatabaseUsername: uacraft
    4. LevelCap: 100
    5. EnableLevelCap: true
    6. Database: mysql
    7. ColourGood: GREEN
    8. LevelConstant: 20
    9. EnableSkillMastery: true
    10. ResetExpOnClassSwitch: true
    11. UnlockLines: 7
    12. MySqlDatabasePassword: ******
    13. ColourTwo: YELLOW
    14. ColourBad: RED
    15. AllowClassSwitching: true
    16. UseClassSystem: true
    17. NotifyAll: true
    18. MySqlDatabaseDirectory:
    19. Worlds: world,world_nether,
    20. ColourOne: GOLD
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    Andreas Brisner

    Probably because "miner" and "Miner" isnt the same class :)
    Try writing Miner wigh a big M :)
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    Any simple ways to move the flatfiles to mysql ??
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    xD im a dum. Is there any way to make your own class using the existing classes levels and skills? For example, a class that has all the skills available so no class change is necessary to level up the proficiencys.
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    Andreas Brisner

    Yes, change the class config file I think. I did not want this on my server because then I could just as well remove the plugin :)
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    I'll look into it - I had a similar problem with the farming level doing this when awarding Exp.
    I'm not doing anything tonight so i'll roll out some bug fixes ^^

    and maybe a new level ;)
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    Yes, there is a way to make custom classes, like so;

    Default: false
    Levelable: [Mining, Forgery, Excavation,]
    Prefix: '[Miner]'
    UnLevelable: ['*']

    Change the 'Miner' to something you desire, keep the default off - unless you want people to join that class when they first join the server. Under levelable enter all the skills you want people to be able to Level. Put the prefix to whatever you want. UnLevelable should be kept as the star as it denotes all over levels apart from the Levelable ones.

    .... If that makes sense :p


    Default: false
    Levelable: [Range, Dexterity,]
    Prefix: '[Archer]'
    UnLevelable: ['*]

    That would create the archer group and only allow them to level up in the ranged skill and dexterity :)

    Good eh?

    Watch this if you have any errors:

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    Please help ..
    If I want to use the command /lvl p i become a message "An internal error occured while attempting to perform this command" and in the server log is this:

    Code (Text):
    1. 17:18:01 [SCHWERWIEGEND] null
    2. org.bukkit.command.CommandException: Unhandled exception executing command 'lvl'
    3.  in plugin LevelCraftCore v0.1.4
    4.         at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
    5.         at org.bukkit.command.SimpleCommandMap.dispatch(
    6. 8)
    7.         at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.dispatchCommand(
    8. 81)
    9.         at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.handleCommand(NetServerHandler.
    10. java:718)
    11.         at
    13.         at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    14.         at net.minecraft.server.Packet3Chat.a(
    15.         at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
    16.         at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    17.         at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:105)
    18.         at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    19.         at
    20.         at
    21. Caused by: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "0,9"
    22.         at sun.misc.FloatingDecimal.readJavaFormatString(Unknown Source)
    23.         at java.lang.Double.valueOf(Unknown Source)
    24.         at me.samkio.levelcraftcore.Tools.roundTwoDecimals(
    25.         at me.samkio.levelcraftcore.LCCommands.showStat(
    26.         at me.samkio.levelcraftcore.LCCommands.determineMethod(
    27. 19)
    28.         at me.samkio.levelcraftcore.LevelCraftCore.onCommand(
    29. :179)
    30.         at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
    31.         ... 12 more
    32. >
    and another problem ..
    if i start the server with LCDextery this appears:

    Code (Text):
    1. 17:33:33 [WARNUNG] Task of 'LCDexterity' generated an exception
    2. java.lang.NullPointerException
    3.         at sun.misc.FloatingDecimal.readJavaFormatString(Unknown Source)
    4.         at java.lang.Double.parseDouble(Unknown Source)
    5.         at me.samkio.levelcraftcore.util.FlatFile.getDouble(
    6.         at me.samkio.levelcraftcore.LevelFunctions.getExp(
    7. )
    8.         at me.samkio.levelcraftcore.LevelFunctions.getLevel(
    9. 21)
    10.         at
    11.         at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftScheduler.mainThreadHeartbeat(C
    13.         at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    14.         at
    15.         at
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    Update. +
    Caused by: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "0,9"
    Change you config to 0.9

    + Stop + Start server when adding new levels.
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    MySqlDatabaseUsername: root
    LevelCap: 100
    EnableLevelCap: true
    Database: mysql
    ColourGood: GREEN
    LevelConstant: 20
    EnableSkillMastery: true
    MySqlDatabasePassword: ******
    ColourTwo: YELLOW
    ColourBad: RED
    NotifyAll: true
    MySqlDatabaseDirectory: localhost:3306/minecraft
    Worlds: world,
    ColourOne: GOLD
    // mySQL information
    $server = 'localhost'; // MySql server
    $username = 'root'; // MySql Username
    $password = '******' ; // MySql Password
    $database = 'minecraft'; // MySql Database
    $LevelConstant = '20';

    and i try enter site
    see picture that error
    please tell me what will i do?

    Attached Files:

  14. @Torrent

    if i edit "LevelForCocoBeans and LevelForMoreWhea" it all times will write twice there

    LevelForCocoBeans <- Recommended over level 30=30
    LevelForMoreWheat <- Recommended over level 50=50
    LevelForCocoBeans <- Recommended over level 70=70
    LevelForMoreWheat <- Recommended over level 40=40
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    Andreas Brisner

    1) put the PHP files in a dir INSIDE the www folder,
    2) Point browser to correct url
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    Thanks for the suggestions/bugs :)
    Atm I am working on the core and will then work on each level working down the list :p
    I have decided to remove the class system. Why? It doesn't suit levelcraft. instead i am making a better permissions system and heck i might make a new plugin that is a fake version of Permissions with Classes.
    Do not worry. There is a way to set levelcap and multipliers via permissions.

    Stay tuned.
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    Andreas Brisner

    What? And I just installed it BECAUSE of classes? I dont want my users being able to do everything...
    I will probably not upgrade to any new version you release if class feature is removed. (CLass'es via GM/groups and permissions is OK though.)

    It will be set'able through permissions right?
    No problem setting up class'es in permissions.

    If the group doesnt have levelcraft.<class> , the users cannot raise that skill.
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    @Andreas Brisner
    I will probably make a separate plugin for Classes. :)
    It will be setup-able via permissions correct.

    Nice thinking! :D
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    Aww man. The class system looked like it had potential but I believe it was a little disorganized. It was nice that some players were unable to make certain crafts, which actually made players rely on each other. Would be nice if we were able to choose our own skills though. Most games have a primary skill list and a secondary one. In xsyon, you were required to select one primary one, then two secondary ones, along with a combat skill. Now that would be interesting. I mean, swimming is a cool skill but it's far from a primary one. Therefore it was just a filler in most classes. So you should keep the idea of a class system, but allow more customization like Xsyon has. The current one has way too much restrictions.
  20. Offline

    Andreas Brisner

    Imo, the players that dont have that class, shouldnt even be able to pick up certain things, or even hold an item that belongs to that class.
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    I have a suggestion. How about being able to set classes through the site. People would be able to input their username and class in the site then the plugin would read the entry in the sql database and assign the username the class on login. This would save the GM's some effort and the players time if no GM is on.
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    Well, atm the classes part doesn't use any database?
    If/when classes does save to a database, it would be very very easy.
    it would also be easy to abuse and change someone's job?

    1. <form action="changejob.php" method="post">
    3. Ingame name: <input type="text" name="ign"/><br/>
    5. New job: <input type="text" name="newjob"/><br/>
    7. <input type="submit" value="Change job!"/>
    2. <?php
    3. require_once('database.php');
    4. $ign = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['ign']);
    5. $newjob = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['newjob']);
    6. $query = "UPDATE ExperienceTable SET class='$newjob' WHERE playername='$ign'";
    7. $resource = mysql_query($query);
    8. if(!$resource)
    9. {
    10. echo "Something went wrong!";
    11. }
    12. else
    13. {
    14. if(mysql_affected_rows($resource)!=0)
    15. {
    16. echo "Your job has been changed!";
    17. }
    18. else
    19. {
    20. "Sorry, couldn't find any player with that name.";
    21. }
    22. }
    23. ?>
    2. <?php
    3. // You must set up the host, suer, password, and the last row, $db.
    4. $host = "localhost";
    5. $user = "username";
    6. $password = "password";
    9. $conn = mysql_connect($host, $user, $password) or die ('Something went wrong.');
    11. $db = 'minecraft_database';
    12. ?>

    Well, as I said, it doesn't support classes in database yet?
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    What makes levelcraft awesome, and unique is that it offers FREEDOM, and users to make classes THEMSELVES if they want.

    Hell there's atleast 5 RPG class plugins, go there, LONG LIVE LEVELCRAFT!
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  24. @ Samkio

    I hope the new Class-Extension comes with the next update.
    We upgraded our whole economy- and player system to 0.1.6 and classes! :(
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    Wow thats amazing. I will try it and report back in a day or so. I find that having sql turned on causes a lot of lag on the server. Blocks break then reappear then bleak again and when you attack a creature the thing just stands there until you stop hitting it giving you exp for every swing. The creature doesn't die even after 2 full minutes of swinging at it with a sword. You will need to let it be for a few seconds then swing again to kill it. I believe it has something to do with the server trying to inject the data into the sql. Using the default settings causing no lag. Running the server on 3.2Ghz and 2gb ram minimum and start. No othe r program running.
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    Thanks :)
    I think i will make it seperate though. Thing is it will be better.
    It will be a sort of FakePermissionsGroup thing. But players can choose their class.
    Each class will have it's own prefix,suffix and nodes. Players may be able to choose multiple classes and have the total amount of nodes. That way say a mod can be in a mod class and be in a farmer class.

    But for that i need to rework the permissions for LC so i am working on that. Perfecting it and allowing things like multipliers and levelcaps in the permission nodes.
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    Use the dev release New Dev Build ( it fixes the sql issues.
  28. Offline

    Andreas Brisner

    The problem here is that I never got that prefix untill I removed herochat. For that reason I dislike plugins making their own prefix-code. Gm/Permissions already have it, dont remake the wheel. Every prefix and suffix should go via Permissions or GM.

    What you should do is make more complex permissions for the plugin, to make GM/Permissions the plugin to use for class'es. You can also have a simple class plugin for those that doesnt use permissions, but afaik most people use either GM or Permissions.
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    i tested
    Its an awesome plugin with great potential.

    Things i would add:

    -Whenever a player joins, he needs to choose a class before he can move and do stuff.
    -If someones changes a class, he should loose is old levels. Otherwise he can level as a miner, then change to another class with the old skills.
    -make the /lvl unlock funtion more clear
    -some classes should have multiplyers only for certain skills.
    -certain classes should have some certain initial skills.
  30. Offline

    Andreas Brisner

    Someone can already loose XP when changing class.. Its there dude..

    And yeah
    Make it so that you can set a max limit for skills. Say youre a farmer, you can have 100 in farming, and max 5 in all others.
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    May I ask why you guys choose levelcraft for Classes as opposed to other? EASYRPG, RIFTS,pwncraft,uquest,minequest .... x1029302193021


    I do not want to criticize, but I rather you work on the individual plugins than trying to compose a class that can be EASILY created by someone else, not to mention with in-game permission commands, setting someone up takes only a few seconds, than the manual way prior to 3.x permissions.

    Honestly, guys, levelcraft is unique, do not make it like any other rpg plugin's we got!

    However, I do appreciate all your hard work, and feeding the community some more things that they want, keep it up, I'll update github when I can broski. ;)

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