Inactive [MECH/RPG/FUN] Magica v0.01- Magic awesome! [1.2.5-R4.0]

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    BukkitDev ~ Github ~ Bukkit

    Please go to BukkitDev to learn more about Magica, and download it. Go to Github to look at the source.

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    Approved, details of all possible spells would be nice.
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    What about permission nodes? D:
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    @md_5 Thanks a bunch, and great idea! Will add
    @CocoCraft Currently there are no permissions, and there will probably never be permissions. I don't like the idea of permissions for magic. Instead, a wand will need to be crafted and skill levels will be implemented. There, only people who have, for instance, gotten blaze, sticks, diamonds, slime, etc. will be able to craft a wand, and then will start casting spells, and will need to be higher level to cast more complex spells.
  5. HI! this looks like a very fun plugin but im not sure if im putting it in my plugins right i drag it in then said to extract files here and when i started the server it said could not load 'plugin\magica.jar in folder plugins so ya im not sure if im doing something wrong of if its the plugin or what ever hope you can help me THX
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    Don't unzip it.
    Just put it into the plugins folder. What error are you getting if you're not extracting it? It works fine for me.
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    Hello! i appear to be having problems. i put the magica.jar in the plugins folder, but it did not show up in my plugins while on my server, as if the jar wasnt present. Can i have some help please?
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    @Xarkm Hmm... let me look into this.

    When the server starts up, do you get an info log saying
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    Ok, so...:

    1) Without permissions, your plugin's shit. Sorry about that word, but it's real. If, for example, anyone want to make a special class named "Sorcer" who can use Magica. How ?

    Add permissions support now.

    2) Why not support Spout ? It would be awesome ! :)
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    About permissions, I'm thinking about that one. Magica is supposed to be more of a game-modifier than an extension or tool. I guess I can add some config for it to do that, but that's not what I want it for. I don't like permissions at all, and I'm not going to be forced to use it where it is unnecessary.

    And, I'm not going to support Spout until it's used by everyone. I don't want people to go through the hassle of getting another client to play.
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    I don't really see a need for permissions but if you do happen to make one it should just be 1 like "magica.use"
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    Oh for pete's sakes, just add permissions.
    I don't ever plan, or will use this.

    Just add Permissions for the people who WANT it, and just let the people who don't want it, they don't have to use it.

    You see, the more options, the better.

    I can't change your mind, but leave it to your opinion, I guess.
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    How do you actually use the spells????:confused:

    i mean u said what they are and everything but HOW THE HELL DO YOU USE THEM?!?!?!?!:mad::confused:

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    I thank you greatly for your sensible, thoughtful reply.
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    What is the command to bind the spells?
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    You should be able to find it under How to use the gameplay mechanics. If that's not what you're asking, then, no, you're not supposed to say a command, but a spell's casting name(first name in the spell list) to bind it.
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    Thank yuh so much :D
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    I am having som problems.... Every time that I use /magica config or /magica reload, appear a mensage saying that I used an incorrect usage.
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    Ah yes, the commands weren't fully implemented by mistake.
    Take the latest download now instead, and try it.
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    You should add mana.
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    Yes, I will, it is shown it the very bottom of the post, The Changelog.
    It's taking me a bit of time to implement, though.
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    The issue with plugins that implement 'active' features or contents (like command line based or item required functionality) is that not everyone wants to type out the same or slightly different commands repeatingly... Even if it is a RPG or some slower paced gamemode...

    I don't see anyone trying to utilize key bindings that occurs when the client detects a key being pressed...

    At least have a single command that 'enables' key bindings to utilize skills or effects so there isn't a need to go /activate skills 1 2 3 4 5, etc, over and over and over again.

    Because most plugins are in this format, that it doesn't appeal to enough people to download them compared to passive plugins... Passive plugins basically aren't active and doesn't require you to do much with it, as it just modifies or changes the game itself without your control (like EXP boosting, monster or player stat boosting, passive health regeneration etc).
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    It isn't possible to utilize key bindings with Bukkit.
    And you don't type a slash here. I've tried to make it as easy as possible to select. I have kept that in mind.
    If you have any suggestions or ideas as to how I can make it more passive, please let me know.
    Now that I think about it, have you even watched the video? Watch it, as it's much easier to do than you might think.
    You don't have to say "/activate", "/activate", "/activate" all over again. You instead say "bynus" and left click. That's as about as passive as I can make it, without further suggestions.
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    I am not at all a friend of MDCreator's and I approve this plugin. (In all seriousness, he didn't ask me to do this, I generally think he has some great ideas and will make sure this turns out great.)
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    You know, I believe spoutcraft utilizes Keybinds
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    Not sure if MDC is ok with me saying this (I hope his is because I'm saying it), but here's a little sneak peek of a possibly upcomming feature, Spell Tiers. The basic idea is that as you level up, you will not only unlock new spells to bind, but upgrade the existing ones. These upgrades would be different for each spell but in all likelyhood, they would increase the mana cost of the spell to balance out its new powers. Thats all for now, Harel55 signing off!
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    According to the download counter, as of today afternoon we have had over 2000 downloads, thanks everybody!!!
  28. Optio doesn't work for me, hope you can fix! Really great plug-in otherwise!
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    Are you sure? Try pointing at a block that a mob is standing on. It is meant for mobs, anyway.
  30. OK, will do right now, thanks for fast response!

    Oh, didn't know how to use it! Thanks! :D

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