[MECH/RPG] DragonTravel Phoenix v0.0.0.17 - Be a Dragon-Rider! [1.7.10-R0.1]

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    Visit DragonTravel on BukkitDev!

    DragonTravel gives players the opportunity to ride dragons in Minecraft.
    It offers server-admins the possibility to add a new outstanding way of travel to their RPG-servers.


    • Allows admins to set destinations for the dragons.
    • Allows players with the specific permission to summon and mount a dragon and...
      ...fly flights which consists out of waypoints(as many as you like)
      ...fly to destinations which have been set by an admin before.
      ...fly to coordinates chosen via command.
      ...fly to players choosen via command(different permission-nodes for other types of travel).
      ...fly to a home-position which has been set by this player earlier.
    • Spout-support
      -> Nice GUI for creating stations/destination or travelling via Spout/SpoutCraft.
      -> Music which gets played when travelling.
    • Allows admins to set stations and limit the mounting of dragons to these locations (or a specified radius around it).
    • Possibility to require a special item for players to use the plugin (e.g. a dragon-egg)
    • Making signs which automatically mount a player and bringthem to the written destination on the sign.
    • Permissions-Support (SuperPerms only!)
    • Support of all Economy-Plugins supported by Vault (Vault is required for that)!
      Admins can set different prices for all ways of travel!
    • Admins can choose in the config whether dragons of this plugin should destroy blocks or if any dragons should break blocks when touching.
    • All messages are fully customizable! Default messages.yml is English, but we provide other language-files in our wiki.
    Everything which isn't answered here will be answered on the BukkitDev-page, we simply can't manage to keep several pages up-to-date. This page was out-of-date for about six months until I remembered to put this note here.

    Commands, Permissions, Videos, Screenshots, etc. can be found on the BukkitDev-page or in our wiki (link is on the BukkitDev-page as well).
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    First of all, thanks for the positive feedback. :)
    The feature "station = destination" might be added later as soon as we have some time. ;)
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    Question- What good does it do you to be able to mount a dragon if it doesn't move when you mount it? Is there a way to control the dragon?
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    Do you mean the "/dt mount"-command?
    In the first versions of DragonTravel it was necessary to mount a dragon before you could start a travel and we left the command in the plugin as a little gimmick.
    We might add a feature to control the dragon via Spout later, but at the moment the command exists without any deeper sense... ;)
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    First of all that you have done an excellent job.
    And now I mention my problem, everything works fine when I mount excepting the dragonwings go too fast not as they appear in the videos. There's something I have notconfigured or something I miss to do?
    Thank you very much for everything. And excuse my English.
  6. My solution has been to fake a safezone, by creating a faction with nobody in it called "Spawn", setting some options to disable pvp there, and use that as safezone.
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    The speed of the dragon's wings is client-sided, so we cannot do anything about it... -.-

    Great idea. ;)
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    Update to version 1.3:
    • added "_random_"-destination
      • When travelling to this destination, DragonTravel brings the player to a random destination somewhere in the player's curent world.
      • The area in which the random generation is created can be limited on both axes (X-axis and Z-axis).
      • Name of the random-destination be set (still calculates a different location every time you travel to it)
      • Can be used on signs to for example bring new players to a random location in your world.
  9. As I read all comments about "could you this?" and "could you that?" I actually came up with one thing I'd like to see (which I'll search for after this post. :p).
    Minecarts! Yea, you heard me :p

    I'd love if you could make stations for minecarts this way. Creating signs for the different stations and just dig tunnels between them. Flyging (or running) through them and just setting out waypoints and rails are being built between the waypoints by themself.

    Then just click on the sign for the destination you want to go and you get sent there in a minecart.
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    Sketaful This idea sounds nice, but is has absolutely nothing to do with the idea of DragonTravel...
    You could create a thread in "Plugin Requests" and wait for someone to write a plugin like this, but I won't add this to DT.
  11. Didn't think you would. Just needed to unload my brain some :p

    I do however love your plugin. :)
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    Read the Mod-Spotlight including an interview with us developers at curse.com!


    Update to version 1.4:
    • finally managed to override protections in areas which prevented DragonTravel from spawning mobs! YEEEAAHHHH!!!!!!
      Admins who do not like this can disable it in the config... ;)
    • added a hook into AntiCheat to avoid dragonriders being considered flyhacking

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  13. Nice. :D
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    how can i enable all players not just admins to use the stations?
  15. Well. The permission for travelsigns (signs at stations) is dt.travelsigns.use. I guess that and dt.travel should work.
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    Sketaful is right, take a look at our wiki-page on permissions and you will find what you need. :)
  17. The first things you check when looking for permissions is the wiki, and the permissions-part of the wiki. The wiki for this plugin however lack some information on that page so I'm not surprised that he asked. It does list the different permissions but you have to go to the stations page to read that "travel" is for stations and "flight" is something else.

    You should add it in the wiki that it is for stations, I think that could help with some questions in the future. :)

    EDIT: I think you should use more "logical" permissions to btw. Just a tip.
    Something that connects them more like dt.travel.use, dt.travel.signs dt.travel.list.stat and dt.travel.list.dest. This way an easy dt.travel.list.* grant players the right to list both stations and destinations. Now I haven't read enough to know if destinations have anything to do with only stations but you see what I mean atleast? Right now you have a different naming for each and it seems a little cumbersome (is that a word? :p).

    I don't mean this as a complain thought. I just get these ideas from time to time and I never keep quiet about em :p
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    Yeah, that's true. XemsDoom already changed the permissions-system some versions ago, but it might be good to change it again even though admin who already perfectly configured their permissions would hate us for that... :p
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    Got it working thanks for helping Phiwa. I got PEX as you said :D
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    Great. ;)
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    Maybe you can add waypoints?
    So that you can fly around the spawn for example... just like VoxelVoyage did.
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    This feature is already implemented since version 1.0 and more information on those so-called "flights" can be found in the DragonTravel-wiki...
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    Oh thanks :D
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    What texture pack are you using? It looks pretty cool! ;)
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    A version for 1.3.1 is already finished.
    We are just doing the latest testings to be secure.
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    Steam Engines

    Could you set a config where, if a player is below a certain depth, they are unable to mout a dragon. This way players don't use the dragon to escape caves, and don't fly up through the ground :3
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    Update to version 1.5 and 1.5.1:

    Version 1.5:
    • fixed /home withdrawing 2x the cost
    • changed database system to my MexDB
    • we recommand to delete the old FAQ file because there are new As and Qs
    Version 1.5.1:
    • changed PlayerChatEvent to AsyncPlayerChatEvent
    • cleaned up some code
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    Update to version 1.5.2:
    • fixed errors when using /dt destlist and /dt home
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    Got a problem, i´ve got a ... flying HQ and want it to be connected with the others, made the sign stations and destinations but i´m instantly dismounted after klickin on the sign, BUT when i´m on ground it works : /.
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    So you mean, you move the signs all the time?
    The signs only work within the station-radius you placed them in and when moving your "HQ", the defined area doesn'T move along with it and the sign is outside the station and the travel is cancelled...
    You cannot do anything about this.
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    Update to version 1.5.3:
    • fixed sign-creation causing exceptions/errors

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