[MECH/RPG] DragonTravel Phoenix v0.0.0.17 - Be a Dragon-Rider! [1.7.10-R0.1]

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    Visit DragonTravel on BukkitDev!

    DragonTravel gives players the opportunity to ride dragons in Minecraft.
    It offers server-admins the possibility to add a new outstanding way of travel to their RPG-servers.


    • Allows admins to set destinations for the dragons.
    • Allows players with the specific permission to summon and mount a dragon and...
      ...fly flights which consists out of waypoints(as many as you like)
      ...fly to destinations which have been set by an admin before.
      ...fly to coordinates chosen via command.
      ...fly to players choosen via command(different permission-nodes for other types of travel).
      ...fly to a home-position which has been set by this player earlier.
    • Spout-support
      -> Nice GUI for creating stations/destination or travelling via Spout/SpoutCraft.
      -> Music which gets played when travelling.
    • Allows admins to set stations and limit the mounting of dragons to these locations (or a specified radius around it).
    • Possibility to require a special item for players to use the plugin (e.g. a dragon-egg)
    • Making signs which automatically mount a player and bringthem to the written destination on the sign.
    • Permissions-Support (SuperPerms only!)
    • Support of all Economy-Plugins supported by Vault (Vault is required for that)!
      Admins can set different prices for all ways of travel!
    • Admins can choose in the config whether dragons of this plugin should destroy blocks or if any dragons should break blocks when touching.
    • All messages are fully customizable! Default messages.yml is English, but we provide other language-files in our wiki.
    Everything which isn't answered here will be answered on the BukkitDev-page, we simply can't manage to keep several pages up-to-date. This page was out-of-date for about six months until I remembered to put this note here.

    Commands, Permissions, Videos, Screenshots, etc. can be found on the BukkitDev-page or in our wiki (link is on the BukkitDev-page as well).
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    Plz make this work for 1.2! Thx for this great plugin! Btw, it would be cool if u cound acually control the dragon. Thx.
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    hahaha sorry, and thank you! : D
  4. does this work in Non recommended 1.2 builds?
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    While I can see this being somewhat feasible, I personally think it would take too much code, and may lag (it might be performing several checks to make sure the land isn't nearby) Maybe.. I only took a little Java, not much.
    Enderdragons are nonphysical, remember? They're supposed to do that. At least it doesn't hurt you. :p
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    Semirotta: Yes, DragonTravel 2.4 works with the latest DevBuilds.

    NazzyDragon: DragonTravel automatically disables damage for players riding dragons. ;)
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    Well, last night wasn't very fun. I put R6 on my server as well as DragonTravel 2.4 and several other updated plugins that I use. On a lark I decided to ride a dragon to village1 (I have stations set up in every village). The dragon picked me up and almost totally destroyed my station in the process (It was in the shape of an airport with landing strips etc, quite elaborate). This was unusual as dragon damage has always been disabled... so then I ride the dragon. It goes up, flies around for awhile and then changes direction, and again, and again, and again... I must have went around in circles for 5 minutes before I exited and logged back in. It was like the dragon had no waypoint to target and just flew around the general area. Anyone else see either of these issues?
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    question? I have multiple stations around our world going to the same destination.. works great... however when i go to do this with any other destination, it does not work, says "no destination by that name" ... i am positive i am entering it in right as it works for that one destination... could use some help, would like my cities to have more then one flight path. I even tried making another destination in the area and it doesn't work unless you fly back to City "A" and fly from there.
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    I love this ideá! But when will it be available for 1.2.3 ?
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    It already works for 1.2.3, only forgot to update the title.
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    Thanks for reply! will test it out now! :)
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    I would bet you have a mob-spawning deny flag on that area. try making a smaller area and mob-spawning allow, or just remove the flag fromt he area as a whole. dont forget to //expand vert on the little area.

    Are you doing both /dt setstat and /dt setdest at both places? A station doesnt equal a destination to fly to. You need to set both. if you want to land and take off from there. If this is completely wrong and i missunderstood your question sorry still on first cup a coffee.

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    hmm, seem to be having some problems!
    At first it seemed to work just fine, but then suddenly, when i press a sign it says "Mounted your dragon etc etc" but i'm still at the same place, no dragon, and no boss health meter, but after a while i get "Teleported" to the destination.
    But, when my brother logged into the server he can see the boss meter and a Dragon just kinda "floating" like, 3 feet above the station, even thou i cant see one myself, and /rem dragons wont work, the dragon is still there for him,
    Even thou all this i dont have any Problems in my Server Log.
    Edit: Nevermind! i solved it, stupid, my MobRepellers prevented the dragons from spawning!
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    DragonTravel Beta 2.5.1:
    - fixed message "Hooked into WorldGuard" not appearing
    - fixed destroying a destination sign not giving any feedback
    - cleaned up some movement code

    DragonTravel Beta 2.5:
    - GUI for DragonTravel via Spout/SpoutCraft
    with permission "dt.GUI" for opening the GUI
    and a new option in the configuration for changing the right key
    - fixed sound not working right
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    worked thanks!
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    DragonTravel Beta 2.5.3:
    - fixed a player getting mounted when executing /dt travel but
    not having enough money for the actual travel
    - code clean-up on economy and travel modules
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    Epic dragon fly trough cave :3<33 EPIC RPG TIME, now dance to weird Niue techno ..

    signs dont work with the 1.2.3_R0.2 in 1.2.4, music doesnt play while traveling (Im useing spout yes) and my spawns name is Woodstock(Spawn) theres only room enough for Woodstock(Spawn so maybe add if signs enabled set name limmit to idk 14 catcters :D

    Glad to help, if you didnt know it already & btw I LOVE THIS PLUGIN!<333

    Please make the wing speed adjustable throo config :D

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    i have a problem, when i make a safezone with factions, he protect de zone of monsters and the dragon is a monster ><

    Howto whitelist the dragon ? ^^

    Because i use Dragon Travel

    Thank you.
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    We already stated several times that this isn't possibls for us... -.-
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    Update to version 2.7
    • added messages.yml to give admins the opportunity to customize all messages given out by DragonTravel
      The default language is English, but there is a German messages.yml available as well (in the first post).
      If you want to provide us with an additional language, read the instructions in the first post.
    • added limit for the length of the name of stations/destinations to avoid problems when writing the name onto a sign (limit: 15 characters)
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    Update to version 2.8:
    • added HomeSet withdraw option in configuration
    • added /dt statdragon, which spawns a stationary dragon
    • added new permission "dt.statdragon"; for /dt remdragons & /dt statdragon
    • changed permission for creating DragonTravel-Signs to "dt.signs"; instead of "dt.waypoint"
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    idk if this is possible but most of my users are retarded when it comes to commands. is there any way this could becone signed based. like have a bunch of signs that say "Town1" or something like other town names they click it they fly.
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    Update to version 2.9:
    - multithreaded dragon movement
    - rewrote yaw-direction calculation and diagonally flight
    (Seems as we can't fix, that the dragon looks sometimes in the wrong direction)
    - made the dragon look in the right direction and flying when taking off

    DragonTravel Beta 3.0:
    - added option to enable/disable mulithreaded movement
    Update your configs!
  26. i have one problem:
    when i mounted my dragon and type /dt travel <name of destination> it says i'm already mounted.
    the first time i used the plugin it worked great! but the second time i wanted to try it, it said that :s
    i hope somebody knows an answer. and if i look in the server proporeties i can't find anything about it.
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    We changed it the way that you do not need to be mounted to use "/dt travel", you only need to do that to use "/dt ctravel" or "/dt ptravel", but we are going to change it soon to remove this irritating twist. ;)
  28. I get internal error when I use any command from this plugin. Extacly it says:
    The only commands that work (but still show the error) are:
    /dt mount
    /dt dismount
    /dt setdest (only makes a glowstone block, and /dt travel makes dragon a bit higher)
    I wish you will fix it cause it seems to be an awesome plugin!
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    Without any additional information we cannot help you...
    Which Craftbukkit-Build do you run?
    Which DragonTravel-version do you use?
    Does the serverlog show any errors concerning DragonTravel?

    Give us additional information and we can help you...
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    I guess you broke somehow the perm-plugin and now it recalls on checking the perms....it can give this errors
  31. awesome..... thanks for that addon....

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