[MECH/RPG] CursedLands v0.9 - Hell is infecting the Earth! [953]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Exote, Jun 24, 2011.

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    Holy sh***
    So much mob spawners %_%
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    does this work on CB 1000? because the curse does nothing after created!
    No errors in console.

    regards Valdiralita
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    Seems to be a few problems I'm working on, I have got it to work by creating the curse then restarting the server. check to see if the curse is working with /curselist
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    This plugin looks especially fun, if you set the soulsand to glowstone and netherrack to Goldblocks...

    Midas touch :p
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    What are the odds of damage values support for curseblocks? I run a Tiberium themed server (For those of you who do not know what that is. Just google it) and would love to be able to use green wool. Much better then mossy cobblestone.
  6. hey i was just wondering if you could make it so mobs in the infection area dont catch on fire???
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    Is it possible to lower the chances of Mobspawners? Or add more Blocks which can be added? I would love to have a world being conquered by Gold, with Glowstone studding.
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    ok it "works" with CB 1000 but got some issues.
    curses were not visible with /curselist.
    first i had to disable all of my server plugins then i could create a curse that was visible with /curselist
    and after starting the curse all people got disconnected by some overflow
    see this:
    2011-07-26 20:00:16 [INFO] Valdiralita lost connection: disconnect.overflow
    2011-07-26 20:00:16 [SEVERE] 	at java.net.SocketOutputStream.socketWrite(Unknown Source)
    2011-07-26 20:00:16 [SEVERE] 	at java.net.SocketOutputStream.write(Unknown Source)
    2011-07-26 20:00:16 [SEVERE] 	at java.io.BufferedOutputStream.flushBuffer(Unknown Source)
    2011-07-26 20:00:16 [SEVERE] 	at java.io.BufferedOutputStream.flush(Unknown Source)
    2011-07-26 20:00:16 [SEVERE] 	at java.io.DataOutputStream.flush(Unknown Source)
    2011-07-26 20:00:16 [SEVERE] 	at net.minecraft.server.NetworkWriterThread.run(SourceFile:116)
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    Would it be possible to set what materials are created when seeds are used on a curse block? For fun, I think it would be great if an admin could remove dirt and stone from that list to make the curse spread good for resource gathering.
  10. i dont know if this works right for me now.
    i created cursed area with /setcurse 1 and 2 , then /createcurse kirousmaa (curseland in english) and it said its done, saved the curse land and i have set like 10 netherracks and 4 spawners near each others, it wont spread? :E

    2011-07-29 22:38:42 [INFO] semirotta [/] logged in with entity id 336 at ([mobworld] 6.032147176101484, 71.0, 107.31791265562262)
    2011-07-29 22:38:42 [INFO] Loaded world: mobworld
    2011-07-29 22:38:42 [INFO] The automatic update-Check only work every 6 hours, the last check was 214 minutes ago.
    2011-07-29 22:39:12 [WARNING] Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?
    2011-07-29 22:42:26 [INFO] [CursedLands] Starting CursedLands Save...
    2011-07-29 22:42:26 [INFO] [CursedLands] Found Nether 0
    2011-07-29 22:42:26 [INFO] [CursedLands] Saved table nether
    2011-07-29 22:42:26 [INFO] [CursedLands] Found Sleeping 0
    2011-07-29 22:42:26 [INFO] [CursedLands] Saved table sleeping
    2011-07-29 22:42:26 [INFO] [CursedLands] Found Soul 0
    2011-07-29 22:42:26 [INFO] [CursedLands] Saved table soul
    2011-07-29 22:42:26 [INFO] [CursedLands] Found Protection 0
    2011-07-29 22:42:26 [INFO] [CursedLands] Saved table protection
    2011-07-29 22:42:26 [INFO] [CursedLands] Found Protected 0
    2011-07-29 22:42:26 [INFO] [CursedLands] Saved table protected
    2011-07-29 22:43:20 [INFO] [BBROTHER] Building `ownership` table...
    2011-07-29 22:43:43 [INFO] [CursedLands] Starting CursedLands Save...
    i think thats my server log ^^ so huge lol havent cleared it.

    I save new curse but curselist wont show any freaking curses
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    Can we get an update to this amazing plugin? :D
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    Yup, back from holiday, will get working on it again soon. :)
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    AWESOME! can't wait to see more :)
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    not soo epic..... Its Super Epic!1
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    I know im going to be asking allot here,but my host (my friends pc) does not have sql and he will not /is unable to get it set up, so will you please offer a flat file version?
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    are you currently updating this?
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    It would be great to be able to cure the curse ! by destroying its source , ( a nether portal for exemple ) the world will progressively get back to its original environment ( like the //Regen command with worldedit )
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    Do the cursed blocks automatically start spreading from pre-existing spawners?
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    Does not work :(
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    does this still set the trees on fire ? or like your other plugin it converts it into "other world trees" ?
    I actually would love to use this for my server :p
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    The configuration allows you to choose what blocks it sets on fire. So you could have the trees burn, which I believe is default, or you could have it converted into the netherrack (or whatever else you choose as your curse material).
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    I had a fun time having the curse turn everything into water, that was rather entertaining. I really hope you don't give up on this plugin, I love it.
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    Try scarredlands while I scratch my head about the server lag etc. :)
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    The multithread thing I suggested should get rid of the lag. I mean, sure, you are not in sync with bukkit. So?
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    I had a look at scarredlands, it's just not quite the same... Sure the instant is nice, but part of what I liked about Cursedlands was the spreading, defending pockets of civilization, watching entire towns turn into netherrack... That gives me an idea... I wonder if it would be possible to make a modified version of this plugin that acts like creep from Starcraft, only blocks that are adjacent to air on at least one side could be affected.
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    Well that would reduce the load, if it isn't spreading down 50 something blocks aswell...
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    So if yor not developing this, i'd like to try and make a version from scratch which reduces the load. Okay with you?
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    @Exote Yeah, the most it would do is spread through caves from the surface. Though I would love to see this version updated some more once you figure out how to make it more efficient
    @ashtheking From what I understand he's still developing it, but taking a break while he figures out how to improve the efficiency.
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    why not fork it or help with his approval :)

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