[MECH/RPG] CursedLands v0.9 - Hell is infecting the Earth! [953]

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    I have a request: Can you please add an option to just have it spread from Nether portals if a nether portal is on grass or dirt? And have it stop when you disable/destroy the nether portal? I also would like it so I don't have to set the curse radius. I wan't this to be able to take over the entire server eventually if it goes unchecked. I'll obviously have to set the spread rate to something slow. I really like this though, I've always wanted some sort of "Creep"-like material that would represent evil or something.

    Also, can you make an option to have the wood of trees turn to obsidian instead of just burning down? I'd like to have pillars of obsidian replace trees in the cursed area.

    This would actually help with server load too. Instead of just burning everything down, it would just change the wood to obsidian, and then the leaves would just naturally decay.

    Please consider this!
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    Fixed a stupid error with overlapping variables between soul sand block and protection ones. Would suggest re-downloading 0.9 otherwise protection blocks will remove themselves at restart.



    I don't really understand what could have changed to make it not work for you. All I can suggest is to remove all cursed lands files and start from fresh.

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    I'm willing to donate for the features I requested above as well.
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    Well, the idea was that curses start randomly with no admin starting them. That way everyone is surprised when they start.
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    Definitely considered. Trying to work out how would be the best way of doing it.

    Wow, that sounds scary...

    Will give it some thought.

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    Thank you! I'd love the possibly of having a cult faction on my server that wants the curse to spread, but I want it all the be completely player driven. I don't want to have to use commands to get things started. Nether portals causing the curse just seems like the logical choice, since they're a portal to..well..hell. But, the curse should only spread if the nether portal is on grass or dirt. I still want people to be able to use nether portals safely if they use it in a controlled area without any grass or dirt.

    Also, just an idea, maybe instead of just blocks that cause and protect from the curse, maybe you can have shrines? a combination of blocks that you have to have near eachother in order to protect from the curse?

    Hell, maybe you can eventually add the option to spawn ghasts and zombie pigmen on the cursed land!
  7. Suggestion:
    Make it turn Coal , Iron ore blocks into a glowstone blocks. Would be awesome to mine inside the netherrack area and find glowstone blocks inside or anywhere where there has been coal ores or iron ores.

    and btw works just fine the newest version
    im not sure but i think water wont change into lava :E i have waterfall there and it does not change
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    Still going to be spending the majority of my time when working on this plugin to improve the saving and processing but I will work towards getting this done.

    By the way you can set a list of the mob types to be created from mob spawners in the config file.

    Nice. Will sort this as default when I set up the config for the block to cursed block conversion.

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    Nah I know, it's cool, do what you gotta do. I'm just throwing ideas out there to help you expand the plugin and make it better.

    And yeah, I know about the mob spawners, only issue is, mob spawners spawn mobs way too much for my liking. I would just like the "cursed" area to be more like the nether, where it would spawn the Nether mobs naturally. Kinda like simulating that they're coming out of the portal.

    Also, mob spawers constantly spawning mobs in a small area might also be a cause of the performance issues people are complaining about.
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    Hi, awesome update, just a question, what may happen if my computer is intantly shutdown? (by a wire disconnected by my stupid brother, by an electricity black out...)
  11. Take a look at this:

    What the hell? my cursed land area is in the way -> 0
    my minings were at the way -> 3.
    i was not supposed to hit nether area but suddently i still found a freaking area of nethers and spawners .D
    can this be that there has been dungeon with spawner, which has started to generate netherrack area itself? coz i really dont know why it was there :D its not supposed to be there XD

    also what if i removed the folder of cursedland , leave the .jar but i didnt delete the cursed area before i did this... can i remove my nethers anymore?! :D

    edit: and when i create new curse and type /curselist --> there are no curses in list at all

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    If your computer is the one running the server, then the curse will not save properly. It will revert back to the state is was in the last time the server was shut down. However all the netherrack may still be there (depends if you have a plugin to back up world files).

    Forgot to mention I added a manual save command in last update, if that helps anyone.


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    well, will it expand from his previous state?
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    depends if you have non-curse netherrack around the cursed stuff, at the moment the curse can't curse the curse material (if that makes sense) otherwise it will get in a strange loop of the curse trying to curse itself again. If you remove all netherrack that is no longer part of the curse it might work. But would need to have at least one save for that curse.
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    Could you make it generate obsidian spines and convert water into lava? Like when it hits lava, it turns it into obsidian, generating spines, and when it hits water, it turns it into lava.
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    What do you think of a /restorecurse command who tries to go from the old curse border (last save) and check where is the actual real border of the curse by checking nearby netherrack? It may be a huge loop but it should'nt be used often, just for restoring purpose.
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    That or I need to add another check when spreading nether, to see if the target block is already cursed. This would mean we could add netherrack to the curseable list in the config. So the curse would re-curse the lost curse blocks.

    This means having more checks that each block has to perform with each spread. I will test to see how big an impact that makes on server.
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    Yep, checking every time may be a heavy ressources hit. This is why I suggested a one-shot command for restore purpose. Your work is amazing :)
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    doesn't work ;( says curse created on blerghman and when i place netther rack nothing happens ... I come back 5min later and everything is still the same :(
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    Why don't you multithread it with a block check, that should cause less stress.
          public void points(int d,Location p) {
             int px = d;
             int py = 0;
             int dx = -1, dy = 1;
             int n = d * 4;
             for( int i = 0; i < n; i++ ) {
                if( px == d && dx > 0 ) dx = -1;
                else if( px == -d && dx < 0 ) dx = 1;
                if( py == d && dy > 0 ) dy = -1;
                else if( py == -d && dy < 0 ) dy = 1;
                px += dx;
                py += dy;
                doSomething(px, py, p);
          private void doSomething(int px, int py, Location l) {
             Location k = new Location(l.getWorld(), l.getX() + px, l.getY()-1, l.getZ() + py);
             final Block b = k.getBlock();
             if(b.getType() == Material.GRASS)
                if(new Random().nextInt(10) == 0)
             if(b.getType() == Material.SOUL_SAND)
                new Thread(
                      new Runnable() {
                         public void run() {
                            int x = 0;
                            Location loc = event.getPlayer().getLocation();
                            while(loc.getBlock().getType() == Material.SOUL_SAND)
                                  if(x > 4)
                                     x = 0;
                                  catch(Exception e)
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    ya me too
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    yeah it started working but my server can't stop stuck on: found nether 7235 :confused:
    EDIT: now on found sleepin 92013... Maybe everything is fine :oops:
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    Thanks a lot for the pointer! Not come across multithreading before so I will have to read up about it :p But is it letting these different thread methods run side by side?
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    It all works. I set the curse. Then i give it a name, but when i place a nether block it wont spread. I check the curse list and theres nothing there. I removed all the files and redownloaded it. I got it to work once but i was spaming the comands and it was only 5 blocks big. soo... What do i do now?
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    Nether infecting the overworld is quite an interesting idea, I've been wishing for a feature like this for some time. Only the manual setup doesn't quite fit the playing style on my small server -- there is little incentive to intentionally place a curse and then fight it back.

    How about a chance of auto-infecting the area on certain events? For example, whenever somebody opens a Nether portal (i.e. Portal blocks are created), there could be a chance that Netherrack be placed somewhere below the portal, and a curse created on the surrounding area. That would certainly surprise players, and have them think twice about opening a gate to Hell ;-)
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    I like Holotropeins idea, but I am having problems with the mod. I have it set to "NetherIgnitesPlayer=true"
    but I am not taking damage from standing on Netherrack inside the curse area. (The curse is spreading, and the area is 5000 units radius so I know i'm in the curse area).

    EDIT: Now that I think about, I think that when players place a portal to the nether, it has a small chance of spawning a curse randomly in the world somewhere, but having the server announce "A Curse has been spotted at:" and Some coordinates, that way Players have to go out and hunt the curse and stop it before it spreads.

    EDIT EDIT: Problem solved, when I didn't have a permissions folder it defaulted to OP's, which CANNOT take damage when stepping on Nether. Hope this helps others
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    Good idea. This would give the curse a chance to spread out a bit and become dangerous before players find it and root it out. The curse center should be placed in an area around the portal though, perhaps max. 100 (or 300?) blocks away by default, so players won't have to travel ridiculously far.

    Is portal activation the optimum event for a curse to occur? Or would a time based approach be more fit, with a slight chance to curse every few minutes that increases with the number of portal blocks in the world?
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    Yeah, basically, i made that word up for when I have multiple of the same thread running at the same time. I developed that code for a private plugin, as it so happens.
  29. hey i whatched the film you got there and is it possible so that when the "infection" reaches water the water turns to lava?

    o lol dw just read more other comments and see ur already on to it xD

    YES PLEASE i would love minecraft to take some ideas of of terraria like bosses would be nice xD

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    Already done, video is pretty old, need to make new one

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