[MECH/RPG] CursedLands v0.9 - Hell is infecting the Earth! [953]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Exote, Jun 24, 2011.

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    Those pictures show a very nice test :), there does seem to still be some collision between water and lava creating a few added obsidian etc. But I feel that sort of adds to the realism. :D

    It definitely looks more hell like than it used to :p
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    @quik also, what texture pack?
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    Works really well with the ocean too
    As you can see on the left there are some ice, not sure why but on closer look it seems that the curse just stops there.
    Looks kinda cool though on closer inspection :


    Im using John Smith Texture Pack with customizer
    http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic...2x32-17x-with-customizer/page__hl__john smith
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    Umm... Wow.

    I have to say that worked better and looks cooler than I expected :p
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    You can set ice to be a curseable block. That'll fix it.

    What kind of computer are you runnin this on? I can't get NEAR that kind of coverage before it starts herpin my server, unless he fixed it in 0.8, which I haven't tested yet, cause I'm anime binging... T_T Will test it soon.
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    Running it on a MacBook with 2gb ram.
    For that test with the lava I edited the config file to this

    The rest on default.

    My guess is that spreadpercentage have a impact on the server if its lower than 100 because it has to calculate each block which would cause alot of lag.
    And for the test I used a 500 curseradius.
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    Hrmmm. I wondered if the lowered percentage might make it work harder. *scratches head* I'll have to give it a shot. I was planning on doing a stress test this weekend with 0.7 at 1 sec 100%, but i'll do it tomorrow 0.8 1 sec 100%. =D
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    Few things:

    Its sort of unclear, if we just place a netherrack anywhere is it automatically cursed or do we have to set it to be cursed/spread? If all netherrack is cursed, could you add a config to make it so placed netherrack is as normal?
    And oppositely, are mobspawners automatically cursed or do we have to set them?

    Also can you add multiworld please? Only want this on one world really :p

    One last suggestion: could you make it so if the curse spreads enough, portals appear and nether mobs start spawning around it in the main world? Because that would be truly awesome for my Survival world.
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    First you have to set up the area you want the curse to be active in. Using either the radius command or set each corner point.

    Once you have done that any netherrack or mobspawners placed in that area will spread the curse.

    I have not fully tested multiworld yet, but from the way I have made it each curse is given a set number of blocks it is allowed to control in a set world. So I think it may work with multiworld already, I will test it more carefully soon.

    I suppose I could make it create portals, but you can already set the type of mobs mobspawners create.
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    I have used this on my other worlds so it does support multiworld.
    (Currently running MultiVerse for multiworld support.)
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    For anybody interested in what's been happening in my little cursed world, here is an update:

    What you're seeing along the borders are proper nether chunks, as I decided to give the world the full nether treatment, since there was very little uncursed land left (Red sky, nether mobs, no water buckets, etc.)

    I have to say, this has been one of my favorite mods for creating a server-wide event. Thank you for the work you've put into it.
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    Help! Can you plese make a download video? D:
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    Just click the link in the original post, and put it in the plugins folder, like any other plugin.
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    Hey just asking, what can i do to make the curse staying active when i restart the server?

    Also, great mod!
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    The plugin does load after a restart (at least it tries to), the problem is with the size of the files it is trying to load, check the cursedlands folder to see what I mean. Because of the size of some of the files, it seems to time out when trying to load it... Or the problem could be caused by the plugin failing to save the data before the server is shut down, due to similar timeout reasons.

    I am still working on getting this to behave better, At the moment I am working on linking it into databases (MySQL, maybe the lite version) And trying to work out the frequency at which the plugin should save.

    Sorry for problems, working on it as I am writing this :p
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    Thanks for the quick answer. Is there any way or any tricks i can use? To "wake up" the curse? (Setting only one curse, a precise method of shutting down...) Any way to make it work before you improve it? :)
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    My only advise would be to keep it to a small enough area that your server can cope with it easily. But it shouldn't be more than a day or two before I sort this.
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    Very good. If i keep the server online it should be okay for one day or two.

    Keep on your good work. Your mod is making my mate on my server so scared :p
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    Exote, can you add burn player by groups?
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    I could give it a permission node if that helps?
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    Connor Mahaffey

    Not sure if you are having any performance issues, but if you are, you might want to look into the Bukkit Scheduler.
    (Otherwise you can ignore all of this)

    I found out (the hard way) that anytime you want to change a lot of blocks in a short period of time, you need to do this (Giant Trees). Using Block.setTypeId(1) will work for changing a few blocks at once, but when you start changing a bunch at once Bukkit can get hung up figuring out the lighting. Of course, since your plugin works mostly on the ground, it might not be as big a problem.

    Bukkit.getServer().getScheduler().scheduleSyncDelayedTask(YourPlugin, new YourClass(), 10);
    YourPlugin is a Plugin equivalent to using "this" in your main class (Plugin myPlugin = this). YourClass is what you want to run and should implement Runnable because bukkit is creating a thread. And 10 is the delay in milliseconds (not sure how low this can go).

    This might help weaker servers cope with a 1000 radius spread. Not sure how many blocks are being changed at once when the area is that big but I'd guess it's a 100 or so?

    Regardless, this is a really cool plugin. I'll have to test it out sometime.
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    Yup found this out the hard way too, but I found out about this a little while ago and seemed to make a few improvements :D

    Was doing it a slightly lazy way as to make it a bit more configurable

    int Convert = this.getServer().getScheduler().scheduleSyncRepeatingTask(this, new Runnable() {
        //my code to run
    }, plusHalfDelay * 21L, LoadSettings.curseDelay * 21L);
    This seemed a nice way of allowing the user to be able to set the frequency of the curse step.

    However what is the difference between delayedtask and repeatingtask?
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    Connor Mahaffey

    I doubt it, and you're right, a repeatingtask is probably better suited for you, since it just keeps repeating over and over again. :D
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    Right, just released an update.

    0.9 changes the way blocks are saved, no more flat files lots more SQLite.

    Added new command to save the curse in game.
    Added permission for not burning on nether rack.

    Word of warning about saving... It takes a while. It should not crash any more when it tries to save when you turn the server off (as long as you shut server down with a valid command not just close the program)

    If you ware wondering why the save is taking a while (and kicked you from server due to it appearing to hang) have a look at the server log to see the number of blocks it is trying to save :p

    Just as a demonstration a 20 radius curse could have anywhere up to 64000 blocks so imagine having to save those one by one to a database...

    I experimented with having the curse save to database with every new block change. But that cause the whole thing to come to a halt and lag like crazy.

    Anyway test away, should at least add some persistence to the curses. Bound to be a few little problems as this is the first time I've tried SQL with java. Let me know if you find anything. :)
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    0.9 don't work :(
    /curselist empty
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    A feature suggestion, you should make it so that curses have a random chance to spawn in a chunk when it loads or something similar. This way we can discover curses and deal with them
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    Nice idea, might make it a command rather than on load. But you give it a max distance away from current point and a radius and it goes start a curse somewhere

    Not quite sure what you meant by that, but you have to create a curse before it will appear in the list of curses.
  29. does the - cursedlands.noBurn mean that if specific group has this, the group players wont get hurt when walking at the area which is cursed?
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    I've set a radius, used the corner setting and many things, and created over 15 curses, one of them worked.

    And it didn't even do anything but sit there in the list, you broke your plugin at 0.9, is there a download for 0.8 somewhere?

    It seems an entry is made in the database, but not whilst the server is running

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