[MECH/RPG] CursedLands v0.9 - Hell is infecting the Earth! [953]

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    would it be possible to make water turn into lava?
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    Haha, single most requested thing.

    Still working on it,everything I've tried so far just makes a huge obsidian mess :p
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    First video clip! Wooo. I suck at this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nD8Q12noBqg
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    Hello there. On my server, I'm having a slight issue.

    Basically, the nether infection was fought back and the mob spawners destroyed. However, even though the blocks were replaced with something else, the fire from inside the blocks still lingered; thus monsters from the nether continued to spawn despite the fact the spawners were destroyed and the nether infection quelled. Is this a unique issue, or have others had it? Does anyone know a solution?

    I've tried regenerating the original terrain with WorldEdit, and the fire from the spawners remains in the world, and mobs still spawn. Ideas anyone? :c
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    okay tested the new version with bukkit 953

    and its running realy better now i did a 1000 radius and turned 2, 3, 4, 5, 12, 13, 17, 18 to sandstone ^^

    protections blocks work now better but still when you place some in the cursed area it cant handle it
    also the plugin stops working when you dont enter a number for "BlocksBurn=" option
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    Haha, video was amazing :p would love to see more of what people can do with this plugin.

    Oh yer, sorry forgot about the null option for burn blocks, temp fix make it just try and burn sponge?

    What about it can't handle? makes the server lag?

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    How the hell do I actually install this? I download from the given link, but all I get is a winrar archive, not a .jar. A little help?
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    I promise it is a jar file. maybe you set your rar program to be the default to open .jar?
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    Strange, certain plugins download as a .jar, but others, like this, are archived. I'll look into the winrar properties.
    EDIT: No, my winrar dosen't open .jar files in archives. When I disable every type of file but .rar for winrar, my computer still recognizes it as a zip file.

    Perhaps when you updated the plugin, you uploaded it as a zip?

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    I admit it is possible I uploaded the wrong version of the file, but even if I did so, I didn't change the link and it still points to the same CursedLands.jar file on my server that I just overwrite with the new updates.

    So if I uploaded the wrong file you would just get the old version of the .jar not a zip.
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    There should be a mode where netherstuff will infect every where, and not just in defined areas. Instead of having a global curse zone you could make it so that the zone would be a random number between two points (like 10 and 100). That way no one would know exactly how far the curse would spread.
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    jeah i used to let him burn tall grass ^^
    and with cant handle i mean it starts heavy to lag when you place some protection blocks in the cursed area or many around
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    I will have a look to see why that is making things lag.
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    Will post two more soon. One by the weekend as a continuation of the first, and one as me playing with 0.7 and letting it go nuts, like I did with the first.

    Tested 0.7 out, set it to curse trees instead of burning them. every 10 seconds, 65% chance again. over THREE THOUSAND BLOCKS converted before it started complaining. If I slowed it down and gave it a lower chance, I'm sure it might even go farther. I would like to suggest having it kind of CYCLE the blocks it checks, so it's a constant minor strain on the CPU instead of a HUGE burst of activity every check.



    Edit: Another idea, to maybe add some persistence to the curse itself (after a server restart, it stops spreading entirely), have it check on player block place or block break, or whatever, if there's netherrack nearby , and if there is, to kind of "wake it up" and then have it check around it for more nether rack and wake that up too, and spread, putting obviously inactive blocks back to sleep, but at least they'll be ready to spread again...

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    Cheers for the test :D

    Yes a cycle check would improve things, I was thinking about doing it where I split the bocks into odd and even x and z groups and change one group every 1/4 of the curse delay. If that makes any sense. :p

    Also when I restart the server the curse does carry on, It saves all the nether, soul and sleeping blocks to file and loads them up at next restart. However I found you do have to be careful how you shut down the server, because the onDisable method is the only place the blocks are saved to file. And some methods of shutting down can skip over this.
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    We've been running this for about a week, so I figured I'd post a result of what it's done so far. :)


    The playable map is 2400x2400.

    EDIT: This curse affects smooth stone too, so it's worked its way to bedrock in several spots. Here's the same map with but will all that pesky non-cursed land hidden
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    Wow! huge curse area there. Feel sorry for that little town towards the top of the image :p
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    They've built their walls right down to bedrock to keep it from spreading inside. They've called it "The Sanctuary".
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    Hmm. I use the Stop command. Should I be using something else? Because they just stop spreading on restart (Which actually is okay for me for now because if they started up again, with the whole area I have cursed, It would complain. I did have a problem with 0.6 to 0.7, I had to delete those files because it would just freeze up when it went to load CursedLands.jar .

    The even/odd 1/4 method sounds good. even x even z, even x odd z, odd x even z, odd x odd z. Right? That would lower the server load a lot. And if you can find a way to make it check each block instead of all at once, it would smooth out ALL of the problems.

    Question, how exactly did you put the blocks to sleep? What makes them wake up? I messed around and uncorrupted some and placed blocks, and they woke up immediately and reclaimed what was theirs... Scary stuff man. lol I'm loving this more and more. Maybe you should have it write to file every so often instead of onDisable. Hrmmm... Would this benefit any from MySQL instead of just a flat file? It seems very intensive. I also use stuff like mcMMO, and when I converted to MySQL, it lowered my RAM usage by over 20% (of 8GB)

    I LOVE IT. I saw the maps and I burst out laughing. What program is that for the map view? I might make a few of my maps for comparison.
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    Im gonna have to try this plugin out.
    Though a custom recipe is needed to stop the netherrack from spreading in my opinion.
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    I just download the map and run Cartograph G. I'm sure there are easier ways to render it all right where it is on the server, but that's what I use.

    You can find it at http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/153066-cartograph-g-map-your-beta-17/
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    Awesome plugin!

    Any chance you could make water push back netherrack aswell as seeds?
    Maybe make it a toggleoption in the config file
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    Is it possible to create mob spawners that spawn mobs besides pigs?
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    Yup there is a line in the config file where you select what the mob spawners spawn
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    +1 for configurable "purify" wand.
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    Took me a little while, but water now changes to lava!! I used my sleep method, so if I am putting an obsidian block to sleep, which are only created from water, turn the block to lava. Simple really.

    This does mean that you shouldn't set either of the curse phases blocks (soulsand/netherrack stuff) to obsidian or everything will become lava. You have been warned...

    Test it out and tell me if I've done something stupid :p
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    I'm *REALLY* tempted to make obsidian one of the phase blocks. lol
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    Did some small scale testing :) Nice update !



    You should add a better way to fight back the curse though.
    As it is right now if you fight it back with seeds it just comes right back because the blocks underneath are still cursed
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    Protection block.
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    Oh thats right, forgot about that one :p

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