[MECH/RPG] Backstab v0.3 - Get the drop on your enemies [1000]

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    Backstab - Watch your back
    Version: 0.3

    • Configurable!
    • Option to ignore armor
    • Option to narrow the target field
    • Permissions Support: backstab.stab

    Source on github

    Version 0.3
    • Stopped players from getting backstabs with a bow
    • Updated for 1000
    Version 0.2
    • Made damage multiplier configurable.
    • Added optional narrower target area
    • Added option to ignore armor
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my awesome plugin
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    What is the permission?
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    You should post that on the topic.
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    Oh lol you arent the creator of the plugin.
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    Nope. That's the beauty of open source though. Anyone with the skills can solve problems in case the owner forgot something.

    The relevant datum has been included in the main post.
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    This plugin rocks :D It will go great on a RP server
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    Where do i modify the damage of backstab? Or can you make it configurable please? And allow the removal of automatically giving the permission to OP's?
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    What do you think would be more suitable, a fixed damage bonus, or a multiplier like it is? I might add config for both.

    It doesn't give it automatically to ops, unless Permissions works VERY differently than I think it does. You either have the permission or it ignores you.
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    I'm interested in this.. I want to implement this for our rogues :)

    This is grand - however it needs some configurations so we can adjust the damage ... I can one shot someone with a stonesword just about if i hit them in the back.
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    Exactly my issue, i would like to configure the damage as well, and Remove it from being forced on OP's cause now i cant fairly PvP on my own server.

    Aside from that, it does work very excellent.
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    It just needs some toning - beautiful plugin :)
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    I like where this plugin is going :D

    I would suggest the backstab only work if the attacking player is crouched.
    Maybe have to be crouched for 3-5 seconds before it will work? So it actually has to be sneaky..

    If you make it hard enough to land.. large amounts of damage and maybe even ignoring armor might be good..
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    I can see where the multiplier needs to be adjustable. On my own server, players tend to go heavily armored, so maybe I'm overdoing it. Is there any interest in tightening the target area? I'm currently using the dot product to scale damage, but I might add an option to use dot squared.

    Expect options for tightened target zone, bonus damage multiplier, and ignoring armor in the next version
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    This looks great!
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    Please allow OP's to atleast be able to toggle out of it, if u want to force this on OP's, because on my server im not a rogue, but im stuck with their skill and its imbalancing me :(
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    Monkz, I am unable to reproduce your issue. I am op, and have the permissions
    - '*'
    - -backstab.stab
    and tapping someone square in the back of the head does nothing, as it should. Please send me a pastebin of your permissions file, a list of other plugins you are using, your server log from startup, through testing to shutdown, and any other particulars which you feel might be related.

    Does anyone else get this issue?
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    ODD so i added that to my individual permissions and it worked. I assumed it being in the OP permissions was ok, but it seems like it needs to be in my individual permissions. So thats solved. So now just waiting for customizeable damage :D
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    Nevertheless, would you mind posting your perm config? Im curious to see what happened.
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    My players are saying they can backstab with a bow.
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    Confirmed. Thanks, monkz, for being the PITA that gets all of the bugs out early. :)
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    Hey no problem :p It's a great plugin :p
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    This is a awesome plugin! Thanks.
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    Works perfectly. nice!
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    Updated for craftbukkit 1000. Also, players can no longer get bonus damage with a bow.
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    The Sorrow

    i can tell this can be big- so id like to offer some Suggestions;

    suggestion 1:

    skip to #2 because im a moron and you already have permission support

    suggestion 2:
    expand on permissions by creating multiple damage variables in the config, with multiple permission nodes.


    in permissions:

    - backstab.stab1
    - backstab.stab2
    in config:

    stab1: 1.5
    stab2: 2
    this way group1 will only hit +1.5, while group2 will be hitting +2.
    I think there should atleast be 3 different damage variables.

    suggestion three:

    add another permission node?

    any backstab damage is ignored (normal damage applied), when the other player/group has this node

    "backstab.*" what will it do? should multiplier be able to overlap?
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    i am having a problem with this plugin, even though i love it.
    The backstab still works when clicking on a mob from behind even when the mob is flashing red and can't be 'hit' by the player. Its annoying as rapidly clicking can almost instantly kill something, even when the invincibility is still in effect after hitting the mob.
    Love it though :D
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    also, you can get backstabs with snowballs, eggs etc, as well as skeletons not being able to shoot me in the back.

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