Inactive [MECH/RPG] AdvancementStandalone v1.0.5 - Skills, Stats, and Abilties [1000]

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    And these were working in 1.03? I don't understand what could have caused these problems seeing as how I changed one single line. Did you update Bukkit or anything else?
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    Ok ... don´t know why but 1-2 looks solved for me ... Maybe a another restart solved it .. but i did that after the update anyway.

    the 3rd one was i´ve recognized already before my first post here, when i had many cobbles in my inventory.
    Don´t remeber how long already, but i didn´t care, cause how often do you have tons of diamonds or Iron in Inventory. Also cobbles are not not as rare as i would care about.

    Edit : #1 and #2 Works
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    The Zephyr Kid

    All of the skillsz get set back to 0 when i reload or stop the server.... any ideas why?
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    That's good news! I was going crazy trying to figure out why those might happen. :p I can make a fix for the repair bug as well.

    @The Zephyr Kid
    I'm afraid I don't know what might cause this. Is there anything at all in the server log? Is this happening to every person on the server?
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    The Zephyr Kid

    Actually it managed to magically fix it self. im not complaining but yeah there was a play log with all the skills and players but they were all set to 0 when i rest the server. It seems to be okay now. but thanks for the reply
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    Would be nice if you could fix it in your next update :)
    But i don´t think its critical.
    Anyway ... a bug is a bug and should be dealt with :)

    OH btw : I love your plugin :) , so a nice addition to my server.
    great work !


    i also have a request now due to MC 1.7 released relating your repair skill.

    mind adding Shears?
    and is it possible to repair flint & steal ? if not , it could be repaired with flints if you would like to add that.
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    Is there a way to disable the archery fire rate limit? My users despise not being able to turn it off.
    Other than that, great plugin!
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    Config >:D
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    I know. I just don't know WHERE in the config, as it is very hard to read...
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    Alright, I threw this option in the config, just download it again and next time you run the server it should be there. Change "custom-fire-rate:true" to "custom-fire-rate:false".

    You can also now repair flint/steel and shears, however the require level 20 repair as with other iron tools. Both use iron to repair but will be fully repaired when you do so. It was just a quick fix, sorry if it wasn't exactly what you were looking for.

    Also, you should only lose one item per repair now. Not one per stack.
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    Thank you so much! Now we can go back to yelling "LEVEL UP!" at each other xP
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    How do you upgrade??
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    If you're speaking of leveling up, you simply do things that pertain to the skill (i.e. Woodcutting goes up by chopping trees).

    If you are trying to update the mod you simply download the latest AdvancementStandalone.jar and replace your old one with the new one.
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    i don't know if it's already suggested but it would be great if you could make an economy support like: BOSEconomy, and make it possible to ''buy'' exp... and so we can set the price for exp in the config file. ( buy Exp with a sign or just with a command) other that that i looooove this plugin :D
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    could you add a config file where could be set on which level should be able to do what?
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    The super pick appears to be broken, once activated it lasts until logout, then when you log back in and try, even after waiting for well over 240 seconds it says you have to wait 240 seconds to use it. Assuming this is a glitch?
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    Sorry, but I'm not taking any feature requests right now.


    Also, I can't seem to find anything that would still cause this problem.

    Anyway, for everyone, I would suggest using mcMMO. nossr still provides support for that plugin, and he is making great progress with Spout implementation.
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    Yea the experience bar is gonna be great :) Also I don't have that problem that gang said.
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    i love thius plugin and i have a sugestion how about a wolf level up kind of thing so they get more helth and take more off when they attack
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    Probably the best leveling plugin I've seen. ;D
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    Yes i keep on getting a error saying
    Could not pass Entity_Damage to AdvancementStandalone???
    Why is this happening????
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    There's only one problem for me.​
    When you're in-game and you're using the /skillname command there's a slight hitch with the Athletics description, it just reads out the defense description. I hope you can get this fixed fast, I really like the plugin by the ways.​
    Suggestion: Fishing skill? (The higher the fishing level you get the more the fish that you catch heal, or being able to use an item as a net (e.g cobwebs) or something a little easier so you can catch more than one fish)​
    Also the higher your Fishing gets the more durability your fishing rod gets (lasts longer)​
    What would be great if you could add a bait system so you can only fish with feathers (Fly-fishing) in your inventory. (or anything else)​
    I've not seen anyone go into depth with fishing and I'd love to see someone finally do an awesome fishing system.​
    Thanks for reading.​
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    The Bow is really confusing, how do I fire it? I spam right click and the arrow eventually comes out but it tells me about nocking an arrow sometimes.
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    type /archery i think it was , there it will tell you how many clicks you need until your arrow is released. I personly just ignore the msg becouse it posts it at the wrong time.

    Hey btw: I´ve updated to Bukkit 1060
    All is working fine i think EXCEPT archery where you won´t gain any xp , nor you get the bonusdamage and firingspeedbonus.
    Maybe you can have a look on your plugin please ;)
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    I would really like to, but I don't even have the source code set up in my current environment -- it's been that long since I've last looked at it. :p

    Sorry guys, but this plugin probably won't be seeing any updates in the future.
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    For some reason I found a bug I think
    In my server when you use your special abilities it lasts forever until you logout,
    then it just keeps telling me and my players 240 seconds until you can use X.

    Do you know why it's doing this?
    The log says nothing about it either.

    I just reinstalled the plugin, some players might be mad but it's better than having a buggy special skill thing.
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    I would really suggest mcMMO, I don't see support for it dropping off the face of the Earth any time soon and there are plenty of features.
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    Soo.. What are you working on.
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    But I use GroupManager, would it still work?

    Nevermind, I installed mcMMO and it works with GM.
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    School and work. Sorry. :p

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