Inactive [MECH/RPG] AdvancementStandalone v1.0.5 - Skills, Stats, and Abilties [1000]

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  1. dont
    u have to put in these'''?
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    nope not in permissions 3.x plus!


    Okay here is another report.
    Skill over few.

    • Everything works just fine.
    • Works just fine no bugs.
    • Works in PVP just fine no bugs.
    • Works just fine no bugs.
    • Works in PVP just fine no bugs.
    • Everything works fine. Exploits gone.
    • Herbalism special ability suggestion: Right click with seeds in hand on farmland to instantly grow wheat.
    • Bug at level one melee you do 1 heart and a half damage.
    • Unarmed strikes are extremely rare.
    • In PVP you deal 1 and a half hearts damage at level 1.

    • Double drops are rare.
    • Superpickaxe works just fine. Potential Griefers Tool. :/

    • Works just fine no bugs.
    • Making the repair block only an iron block would be nice :p
    • Hiding from mobs IS extremely rare next to impossible for low levels.
    • Sneak attack works just fine against mobs. Now in PVP if I sneak and just and keep click someones lower back I can hit them 2 times and 3-4 sneak attack messages and 50 EXP 4 times.
    • Double drops are rare.
    • Superaxe works just fine no bugs.
    • I'm pretty sure at level one hunger it takes multiple right clicks to be able to eat.
    • Works just fine no bugs.

    I said this before but if in the future could you add a skill that allows you to find lost items in sand/dirt/gravel/grass/soulsand ect?

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    iconomy support?
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    you mentioned broad abilities on page one. fine.

    how about this?
    fanatic (skill name)
    TNT X1 (upto 15 should increase effect) (the requirements)
    when attacked checks TNT in inventory. when damage would take health below 1 heart
    detonate upto 15 TNT, (it should not destroy blocks by the way...)

    when exp first begins on this skill. chance of activation only 5%.
    when maxed out gets to be 85%.
    unless the attacker has done a sneak attack. then it does not activate... (since the target is unaware)
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    UPDATE: Advancement v0.30 BETA
    * Health has been added again!
    * PvP experience fixed
    * Many minor fixes

    This plugin is still considered BETA and should only be used at one's own risk. I cannot guarantee it will work well with everything. If you do use this mod however, please continue posting bug reports and requests in this thread!

    Health should be plenty to test for bugs as of now. :p

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    hey, i added the plugin into my server and after awhile the cooldown system of the skill just sort of stopped working :O is this a bug? and by 'stopped working' i meant the cooldown timer doesn't get lower and the skill cannot be activated.
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    tripled, this plugin is highly loved on my server, could you make it they make money every level up ? :D
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    I just started testing, I noticed a huge bug. I got hit by a creeper and it told me I took 90[10/100]damage and none of my health dropped and I got hit again 190[0/100] damage no health drops. I just hope you can get a quick fix on this! Fire does take health down. Falling no health is taken but it says it. In PVP if an arrow hits you it says it damages you but no health is taken and you get defense EXP.

    List of what can hurt you
    • Lava
    • Fire
    • Pigmen
    • Spiders
    • Zombies
    • Cacti
    • Drowning
    • TNT
    • Melee (Nothing in hand)
    • All tools (Axe, Pick, Sword, Hoe, Shove) of all types
    • All blocks in hand
    List of what cannot hurt you
    • Bows and arrows
    • Skeletons
    • Ghasts
    • Creepers
    • Wolves
    • Giants (They do not naturally spawn btw, you have to use a plugin for it)
    • Wheat finally gives you EXP.
    • I could not replicate @XiaoDeathxX Bug Report. Cooldown works just fine for me. Try giving more details :D
    • PVP messages are now correctly displayed.
    • Double harvests are about 2/3.
    • Raise obsidian EXP up to about 15?
    • Mushrooms shouldn't give 40 EXP as in the nether and in cave systems there are over 120 at a time.
    • No more double EXP in PVP.
    • Update forum post please :D You've got some outdated information.
    • Health
    • [Melee] - You have killed a creature? It was just a wolf I killed :D It should be [Melee] - You have killed a Wolf!
    • Athletics - You safely roll! Under it, it says [Health] You take 5 damage![75/100] Also no health was actually taken. Also one thing I noticed shouldn't athletics have barracks around it? [Athletics]?
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    I have been playing around with this plugin but i cant seem to get the bow and arrow to work, help?
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    the cooldown timers for my skills gets stuck at 240seconds after the skill duration. ):
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    Maybe you could add a function so admins dont become hungry etc.
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    I'll see what I can do, I cannot replicate this either, but it may a compatibility issue (either way, I will work it out if at all possible). Is it 100% of the time like that?

    I'm glad you're enjoying the plugin! Currently the plan is to get everything related to the skills and what not fully developed, and then I will begin to add extra functionality (iConomy, SQL, etc). I don't see why I couldn't do that, so please keep up with the plugin. :)

    The functionality with the bow/arrow is this: You click repeatedly until you fire (at level 1 - 9 archery it takes 10 clicks to shoot one arrow). Have you tried this? If yes, then let me know so I can look into it.

    What do you mean by double harvests are 2/3, like that happen 67% of the time? :confused:

    I think I'll leave the obby at 10 only because it is so damn common. It might be hard to mine, but you can find lakes of at least 100 of the stuff.

    Mushroom xp is now 20 (when new version is out)

    I've found the problem with the health (apparently some creatures onEntityDamage events are really fraking stupid and fire like 5 times with only one of them doing anything... long story short, they are really stupid).

    I can't find the class for the wolf! xD When I do, I'll update it. lol

    That athletics bug is because of the health problems we are having.

    @RugRats I'm thinking about sending you the mod when I have a new version before anybody else since you can find the plugin-breaking bugs. :p I don't like pushing out a non-working mod. This sound good?

    Can do, not highest priority, but I will add a permission node for this in the future (as with fatigue).

    UPDATE: Advancement v0.30a BETA
    * Temporary fix for broken health

    This plugin is still considered BETA and should only be used at one's own risk. I cannot guarantee it will work well with everything. If you do use this mod however, please continue posting bug reports and requests in this thread!

    Alright, from this point on, I won't post any builds until they have been fairly well tested to avoid what just happened (release of 0.30 was pretty broken). There are still bugs with the health system, but it will correct itself now.


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    You should use a hoe instead of a stick. Every time someone uses a spell, the hoe loses durability. It makes things harder, but most spells are OPed anyways.


    It would be nice if we can turn off certain classes or ability of a class.
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    Is it possible to turn some skills off? For example, if I have another mod already taking care of that particular skill category.

    Unfortunately I won't be able to use this mod until I get some functionality like that. :(

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    i would get this but im using mcmmo and im too lazy to start over so :(
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    It doesn't really happen 100% of the time. I'll say it happens around 80% of the time, the cooldown sometimes disappears and i can use the skill again, but it's usually after i restart server. And after i activate skills like 'super pickaxe' and 'super shovel' the duration of the skill is permanent until the player reconnect. But after the reconnect
    the cooldown timer just stays at 240 seconds.
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    when I try /skill it gives me an empty chatline whats the problem?
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    Yeah that works but it rarely comes up with the message '[Archery] - You nock an arrow, now pull! (Click fire)
    and also you dont gain any experience in archery.
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    I wish. :p That one doesn't work, nor does the craftwolf.

    You're perfectly welcome to just modify your skill levels! :)

    Are you using CB 928?

    It's designed to only show that message every 10 attempts (changeable in config). There is also a (small) distance limit if you want experience. If you are too close you don't get any. It's a very small amount of distance though. Just enough to be out of melee range. Is the problem still there?

    Sorry for the lack of updates/support. As I mentioned I'm out of town and don't have much time to work on this. Will be back full time on Tuesday. :)
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    thx lol im just to lay to start over but ya also idea
    like the mcmmo can you add a bleeding afect in swords if you havent already also can you seperate swords and unarmed lol im not used to swords and unarmed together so like name it swords or blades
    lol thanks and has a nice day XD
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    Small Bug, Everytime someone uses herbalism, or cuts wood, it shows the exp gained even with XP Gain Shown = Off
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    Will test there isn't an option for that and do you mean XPGainedMessages? and it should be false. i'll add it to my bugs list
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    Was false :]
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    For this plugin could you add on a feature where axes make destroying wooden slabs and stairs quicker and the same for pickaxes and stone?
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    Hey, I would like to remove the doubledrop and super pickaxe/axe..
    But how do i do that?

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    I editted this 4 days ago and I didn't think you saw well because I didn't put like EDIT sorry but i'll repost it again. I'll delete it if you have already seen the new bugs I added here.​
    • Wolves work again.
    • Skeletons work again.
    • Bows and arrows work again and in PVP.
    • EDIT:Hunger Works. I just had to wait an extreme amount of time.
    • Add woodcutting exp for using for fist to chop wood.
    • EDIT:In the config one main value that tweaks all exp rates. So you don't have to go through all the skills changing it.
    • Ghast fireballs do not do any damage to health. It says it does but it doesn't actually take health down
    • XPGainedMessages:false still shows messages for herbalism and woodcutting.
    • EDIT:Health system buggy. You regain 20 health! from 70/100 to 85/100. This is experimenting with apples. Then I get another apple and try to eat it, it takes about 10 clicks for me to actually eat it. You regain 20 health from 85/100 to 100/100. This does not happen all the time. Probably due to the new correction system?
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    Btw, found another bug, randomly people get unlimited super pick
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    I'll test this to confirm. I've used superpick a ton and I've never gotten this. EDIT: I really don't know. I've used it like 30 times and never had this happen. I just tested it now works great.
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    Yes i'm using CB928
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    Found out U sometimes have to eat something several times for it to actually heal u

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