Inactive [MECH/RPG] AdvancementStandalone v1.0.5 - Skills, Stats, and Abilties [1000]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by jtripled, Jun 21, 2011.

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    I just got mcMMO instead like jtripled said for me to get.
    I like it better actually.
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    It's pretty good but Advancement had the potential to be much better :/
  3. Hey I know you don't want to add anything else to this, but i think a little bit of coding to add an option of choosing what level is needed to use items would be nice :) For example, to repair stone i'm guessing you need level 10, what i mean is having it so you need to be level 10 mining in order to use a stone pickaxe and so on :D
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    Hes done.... with this.. sorry.... I wish he wasn't.
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    HOLY crap!!!! First actually Good skill plugin, and it's discontinued :'( that makes me soo sad!
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    Dude, The link is down, Please post a new one , i woud really have this plugin.. :)
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    i would very much appricate if you could upload a working link
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    is this for beta 1.0?
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    link brokeen!
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    Very good plugin but, the link its broken my friend

    Because I played in a server with it, and I can read the description of it.

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    Sorry man, you was beeing meen with me, i were with you

    And if you know it "better than the owner know it himself" try to talk with him and fix the link

    But I got a question, I pleyed on a server (1.8.1 server) with this mod, how does that happend if he isnt iven updating it??

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    Let me answer that my good person
    Even though he doesnt updates the plugin
    Bukkit stil have the Functions and API's that he uses
    which means the plugin is stil working
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    Hi, when I am using Essentials with Advancedments Standalone, it is still wiriting "You stay awake throught the night"
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    update the link plz
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    can some repost a link if they have it!
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    The link is broken man!! plz put other link i need this plugin *-*
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    Assassin Rasmus

    Hi there. May you please send me this plugin or have a new DL link. None of those links work and i like skills. If you do this for me i will Be very happy
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    The Downlode link is broken... Can you fix that? :D Plzzzz
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    how come the download is not found it says 404 file no found
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    where can i download it the links dosen't work :(
    plz help me
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    Both downloads links aint working Can you do Something? -Monn45888
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    Lots of servers have this plugin, I really like it. But I have failed to get it for my server, the reason: the download is broken! :(
  23. download doesnt work

    im wondering the reason why 3 ppl have commented on broken downloads, and still no one has changed or even
    paid any attention to it.

    I would really like it if someone could plz comment

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    both download links are broken please fix, really need this plugin
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    where is the download link?
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    broken pls reupp the download
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    plz fix the download link i want this plugin so much but the link is not working it says 404 page not found
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    the download link is not working
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    when i try to download it tells me eror 404
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    Jake Leshinsky

    The download is not working. Please fix asap.

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