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    As exhilarating as mining and building can be, sometimes we all need a diversion. Improving -- and adding -- much functionality, Advancement is here to provide that diversion. Grind experience, enjoy enhanced PvP, it's all here.

    ANNOUNCEMENT (Please Read)
    This mod (Advancement Standalone) is no longer being developed. I will release bug-fixes as bugs are brought up, however. I have given up this mod in favor of a new one which will give users much more customization. The link is in my signature, check it out if you want! It has taken the name Advancement!

    Download v1.0.5 (Dropbox)
    Source (GitHub) not up-to-date

    Simply place the Advancement.jar into your /plugins directory!


    Developer - jtripled
    Official Tester - RugRats

    /skill - displays all skills with levels and experience
    /skill player - displays all of player's skills with levels and experience (admin)

    /skillname - displays in-depth skill info including abilities
    /skillname player [setexperience or setlevel] amount - modifies players level/exp (admin)
    example: /archery jtripled setlevel 5

    /stat - displays player statuses (i.e. Hunger, Health, Fatigue)

    This command does not check that the value input is valid! The option names come directly from the config file (case-sensitive). Be sure to use a valid value. (admin)
    /advancement [optionname] [value]

    If no permissions is found, Advancement will use OP status selectively
    advancement.skill.skillname - gives the user the ability to use this skill
    advancement.skill.* - gives user access to all skills
    advancement.admin - allows admin commands

    This project was created for my own server as an alternative to other RPG/Skill mods already on the market. Let me begin be saying that users of mcMMO will find much of this very familiar. I didn't create this project with the intent of releasing an mcMMO clone, however. All of this code was written by me, but many ideas rely on other existing plugins, and I thank their creators for the inspiration.

    Each skill has been well thought out and contains several abilities. It is likely that these current skills will never see any updates, unless I'm given a particularly good suggestion (please suggest anything you think would be appropriate). This list is not final, and I already have two more skills in the works. As for skill abilities, there are two types - passive and active. Passive skills give a bonus that is -- you guessed it -- passive. These include things such as receiving double drops from chopping trees and the like. Active abilities are a bit more complex, and are activated via holding an item and right clicking. For instance, you can activate berserk (in the melee skill) by equipping a sword and right clicking. The effects of these abilities are very diverse, and best found out in game!

    No longer can you fire arrows off as fast as you can click the mouse, nor will you ever find your combat capabilities lagging behind your melee friends with their diamond weaponry!
    Fire Rate: Firing an arrow now requires the player nock the arrow (the first click to fire), then pull (continuous clicking). Players with more levels in archery will find this task much easier.
    Hard Shot: As you progress in the levels of archery, you will find that your shots do increased damage. This ensures you never get left too far behind the melee group!
    Critical Shot: All players have a small chance to perform a critical shot, meaning a big increase in damage! With a higher level, you'll find you get these much more often!

    Being an athlete can be handy in many situations!
    Dodge: This passive combat-aimed ability gives you the chance to dodge incoming attacks and negate their damage.
    Roll: This passive ability gives players a chance to roll on falling to avoid damage.
    Acrobat [Active]: This ability is activated by right clicking the air with boots. When in use, the player suffers no falling damage, and may jump extraordinarily high. When holding sneak, they player will sprint as well. Both duration, and strength of effects increase with level!

    The best offense is a strong defense, as they say.
    Deflect: This passive combat-aimed ability gives you the chance to deflect incoming attacks and negate their damage.
    Fortress [Active]: This ability is activated by right clicking the air with a chestplate. When in use, the player suffers no damage from incoming attacks. Duration increases with level.

    Or alchemy as some would call it! This is the skill of nature-lovers!
    Double Harvest: This passive ability gives you a small chance of harvesting two of the same item when gathering nature's resources.
    Wheat Harvest: This ability will passively increase your wheat yield when farming wheat! Higher level herbalists will find their yields much greater!
    Plant Grass: Now you may plant grass on dirt and on cobblestone (depending on your level). Simply use seeds on the block, and viola!

    Brute force your thing? Now it's even better! Though be sure you are using a sword or your fists to get the benefits!
    Hard Hit: As you progress in the levels of melee, you will find that your hits do increased damage.
    Critical Hit: All players have a small chance to perform a critical hit, meaning a big increase in damage! With a higher level, you'll find you get these much more often!
    Unarmed Strike: Melee fighters gain increased damage when unarmed (this doesn't stack with Hard Hit). They also will have a chance to disarm enemy players when unarmed!
    Berserk [Active]: To activate, right click with a sword out. This ability will send your foes flying! Duration is increased with level.

    Ahhhh, mining, the first thing that draws you into Minecraft. Admittedly, it can become dull, so why not enhance it a bit?
    Double Drop: This passive ability gives you a small chance of harvesting an extra mineral when mining.
    Super Pickaxe [Active]: To activate, right click on minerals with a pick out. This ability will briefly channel the power of the Mine-Gods into your pick allowing you to mine at incredible rates. Duration increases with level.

    Did it ever really make sense that someone would work an item to its death? Not really, now you can repair your items!
    Repair Item: You are limited in what you can repair by level. To repair an item, build an anvil (iron, gold, diamond block) and right click on it with the item you wish to repair. You begin with only being able to repair wood/leather, but can progress up!
    Increased Durability: Experts in repair will find their work to be much longer lasting!

    Any plugin writer should know bukkit considers a crouching player to be "sneaking." But what does that even mean? You can't sneak past anything... Now you can!
    Hide: Now when crouching you can move past enemies undetected, careful, they still might spot you! It's still best to avoid them all together. Higher level sneaks will find this easier.
    Sneak Attack: By attacking a creature (or player!) from behind while sneaking, you will score some extra damage! Damage increases with level.

    Why would I leave woodcutting out in the cold when it comes to revamping Minecraft's features?
    Double Drop: This passive ability gives you a small chance of harvesting an extra log when chopping wood.
    Super Axe [Active]: To activate, right click on a tree with an axe out. This ability will briefly power up your axe to allow you to demolish trees with ease! Duration increases with level.

    Now featuring a newly revamped health system allowing for much better PvP action!

    Players now have an incentive to hunt and gather food. Although hunger will not kill you, it can prove a showstopper as it can bring to near-death if left unchecked for long amounts of time. Configuration is available in the configuration file. "hunger-rate" (default 1.0) controls how fast players become hungry. A higher number means a player becomes hungry faster. Set this to 0.0 to disable hunger. "hunger-max-level" (default 3.0) controls when hunger maxes out on how often it can cause you harm. I suggest leaving this at 3.0, however, higher values will increase the rate at which you can take damage from hunger.

    Upon the first player entering their bed, a server-wide countdown will begin, give all players 60 seconds to reach their bed. Upon finishing the countdown, the server will jump forward to morning and those sleeping will regain their health and fatigue, while those who didn't will be left the same as they were. This feature can be completely removed (restoring default sleep behavior) by setting the option "custom-sleep-behavior" to false. Disabling this feature may be needed if you have other mods affecting sleep behavior.

    Permissions is not required. Without it, Advancement defaults to an intelligent OP status, allowing players to do some things, while allowing only OPs to do others. Permissions nodes are covered further up on this page.

    Version 1.0.1
    * Minor fixes
    Version 1.0
    * First non-beta release. Possibly last.
    Version 0.30
    * Health has been added again!
    * PvP experience fixed
    * Many minor fixes
    Version 0.26
    * Hunger actually works now (???)
    * Assorted fixes
    Version 0.25
    * Customizable XP rates per skill in config
    * Many, many bugfixes
    * Excavation has been added
    Version 0.22
    * Added fatigue, but it does nothing at the moment
    * A bunch of code organization
    * Stealth is now named Hunting
    * Admin commands actually work! :D
    Version 0.20
    * Expanded on configuration
    * Stealth now can be leveled up in
    * New admin commands with permissions
    Version 0.17
    * Re-added Hunger
    * Added basic configuration
    * Added Stealth skill
    Version 0.15
    * Removed buggy features
    Version 0.10
    * First public release!
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    So, what are the skills? :p
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    A fine question, my good sir! Quite an oversight on my part! :p
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    I suggest you use or have another download mirror instead of MediaFire. Only because it takes you to another page when there are so many other options that let you download it without leaving your post :D
    Here are a few:
    You can also host files on github. Just Click Downloads -> Add Download on your plugins repo page.

    Looks cool by the way :)
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    Thanks for the suggestions, I'll definitely add those mirrors!

    Hopefully, tomorrow I'll be able to put out an update with user-configuration. I'm sure most people want that!
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    Sounds like a bad ass plugin.
    Good work, i'm testing it right now :)
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    Awesome! Please let me know how it goes! :)

    Just posted Commands and Permissions, sorry I forgot to post them at first. I'm severely lacking sleep right now!

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    Here are some ideas for you to improve your plugin :

    1. Assasination skill : When a player attacks someone from behind while stealthed, there is a certain chance that the "victim" will be insta-killed. That will be really awesome.

    2. Hidden charge : This skill will make players blow up when they die, making sure the killer is dead too. It will use one TNT from the dead player's inventory (it will check if the TNT is there as soon as the player get damaged.

    3. Fire Sword : Gold sword will ignite enemies (DoT).

    These are my ideas, pleas tell me if you like them
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    The planned "stealth" -like skill will have sneak attack, which will pretty much just like that assassination one.

    As for the rest, they aren't necessarily not good ideas, they just don't find in the mod. I'm trying to keep all abilities pretty broad, and these are just too specific. Thanks for the suggestions though!

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    I would like to see a couple skills for class enrichment.
    Monster Hunter - Improve by killing monsters - reward random item drops and better drops as level increases.
    Rancher/Herder - Improved by harvesting animal goods - increase number of materials gained from a single animal as level increases
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    Might i suggest that you increase the fatigue value to 200 and have it start taking away health when it reaches 100... this will allot players time to do things with full health, its kinda annoying to be freash out of the gate and then just loose health.... and maybe the time until more hunger/fatigue lengthened a bit. just from what ive experienced that would be nice.

    EDIT:>>>> or you could just have the values in a config folder, as well as exp stats

    But great plugin man, ive just created my server b/c my idiot friend got banned on our regular and this is the one ive chosen for the rpg portion. p.s. i really like the archer thing, no more machine bows, well not unless u put ur life into it, but then you've earned it. thx for the plugin.

    Im liking advancement more however i have encountered a few bugs.
    1) sometimes when i die, it kills me like 100 times, well it displays that with the heroic death mod<<<might just be a compatability issue) but i have 2 relog if i want 2 live
    2) this is probly now a bug but, i would think that when u die you fatigue and hunger should reset, b/c that might be a problem if u reach 0 fatigue then respawn and die, respawn and die, etc.

    and i know u said that fixing the heath issue is ur #1 priority which is a good thing lol, im walking around just hearing the dmgin sound when i have god mod on or use /heal, only thing that i can do is mod myself some porkchops. but im happy 2 help beta this plugin for ya, seeing as my server is mostly in the neighborhood and being built itself. i think this has great potential.

    will add more comments or add 2 this one if i encounter any more/new bugs

    oh and might i recomend this in general, the plugin mobarena, with easyrpg, piece of cake, but dang try fighting off those mobs with a bow or sword with this plugin. its super fun ^^

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    I haven't done very much playtesting, but after a bit today I came to this same conclusion. The default value for it will be significantly raised, and there will be config options as well. Similarily, the hunger will be made less intrusive, with config options. You will also be able to disable both.

    1) Yep, that'd be a compatibility issue. I've removed the health section from this mod's latest version (it's not uploaded yet, but it should be tonight) until I can make it function correctly.

    2) Those values should be resetting, they do for me at least. It could be a minor compatibility issue with a mod you have that I don't. I'll look into it tonight!

    Thanks a bunch for helping playtest, it's certainly very helpful! Please keep the reports coming! I should have a new version up some time soon!

    UPDATE: Advancement v0.15 BETA

    * Removed many of the mod's functions to cut down on problems

    This plugin is still considered BETA and should only be used at one's own risk. I cannot guarantee it will work well with everything. If you do use this mod however, please continue posting bug reports and requests in this thread!


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    I will add this to my favorites ( next to mcMMO and levelcraft ).

    I think this plugin has the potential to beat those if it is mantained and configurable.

    I would like to see an option to dissable hunger and resting. Becouse it doesnt fit all servers ( example: mob arena, pvp arena or other plugins which make arena type games which can last 10-15 min, you simply cant rest / eat there )

    Does repair work like in mcmmo? Iron block? Or levelcraft like furnace repair? Does it use up recources? I hope so :p

    Alos I have a skill idea, which isnt in any other plugin, enchanting. I explain, you would have like 2-3 minor and 2-3 major enchants, all depending on level. You can only enchant own items. Also you can at first only use 2 of the 6 enchants! For enchanting you would need a book or other item, which is used up in the process ( so it has a price! ) Or if it easyer, it can use a block, bookshelf, goldblock? But then it shouldnt be removed. And enchanted items have a limited use. Like 3 hit on lvl1 and 30 on lvl100.
    Here are some ideas:
    Fire sword
    SuperAxe 3x3 area
    SuperPickaxe 3x3 area
    Super Shovel 3x3 area
    Explodeing arrow!
    Scubahelm pumpkin :p infinite uses :p

    Will add more :p

    I saw many of these in stand alone plugins. Or runecraft.
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    Repair is like mcMMO in that sense, with a small amount of added functionality. Gold blocks give a 5% bonus to repair checks and diamond 10%. Not much, but if you have the resources would eventually pay for itself. It does use up resources, I haven't included player messages in the latest release for repair so it's kind of tough to work with, but it's completely functional.

    Enchanting might be an interesting one, I may simply incorporate it into the general magic skill. It would not be highest on my priorities, though. Once I have everything else at least working I will definitely be adding something along those lines though!
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    Sounds like a very good plugin! Here are some ideas from my own...


    A passive ability that decreases the chance to turn farmland into dirt when walking over it....

    Classes and Skillcaps


    No Class - All Skills have a Skillcap at 50%
    Miner - Mining up to 100%, Woodcutting 75%, Herbalism 25% all other 50%


    something like a base class (100%) + a secondary class (75%) to choose...

    and so on...
    make this configurable: a couple of base-classes with configurable names and skillcaps

    iConomy Support

    Combine classes with Income...

    - a miner gets money for breaking ores
    - a archer gets money for killing mobs with a bow
    - no class no income...
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    New Idea :p

    If you want to add magic skills, make it use up something from the inventory, default redstone.
    So it has a price and wont be avalible right at start. I also have some magic ideas!
    Same as the 3x3 enchants, only ranged and no drops! but limiting range might be a good idea, if possible...
    Pyrokinesys its like flint and steel only ranged...
    Iceblast will freez water and place a layer of snow on the ground.
    Airblast is a small pushback, like the one in your melee skill.
    Lightning? as a realy high level spell ( we dont want everyone to use it... )
    IronMaiden will place 4 cacti around the target

    To cast spells, players could use the stick, torch and redstonetorch and assign and spell to it. So mage can use 3 different spells without haveing to use commands ( good for battle situations and clearing areas from dirt/stone )

    Alos a cooldown is needed for each spell. Like 10 sec for minor stuff and more as it is stronger with 5 min at lightning :p
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    Alright, after much hassle with Github, I have given up trying to host the .jar there! The newest link is dropbox and it is actually the newest version, not the old one. Please try that one if you intend to actually use the mod!
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    Now that I know this I switch my server to this for testing :) keep up the good work!
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    We think alike, sir! Each spell has its own cooldown, as well as a material component.

    Spells also have different levels, like heal has 10 levels each offering different amounts of healing at different costs. The highest level spells are least demanding mana-wise and component-wise. However, you might not always need a level 10 heal.

    The way to select a spell is to equip a wand (stick -- will be configurable) and use commands /spell set [name] [level] and from then on swinging the wand casts that spell, burning your mana and taking your components.
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    Please make it so that we can dissable some spells. ( I dont want heal, and some might want to remove other spells )

    Yes, thats fine, but it would be nice to see 3 wand, stick torch and redstone torch. I dont think thats a big extra, and players can wield 3 powers at the same time with no use of commands.

    Some new spell ideas :p
    petrification - turn dirt/grass ito stone, and wood into cobblestone :)
    shield - place a glass wall around you
    fire wall - make a wall of fire :p
    blink - a 10 block teleport
    summon beast - summons a wolf which can be tamed

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    The more we speak of the magic the more I feel it should be split into disciplines...
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    What do you mean?
    Like different kinds of magic level seperate?I dont like that idea. Haveing many spells makes it easyer to level. If there are only 3 spells then it gets boring and slow to level. If ppl have like fire spells then they will set everything on fire to level it up... and I realy dont like that idea XD
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    Well my list of spells is quite comprehensive...

    Heal (Other)

    Other's Suggestions I'd like to implement
    Wall of Fire
    Summon Beast
    Call Lightning
    Many various enchantments

    Potentially many more, if I get continue to receive good suggestions.

    UPDATE: Advancement v0.17 BETA

    * Hunger has been reimplemented
    * New skill: Stealth
    * Basic configuration for hunger

    This plugin is still considered BETA and should only be used at one's own risk. I cannot guarantee it will work well with everything. If you do use this mod however, please continue posting bug reports and requests in this thread!


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    I test it and get back with a few new spell ideas later :)
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    Nice :] Keep it up.. Ill have a look at it later :]
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    Ok, I did a short test. Didnt see any errors, but some extra commands and more config options would be realy great. Without those I dont think I can use this on my active server.

    Ok, I make a list of bugs I found:
    - Only basic mobs are added to combat, killing a human/aggresive wolf /giant adds a
    "You have killed a BAD_STRING_REF" text.
    -XP messages should be off default since it spamms a lot of text which makes chat horrible. Adding it as an option may be a good idea :) for those who want to look at xp messages :p
    -Archery has some bugs too, the message "You nock an arrow, now pull" pops up rarly ( I dont know what it is suposed to do )
    -Shooting whit bow keeps makeing the shooting noise even if you dont shoot. Hard to know when you can shoot agen, and annoying.
    -superaxe doesnt work on leaf

    Superpowers - cant fly which could be a feature if it also blocks hack mods! EDIT: Now it works, strange...

    not bug, but well...
    -superaxe and superpick last way way too long on lvl 1 I cant even think about max level...

    Idea: You miss diging, there is no skill which uses diging sand/gravel/dirt. It should be easy to make, just copy the mining skill and rename some stuff :)
    Another idea! Cooking skill! And make it so after a set lvl you can feed others aka heal! Would be a good way to add heal to the game I think! ( better then add it as spell ) This way you can do small / medium / big heal depending on what food you are useing.

    Couldnt level up stealth :D How do you level that?

    Will EDIT if I find more!

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    Alrighty... from the top :p

    I was unaware you could kill giants :confused:, I'll add those things to the list. By human do you mean other players? Or is that some other creature I don't know about? lol

    I'll add an XP message toggle in config tonight.

    That archery message pops up every 10 attempts in case someone just has no clue why they can't fire. Otherwise I found it's very spammy. I'll add a config option with the option to disable it, also. As for the noise, I don't think I can do anything about it sadly. I'll check again, but no promises. Also, there will be an option to use the nock and pull mode or a timer mode for fire rate. Of course, with the ability to disable.

    Making superaxe break leaves shall be an easy fix.

    The superpower conflict shouldn't be from my mod. I can't guarantee it, but I can with 99% certainty. :p

    The level scheme of superpick/superaxe is level 1 - 6 sec, level 10 - 12 sec, level 30 - 18 sec, level 60 - 24 sec, level 100 - 30 sec. I'll agree that's a bit much, so I'll nerf it a bit, what is a good min and max? Something like 4 and 20?

    I guess I'll be calling the digging skill excavation (sorry, mcMMO).

    I'm not too fond of the cooking one simply because it just doesn't seem to encompass enough. I just don't want to add a skill that doesn't do much. Maybe we can think of a way to throw in the cooking elsewhere.

    Yeah... leveling up in stealth... forgot all xp hooks. :p I'll do that tonight, too!

    EDIT: if you kill something in the new version and it cannot find its name, it just says "You have killed a creature." Still let me know so I can add 'em. This version will be up to tonight.
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    Well human is grrr minecraft wiki is down, well it is a mob, it looks like the default player. You can set it in a spawner and a few mods use it as a special enemy. ( mob arena )

    I see why cooking doesnt seem realy adding much, but belive me. Heal for "mages" would be overpowered. And cooking would be easy to level. Gets xp from cooking and from lvl 30 you can "feed" others. Maybe make this so, that depending on cooking level you can heal more or less others. On 30 you only heal them for 50% and on 70% 100% and on 100 120%. ( Yes I realy would like to see this in the plugin :D XD ) Also, I cant find any other plugin doing this! ( but Im sure I saw it before but it could have been in a dream )

    Does it help if I tell about plugins which do something what you want to do? Maybe you can look at their source?

    I will keep testing it but wont use it on my active server atm. Maybe if it is dont till 1.7 comes out cos then I will start a new map and that will hurt a lot of players, so why not reset their stats too XD
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    If a plugin already has a feature that you know of that would be nice to hear.

    I'll think about the cooking though, I could always add it but have it disabled by default in the config. I don't see why not. :p

    Also, the "creature" skill has very little use on it's own, and I would like to combine it with Stealth, seeing as how stealth doesn't really have much either. Stealth may need to be renamed, but I would like to know if a skill containing Hide, Sneak Attack, Taming, and Hunting sounds plausible. If so, name ideas?
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    :Luckyshot46: there is a plugin that has a scuba pumpkin helmet w/ infinit use. Its called soggy pumpkin

    :luckyshot46: the human is called "Monster" and is the player w/ a base skin and very agressive

    :Luckyshot46: and maybe instead of a set cooldown time, you could create mana. and have it increase as u lvl

    :Luckyshot46: Np man, im glad 2 help this amazing plugin....honestly the thing that sold me was the bow. ^^ the real mc needs that. And on my server im testing mods anyway 2 see if there what i want/help and its perfect 2 relay info 2 u on this awsome plugin.

    :Luckyshot46: Thats a good idea. like elemental, nature, necro(uses mobs, aka summoner) etc. anyway on the note of leveling magic. Inf had a good point that ppl would just set everything on fire 2 lvl it. how about this(just poped into my head)
    So to level magic you need to kill animals/players with magic, or to get spells or exp boosts. i was thinking of glyphs. To craft a glyph one would need a book and certain materials (e.g. coal, iron, redstone, lapiz, gold, obsidien, diamond)<<in order from less powerful to more powerful, can be arranged any way u want it. then in a workbench surrond the book with the material. or like a command and just have the mats in your inventory. Then it produces just a book, then you have to use like /skill useglyph or somthing and it will either give u exp, a spell apropriate 2 ur level, or negative effects like spawn a bunch of zombies around u, set u on fire, strike u with lightning.

    just an idea that poped in my head so its kinda rough around the edges, also kinda adds another side to an economy, glyph trading. which could open up a whole new "skill" set, or a more reasonable thing, a subset of the repairing skill, but maybe u need 2 be a certain lvl mage before u can craft them.

    lol sorry i my posts r so long i just keep typing. but i'd love 2 brainstorm w/ u on stuff.

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