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    Now on BukkitDev

    Demonstration Video:

    Thanks go to ChrizC for taking the time to make this video, demonstrating the features of this plugin!
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    Does this plugin support forcing a minecart to travel only one way on a track? We are trying to make a "subway" where users can call a minecart, our only problem is the carts sometimes go the wrong way on tracks. Is it a possibility to add it to the plugin?
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    Though one-way tracks would be a cool feature, they are outside the scope of this plugin. This plugins purpose is to make empty and/or storage minecarts to move at the same speed as carts occupied by players.
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    We solved this problem by adding simple "switchback" loops at intervals. Since minecarts "hop" over breaks, have the reverse-way track loop back onto itself. When traveling the "correct" way the cart will simply jump over the turn and keep traveling forward, but on the reverse it will take the turn and loop back going the correct direction.
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    The only conflict with TrainCarts I see is the velocity changer in the VEHICLE_MOVE event. Since I already manage all velocity-updating internally (before this event), changing it afterwards will make the cart go infinitely faster. (also, I see no use in using both this and TrainCarts, since TrainCarts already had a 'keepChunksLoaded' feature since the very beginning, this is more of a low-res alternative to the monstrosity I made)
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    Thank you for clarifying bergerkiller. Just to be clear, there is no need to run this plugin if you are running TrainCarts? There is a setting to allow minecarts to move at the same speed as occupied ones, it keeps chunks loaded, and you have some way included to remove lost minecarts?

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