[MECH] RollingMinecarts - Now on BukkitDev

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    Now on BukkitDev

    Demonstration Video:

    Thanks go to ChrizC for taking the time to make this video, demonstrating the features of this plugin!
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    First Post! :D
    Looks interesting...
    Il have to try it out :D
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    looks cool! will def. try it outt
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    Great plugin, I've been looking for this; however I tested it and it seems to work only with empty regular minecarts, not storage minecarts.
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    I've been sending and recieving storage minecarts with my friend who is 2800 tiles away, I'm not sure why you're having a problem with storage minecarts. It could be that the minecart enters an unloaded chunk and the server stops calculating it's movements. I forgot to mention I've been using orion304's MinecartPermanence v1.0 to prevent this.

    Is there any more information you can provide that could help me determine why this mod isn't working for you?
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    Thanks for your concern and quick reply! It is now functioning properly, the issue was that the storage minecarts i was using were created before I loaded the plugin.
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    Ah, I forgot to mention that. My code takes advantage of bukkit's VEHICLE_CREATE event and thus only vehicles added after the mod are affected. Thanks for helping me with that.

    Edit: Fixed in 0.1.3 - minecarts deployed before the plugin now get the speediness applied automatically.
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    This plugin looks really interesting and I will certainly test it on my server.

    Will it be possible to choose which type of cart can be considered as full ? Like, only storage carts and no empty carts.

    (Sorry for my bad english)
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    Maedayleen, I can do this yes. It'll be in the next version just for you!
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    Wow thank you :D
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    Hey nice work but im getting a problem where if i reload my server all the carts seem to go back to normal. I push the button to launch my carts and they shoot out like theres noone in them and stop near the beggining of my rails. I usually have to pick up the cart and put it back down again for it to work right again
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    Thanks for alerting me! I've taken care of it. Let me know if it's working for you now.
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    Sick worked perfectly when i started my server. Thanks allot and keep up the nice work
  14. Very cool plugin !! It allows me to test my rollercoaster prototypes without having to ride the minecart. I love it !! :D
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    Thanks! I appreciate the feedback.
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    it would be awesome if you set the max speed of the minecarts higher so they can ride pretty fancy diehard lol
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    This looks like it will completely fix all of the bugs I have with this.
    Due to the issue of unoccupied minecarts not moving like the others, when the minecarts were linked together they would crash into eachother because of the varying speeds of each cart. You, my sir, have fixed this. I can now have trains that work. :3
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    i cant get the "eject here" to work

    EDIT: lol wrong post its the vid after the rolling minecarts one, minecart mania

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    thx. I'm glad to have helped!
  20. can you please make it activate rail sensors?
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    Don't they do that already?
  22. well it didn't for me :confused: tough i'l try under more circumstances to find out.

    I got #1000 if that's the problem...

    Ok i have done further testing for all 3 situations (Going uphill/straight/downhill) and what i notice was that it works perfectly just with going uphill and straight.
    Aparently it dosn't activate teh sensor while going downhill.

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    I really appreciate you helping track down this bug. I have not tested it on #1000 but I assume it would be the same. I have been able to replicate this bug as you describe it on my server running RB #1185. I tested for this bug again after removing all my plugins and it still occurs.

    I believe this to be a problem with either the recent bukkit builds or perhaps Mojang's server jar. It is not caused by RollingMinecarts. Again thanks for the help!
  24. No problem, if you manage to fix this it would be great :D
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    does it support traincarts?
    I can imagine that it conflicts.
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    I have not tried traincarts. Perhaps you can try it and let us know?
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    Sure :)
    Now know, but tomorrow I will
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    Thanks for the continued support for this plugin!
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    Have to tested it out?
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    cool..sweet, it works with 1368

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