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    Captain Chaos

    RetractableBridge moved to BukkitDev!

    RetractableBridge has moved to BukkitDev! I will no longer be updating this thread, please use the BukkitDev page to keep track of developments, download the plugin and source code, read how to configure it and other details, etc.

    RetractableBridge - The easy and realistic retractable bridges plugin:

    Build redstone powered rectractable bridges, without using commands! Much requested by the users of my PorteCoulissante plugin. If you know that plugin, this is basically the same thing, but horizontally instead of vertically... :)

    Download the latest release from the BukkitDev page.

    • It doesn't use commands. Just build the bridge and it will work.
    • Stateless, i.e. it does not have to save anything on the server.
    • It's redstone powered, giving you flexibility in controlling it.
    • It is realistic. The bridge does not disappear, but slides in and out just like a real one would.
    • Holds back water or lava... ;)
    • Configurable speed by applying more or less redstone power
    • Build the bridge itself, out of slabs/half-blocks or double slabs.
    • Make sure there is at least one block adjacent to the bridge on three sides, so that it can't move in that direction.
    • For the direction in which you want it to move, make sure there is a block to stop at the distance you want it to move to.
    • Power one of the blocks underneath the bridge with redstone. Please note: you are powering a block underneath the bridge, not the bridge itself! Note that for the purposes of this plugin, just running redstone wire underneath a block will power it.
    • If you power more than one block, the bridge will move faster! Two blocks doubles the speed, and three blocks doubles it once more (so four times as fast as one block).
    • Make sure that when the bridge is fully extended it is still in contact with redstone power underneath. It can be the same blocks, or different ones.
    • When the blocks receive redstone power, the bridge will move to the south or west (depending on which direction it is able to move in), when they lose redstone power, it will move to the north or east.
    • Here is an example. If you build this, it will work. The bridge in this picture is three blocks wide and four blocks long. Note that it only has one powered block, so the bridge will move at its slowest speed:

    Hints and tips:
    • The bridge has to be at least two blocks long on each side, and it must be rectangular. It can't have holes or bits sticking out. It also can't abut any other blocks of the same height and material (when open or closed), since the plugin will think they are meant to be part of the bridge.
    • I highly recommend to make the distance the bridge can move less than its length. That way, the blocks at the forward edge of the bridge (when it is open) are always in contact with the bridge, so you only have to power one of those blocks.
    • The bridge will go through (and hold back) water and lava, so you can make water gates and water or lava traps with them.
    • The blocks that stop the bridge when it retracts can be steps or stairs. This way you get a smooth walking experience when the bridge is closed, without having to jump, if you are using slabs/half-blocks for the bridge. Here is an example to show what I mean (the bridge is closed in this example, and there are wooden stair blocks on each end):

    More information:

    For download links, source code, configuration information and change logs, please go to the BukkitDev page for RetractableBridge:
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    Captain Chaos

    Thanks! Nice review/tutorial. I'm glad you like my plugin. :)

    One small correction: you say that you can use any type of slab, but that's not entirely true: sandstone slabs are not supported. Basically because I arbitrarily thought that a sandstone retractable bridge would be a bit silly, but people have already complained about it, so it may change in the future. :)
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    no more silly than cobblestone ;) could you imagine a moving cobblestone bridge IRL? the thing would fall apart XD at least sandstone is somewhat more solid :)
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    William Hall

    Argh i can't get the bridge to work... D: i can't figure out what i've done wrong D:
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    Captain Chaos

    Me neither! ;-)

    Hint: you need to give a bit more information. Preferably a picture. But first please read back through this thread to see if it isn't a well-known cause.
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    Also see if the video helps, if not i can come to your server tommoz and set one up for you, like a tutorial if you want??
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    William Hall

    Ok well i made a small bridge, worked fine, and now i have made bridge exactly the same, walled on 3 sides but its 28-30 blocks long 6 blocks wide.. doesn't work. If you had time could you come to my server and check it out? Or if thats not possible i could try to upload some pics...

    Umm... woah... i think i fixed it.... by randomly placing blocks... I'm a genius XD
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    Captain Chaos

    It wasn't me who offered to come to your server, it was jamescosten who very kindly offered that.

    But first I would check whether you have your redstone in the right place. Many people mistakenly put it directly beneath the bridge, but the correct location is one block down. You're not powering the bridge, you're powering a block beneath the bridge (from beneath, or from the side).
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    William Hall

    Hey, Thanks :) I did watch your video to make my test bridge, It helped a lot :) Thanks for offering to come to my server but i managed to get it working now :)

    But now I've got it working there is only one problem... I changed the block type from step to plank and it didn't want to work while it was changed to plank =/ i can't see any other plank blocks near the bridge that could be stopping it either... Will it only accept the new block type if i remake it?
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    Captain Chaos

    If you literally mean planks then you're using an unsupported block type. You can only make bridges using steps/slabs or double steps/slabs, made from wood, stone or cobblestone. So you can use double wooden slabs (which look exactly like wooden planks), but not wooden planks.
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    William Hall

    Thanks :) I got it working now :D its great!
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    Captain Chaos

    I'm glad to hear it. You know, not to be cranky or anything, but all this information was in the top post and repeated many times throughout this thread. You could have saved us both some time by doing a bit of research...
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    William Hall

    Ahh sorry D: i just got confused seeing videos with what looked like wooden planks D:
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    James Lawrence

    I was curious, if not it's fine by me, I love this plugin.

    I'm currently using the older version that does not carry you with it.

    my curiosity is, would it be possible to say have it where you use a sign to turn that option on or off?

    the only reason I ask, is well, I think you bridge plugin would work amazingly as a water ferry across a lake, while still be able to use it as a trap or whatever else would want to NOT carry a person heh.

    a friend made one.. without a stopping block and it flew into the side of a near by cliff, which gave me the idea. I know the gate plugin you have works over long distances, we have a 3 height gate travel 15 blocks to cut lava on and off.

    as long as there is a redstone trail under the water to reach the other side, should properly function.
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    Captain Chaos

    No, I'm sorry, but that would actually be relatively complex to implement, and the feature is not worth the effort IMHO.

    You can still make a ferry of course, but I agree it would be a lot nicer if it actually carried you along. Just out of curiosity, why are you using the version of the plugin that doesn't?
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    James Lawrence

    most of us prior to you updating to the version that does, we already use your plugin for traps and things. We have someone who created a tomb so it's indiana jones sstyle traps n obsticles in side. I use it for my bridge across my moat, I have it on a timer to retract, I don't want anything following me to get a free ride.

    I was however planning on taking a vote to see which one people would prefer, then I'll update it. I wanna say we are on 1.3.4 which you state broke that feature, so technically we didn't even know it was once a feature at all lol.

    I believe at some point we will use this as the launch door of a giant missle silo as well...
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    Captain Chaos

    On 1.6 compatibility:

    As of CraftBukkit build 812, the RetractableBridge and PorteCoulissante plugins don't work (and probably other plugins as well). This is due to a bug in CraftBukkit, as a result of which background tasks don't get executed, including those in my plugin which move the bridges and portcullises. Please help to get this bug fixed quickly by voting for it at:

    Alright, that was quick. The bug has been fixed in CraftBukkit build 813, and I can confirm that both RetractableBridge and PorteCoulissante work fine in that version!

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    Can confirm that, too!

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    this fails... come on update to 1.6.4 :/ lol i been waiting for update on the PorteCoulissante and this :/ so people cant get to my friends castle
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    ... have you tried it? It has been working fine on my server for days. I think it is compatible with anything [813]+

    PorteCoulissante, too
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    Captain Chaos

    It should work in build 813 or later. There is a bug in Bukkit versions before that which prevents it (and other plugins) from working properly.

    Edit: I have just confirmed that both plugins do in fact work in the latest recommended CraftBukkit build (#818), and therefore in Minecraft 1.6.6!
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    ahh i see, i didnt get that version yet :D, ill get them now
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    I can't wait for you to update to build 860 so that I can take advantage of this plugin!
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    It works with 818 and as stated by the bukkit team there have been ZERO API CHANGES
    This means that 818 Compatibility = 860 Compatibility
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    Ah, my apologies. Thanks for that! I read the update and I obviously missed that.
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    on CB860, I get this error :
    Show Spoiler
    [SEVERE] [RetractableBridge] Exception thrown while moving bridge!
    at org.pepsoft.bukkit.retractablebridge.BridgeMover.moveBridge(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftScheduler.mainThreadHeartbeat(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(

    I think it's when trying to move bridges in unloaded chunks.
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    Captain Chaos

    Oh no, not that bug again... That was fixed ages ago, but maybe it has regressed.

    Does the bridge still work, or does it break down after this error? What about other bridges?

    Scratch that. This is a known bug in Bukkit that unfortunately isn't getting any attention from the Bukkit developers. I reported it as bug 717. Please vote for it, hopefully we can get somebody's attention and get this fixed!

    In the mean time the exception should do no harm, all your bridges should continue to function normally (let me know if that's not the case).
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    Can you please make it possible to configure whether entities move with the bridge or not? I made a game where you have to push people off a 2x2 bridge moving across lava, but since the entities move with it, the game can't be played.
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    Captain Chaos

    If you don't want that you can use version 1.2 of the plugin. It doesn't move entities or items along with the bridge, but is otherwise identical to version 1.3. The download link is in the top post.

    I will either keep this version up to date with changes I make to version 1.3, or if that becomes too much work, I will make it configurable in version 1.3, so you don't have to worry about being left behind.
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    Ok :D
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    You should call this the retractable bridge and moving platforms really i built a 9x9 stone slab and that platform moves 40 blocks, and thanks to the redstone 5 clock logic gate at the catching station the platform moves to the catching station and instantly starts back. I also built a tower with 6 3x3 platforms, and 12 logic gates for a little platform jumper action. If i can ask one thing Merge the PorteCoulissante idea with this and make a platform that moves up and down. ( i have one but its built out of fences and took a very long time to get right.)

    Bugs: after about 15-20 spaces on a 3x3 platform without moving yourself you will eventually stop moving with the platform and fall unless move to match with it. if your watching a platform moving from another moving platform sometimes blocks lag and fall behind 1 or 2 blocks but it still functions propely. (these issues ive only found in smaller platforms 3x3 or 4x4

    Thank you for these mods.

    by using another mod in conjunction with this one i have a platform tram capable of 4 way movement
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