Inactive [MECH] ResidenceSigns v1.0 - Use signs to Rent/Buy/Sell land with Residence [1060]

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    Instead of making your players use "/res market rent Town.HouseName", allow your players to right click signs to rent and buy land, or put down signs to set up renting or selling with the Residence mod.


    [​IMG] ResidenceSigns (v1.0) - NOT WORKING
    [​IMG] ResidenceSigns (v0.2)

    Current Features
    • Placing a [Rent] or [ForSale] sign on a residence that is already set up for rent or sale will automatically fill in all other information.
    • [Rent] signs allow you to setup a residence for rent using "Price/Days/AutoRenew [t/f]?" on the second line and an optional residence full name on the third.
    • Right clicking a [Rent] sign will attempt to rent the house in your name.
    • When someone rents a house using a sign, the bottom line of the sign will change from "Available" to the renter's name.
    • [ForSale] signs allow you to sell a residence for "Price" on the second line and an optional residence full name on the third.
    • Right clicking a [ForSale] sign will attempt to buy the residence.
    • When someone buys the residence, the bottom line of the sign will change from "Available" to "Sold".
    • Sign text will change if there are any differences in info whenever someone right clicks.
    • Residence name is optional on the third line. By default, wherever cuboid the sign is located in, it will try to use that residence.
    • Locale usage, defaults loaded into "english.locale" under "/plugins/ResidenceSigns"
    • Database usage, H2 and MySQL. Settings under "config.yml" under "/plugins/ResidenceSigns"
    • Multiple signs can used for one Residence.
    • If a player uses a /res, /land buy, /rent, /unrent commands or a [Rent]/[ForSale] sign; all signs for that Residence will be updated with the appropriate information. This also includes lease and rent expirations.
    • UseColors under config.yml can be set to true or false to turn off colors. Setting this to false will turn off all colors on signs and use the default black text; however, if a mistake is made on the sign it will still turn the top text to Red to indicate a problem.
    Shorthand Commands

    [Required Parameter]
    <Optional Parameter>
    If <ResidenceName> is not given, it will use your current location if there is a residence there.
    • /rsadmin
      • Toggle's on and off "/resadmin" mode.
      • Only people with "residence.admin" node can use this.
      • When activated, any signs you place or right click will act as if you used "/resadmin" instead of "/res"
        • Eg; Right-clicking a rent sign at Town.House with /rsadmin on will basically do "/resadmin market rent Town.House" instead of "/res market rent Town.House"
      • Keep in mind, it does have persistence unless server is restarted.
      • This toggle only works for market signs and the shorthand commands below.
      • It will not make regular Residence commands become "/resadmin" commands.
      • Left click a sign to add it to the database and/or update it manually.
    • /rent <info> <ResidenceName>
      • Rent a residence.
      • Info will give information on renting price.
    • /unrent <ResidenceName>
      • Remove yourself from renting a residence.
    • /land [buy/sell/remove/info] <ResidenceName> [price]
      • Buy or sell a residence (selling requires [price])
      • Remove will stop selling residence.
      • Info will give information on residence. (I don't think this works though)
    Planned Features
    • SQLite, MySQL, and FlatFile database backend to store sign locations so information can be changed on signs when someone does not use a sign to rent/buy. If a residence is made unrentable, not for sale or its pricing is updated, it will also rewrite the sign (or signs) to reflect changes.
    • Make wall signs use the block that they are attached to instead of actual location of sign.
    • An option to turn on/off all colors.
    • Locale settings so [Rent], [ForSale], and all other worded parts of the sign can be changed to a different language.
    Change Log

    Version 1.0
    • Added: Configuration options including database information, turning colors on and off, and locale name.
    • Fixed: Auto-renew not accepting correct true and false.
    • Added: Database usage (MySQL or H2, defaults to H2), thanks to @JustMeFlex for his downloader class and helping get my bearings back on SQL usage again. Multiple signs can be used for one residence and they will update no matter what is used for renting, buying or selling.
    • Added: Locale usage, set under config.yml. It will create a default localename.locale file.
    • Added: Left click a pre-version 1.0 sign with /rsadmin on will add your old signs to the database.
    • Fixed: Miscellaneous bugs.
    Previous Versions (open)

    Version 0.2
    • Fixed: Player interaction (right-clicking) with signs that do not have [Rent] or [ForSale] in the top line will no longer be manipulated by ResidenceSigns. (sorry!)
    • Updated: [ForSale] signs now properly show sale price since method was added in recent version of Residence.
    • Changed: Any interaction with created [Rent] or [ForSale] signs that are not blue will not try to do anything to prevent unwanted results.
    Version 0.1

    • Initial Release

    Installation and Help
    1. Drop ResidenceSigns.jar into /plugins directory.
    2. Enjoy!
    Screenshots (open)
    Sign Setup (open)

    First line: [Rent] (not case-sensitive)
    Second line: Price/Days/AutoRenew (optional if residence is already set up for rent)
    Third line: Residence full name (optional, uses sign location otherwise)
    Fourth line: Shows status of residence (do not write on this line)

    First line: [ForSale] (not case-sensitive)
    Second line: Price (optional if residence is already set up for sale)
    Third line: Residence full name (optional, uses sign location otherwise)
    Fourth line: Shows status of residence (do not write on this line)
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    residence 2.5.4 an residence signs 0.3 dont work :eek:
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    Has any message? I tested on 1.2.3R0.3
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    Ross Gosling

    Will this be updated?
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    KarnEdge Does not work with latest bukkit. I have been using this and it awesome but now it does not work :(
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    Is there a way to unrent land via the use of signs?
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    If I have a safe zone set with factions, and in that safe zone I want to put a couple of shops for rent as an admin, could I specify the space of what they rented, and let them build in the safe zone in that specified area, for that amount of time? Thanks so much! I really am interested in this mod! :D
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    Someone should make a video tutorial on this.
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    Hi this plugin looks really cool but it does not work for me.
    I download ResidenceSigns-v0.2.jar and put it into my plugins folder and does not work. :(

    :mad:NOT WORKING


    [tnt] [tnt] [tnt]

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    Dont know if someone asked this question but, when im doing a [Rent] sign it says "Economy disabled" does anyone know how to fix it? im sure that im typing right: [Rent]

    And of course, when im doin [ForSale] it is working, but the problem i got is only when i am trying to do a [Rent] sign, please give me a good answer soon!
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    Hello! Will this work or clash with Factions?
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    Maybe a youtube video? that would help alot!
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    Hey, im using craftbukkit 1.2.5-R4 and im wondering if they will release and update for that version. I have currently looked at all the residence sign plugins on the bukkit website and others but the latest plugin version I can find is craftbukkit 1.2.5-R3. Im using R4 and I really want to use this plugin as a version craftbukkit 1.2.5-R4. Please update this plugin as I really want to use this plugin
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    IS there any way you could add support for items to be used as payment? That would be amazing!
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    Wei Bin

    Why I can sell a residence but cannot rent and buy a residence? :confused:
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    Wei Bin


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