[MECH] RemoveChest v0.1 - Remove any container and its items. [1000]

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    Version: v0.1.0

    This plugin gives you the option to provide certain users or groups the ability to remove any chest, furnace or dispenser quickly (and the items will of course disappear too). At my server it happens frequently that a player either moves from a city or gets banned, and then the remaining players want the plot. Then we always had the problem with the items, but no more!

    This plugin will not care about protection systems or anything else, so please think twice about what players you give this to! There is no undo.

    • Remove any chest, dispenser or furnace.
    • Using permissions or op.
    • No config.
    removechest.remove : This let a player use the /removechest command and then remove any container.

    /removechest - Removes any chest, double chest, furnace or dispenser.

    The RemoveChest Plugin

    Old releases:
    Source Code (this is my third project in java, which tells you that I am no expert yet. Any advice is very welcome :) )


    Version 0.1
    • Released the plugin.
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    Looks useful :D

    By the way, your missing the CB version number in the title
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    Grammar Troll

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    Remove any container and it's items.
    Remove any container and its items.
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    Thank you :)
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    Grammar Troll

    Not a problem! A quick question though: how do we delete the chests? Do we need to issue the command while looking at the chest we want to remove?
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    Write the command, and then click the chest :) It tells you what to do when you write the command :)

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