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    Regional Weather - Like 1.5, but better!

    Regional Weather is a lightweight plugin that substitutes the existing and boring Minecraft weather system with a dynamic front-based weather system. Now you can have rain in one part of your server, sunny in another, and a lightning storm elsewhere. Over time, storm systems die out and are replaced with new ones to keep things fresh.

    * Tracks multiple storm fronts
    * Fully Multi-World compatible
    * Currently supports Rain storms and Lightning storms with variable intensity
    * Entire worlds are covered by weather systems at minimal system load
    * Full configuration file support

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Important Note: In order to make this work, I had to compile directly against CraftBukkit RB #1060. In my experience, it works fine on other RBs, but I do not guarantee this

    Command Reference:

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    Note: use the permission regionalweather.* to grant all RW permissions.

    /addfront (Parameters) - Creates a front with the specified parameters. Each parameter is optional and does not have to be included. No parameters at all creates a storm somewhere in the current world with random settings. Parameters are case-insensitive.
    Permission: regionalweather.commands.addfront
    [L (X) (Z)] - Centers the storm on location (X, Z)
    [T (L/S/?) - Sets the storm type. L sets it to a lightning storm, S a snow storm, anything else is a rainstorm.
    [R (Radius)] - Sets the radius of the storm
    [I (Int)] - Sets the storm intensity
    [V (X) (Z)] - Sets the X/Z velocities of the storm
    [A (Age)] - Sets how long the storm will last for, in ticks
    [C] - If set, the storm does not end
    [P] - If set, the storm will persist across server restarts
    [ S] - If set, the storm will be stationary (velocities both = 0)
    [H] - Sets the storm location to the X/Z of the player issuing the command
    [N] - If set, the storm does not tile as usual, and will only ever be located in a single spot on the world

    Example: /addfront H i 20 t L C p S N - This command will create a high-intensity lightning storm over where the player is, that will never move or die, and persist across server restarts. It also doesn't tile, meaning no other location in the server will have this storm.

    /delfront - Deletes the nearest weather front that the player is currently affected by
    Permission: regionalweather.commands.delfront

    See this plugin in action! The Let's Play Minecraft server community has graciously offered to showcase this plugin in action on their server. Many thanks go out to Mentioum for this :D



    Version 1.0
    * Commands! Persistence! Bugfixes!
    * Updated to CB #1060, but works on other RBs

    Version 0.4.6
    * Fixed storms spawning incorrectly
    * Updated to CB #766

    Version 0.4.5
    * Added per-world configuration support
    * Fixed a null reference error in WeatherTick()

    Version 0.4.0
    * Added configuration file support
    * Uncommented thundering-state code that was accidentally left commented-out

    Version 0.3.0
    * Initial Release

    * Snow Accumulation in winter biomes
    * Wind Storms
    * Weather Effects
    * Configuration File
    * In-Game commands
    * Fixed weather in areas
    * Weather Forecasting

    Default config.yml:

    To get the default config files, delete the RegionalWeather folder and the plugin will automatically recreate them.
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    Anyone else unable to download the link? I can't. A shame, too, as this seems really nice. I wanna see what kind of storms you can get :)
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    any chance to get plugin? link is offline.
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    Does anyone know the name of this skin please help.

    Attached Files:

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    how do i see the commands tho?
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    The download link seems to be down. Can you upload it as an attachment or to a file sharing site?
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    how is this relevant to the plugin at hand?!
  8. Suggestion:
    • Blocks first become covered in snow, then that snow cover can morph into full snow blocks.
    • Heavy rains spawn temporary water source blocks at highest points in local region that disappear when rain passes.
    • Heavy rains/Snow destroy crops.
    • Add 'Drought' scenario where source water blocks can dry up conditionally, and source block generation is temporarily suspended. (IE ~ A Source block with less than x blocks underneath it, and x radius in blocks around it, can 'dry up', and a new one will not be generated until the drought passes). Crops and saplings won't grow during this period.
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    @Sukasa Download link broken, please develop this further :(
  10. @Sukasa Yes or else please make it opensource,
    I really want revamp this plugin if you stop developing this.
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    This looks incredibly awesome! Does it still work, other than the download link broken? Has anyone got a copy uploaded somewhere?

    I realize you're probably really busy, but I'd like to echo other people's words: Please make this available again! Or make it open source so we can use it again through someone with more time. ^^
  12. It's so bad It has to end like this...
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    Does anyone have an old copy of this plugin still? I'm sure that there are a few of us out there that would be willing to take a crack at getting it updated.
    I hope that everything is going well for Sakusa and he eventually is able to come back.
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    It's not at all ending; but I still haven't found a job or really had time to work on it. I have managed a little bit; snowfall is working and I only need two more issues fixed before I can make a release.

    1. Already done
    2. I'll pass on this one, because of the potential for breaking things
    3. Snow already breaks crops (toggled), but I could make really heavy rainstorms ruin some crops (toggled)
    4. I'm not sure this fits within the scope of the plugin; seems more suited to a seasons plugin than a weather one.

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  15. Sweet

    Sad day, sad day.

    Nice, can you possible have this tie in with the Appleseed mod?

    I'd disagree, more like 'a component of a seasons mod, the one that handles weather'. ;) But hey, you've already done amazing work. :)
  16. Please add a mirror for the jar download because it seems that host can fail, which happend now to me.
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    That host was reworked and never had the HTTP server re-added. I'll throw up the new version and change those links on release.
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    wrong place to ask, not relevant to this plugin.

    its a tau firewarrior or pathfinder
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    Comrade Dmitri

    Is the download link ever going to be fixed?
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    Yeah, I'll get it fixed. As a side bonus, I managed to get a job meaning I can put a little more focus on completing this plugin :)
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    Congratulations on the job, look foward to trying this mod and seeing how it may evolve.
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    I look forward to your plugin. It sounds great. Good luck to finish the job.
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    cant wait :)
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    Congrats on the job, now get to work on the plugin! :p
    Would it be possible to have "radar" work with dynmap? Green for rain, Yellow/Red for storms, and Blue/Purple for snow.
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    I have been working on the plugin. I have finished persistence, some commands, and a better config file. I have one last issue to fix, and that issue appears to be a plugin conflict. It seems to happen on one server but not another, so whether it's easy to find/fix or not remains to be seen.
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    global weather-config with percentages
    regional with cuboid weatherconfig with % (use worldedit api)

    does this work on anything above 766 ?
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    The download link doesn't work and this is the exact plugin I'm looking for. Does it use some kind of positioning like worldedit?
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    Awesome. Ty.

    One more thing. Think in a future release you could include a seasonal system? In the future im going to have 2 continents and an ocean so id like it if they acted properly with the weather (snowy near the poles and raining near the equator)

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    Sorry, that's outside the scope of the project. However, I do intend to release the source code in future.

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