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    Redstone Lighting: Version: v1.8.6 Toggle your torches, glowstone, netherrack, and now pumkins with red stone currents!
    Here is a Demonstration:

    Version 1.1:



    Download Redstone Lighting 1.0.1

    Note: If you were using a version before 1.8.2 you need to take your lights.rf file and put it into the plugins/RedstoneLighting/ folder now to clean up the main folder. The glowstone.rf will be automatically generated there for you.

    As demonstrated in the video, this plugin allows users to wire up a
    normal torch to redstone to toggle it on and off. This allows your players
    to use better lighting than redstone torches for switches to light up your
    rooms when you want to, and off when you don't.


    • Allows changing lighting with the flick of a switch/lever.
    • Works with any blocks that you can set a torch on!
    • Now you can also turn glowstone on and off.
    • Netherrack can also be toggled to have fire on and off with redstone.
    Using the config file:

    The configuration file is located in plugins/RedstoneLighting/

    It will look like this the first time you run the plugin:
    Simply change the values to 'on' or 'off' to enable or disable torches or glowstone lighting.

    the GlowstoneAlternateMaterial Value can be changed to any material you like such as a DIAMOND_BLOCK

    Version 1.8.6
    • Jack o lanterns have been added. Enabled by a config property.
    Version 1.8.5
    • Glowstone & Netherrack can now be toggled by Repeaters pointed to them, or redstone torches under them.
    Version 1.8.4
    • Added netherrack support. Enabled by a config property.
    Version 1.8.3
    • Added a configuration property allowing different materials to be used for the alternate to glowstone.
    Version 1.8.2
    • lights.rf moved to its own folder in the plugins folder.
    • Glowstone is now toggle-able by a config file located in plugins/RedstoneLighting/
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    Thanks! i need this plugin! Thanks!
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    I need to fix some stuff in the glowstone jar so Ill get to that tonight sorry about the wait.

    @Sogomn Can you give more detail? If it turns into an OFF Redstone torch thats just how it works, If you break the off redstone torch it still gives you a normal torch, when you flick the lever back on it turns into a normal torch. If it turns into an ON red stone torch then thats a problem and you need to provide more detail.
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    Possibly Add Toggleable Glowstone?
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    i might get this plugin soon i found a good way 4 lighting with pistons (when i do get it i bet it will be great on my server)
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    Glowstone is now added. You need to read my first post on how to enable it in the new config file. Please report any bugs like always, I couldn't find them all I'm sure. I tested an awful lot though! Enjoy!

    For those already using this plugin, you will need to move your lights.rf file to plugins/RedstoneLighting . I didn't want to keep adding files to the main directory because it would get messy.

    Also, I will add nether rack w/ [fire][fire][fire] toggling next probably tomorrow.
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    I have another idea when you do the nether rack fire why won't you update the glowstone part where you can configure what block the glowstone turns in to. :)
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    Sure I can add a config property in a bit.

    New Config Property added. GlowstoneAlternateMaterial . Lets you pick what the glowstone will turn into when the block is not powered.

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    thanks this is a great plugin this might be a bit to hard so you may not want to do this but you should try and add permission to support for all the major permission plugins like: permissions yeti (3x), group manager, permissionsEX etc i use permissions 3x though but that is your choice 100% mate :) also how it the nether rack going?
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    Netherrack lighting has been added! You should now see a new configuration property next time you reload the plugin with the newest version. Fire will not overwrite blocks, so if any blocks are above your powered netherrack block, you will not see any fire.

    I have noticed I have not checked if the block is powered by a repeater or a torch below, That will be added shortly to the glowstone and netherrack!

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    No more Piston Work !!
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    Hows your bug fixing going also could you add permission support in?
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    What would I use permissions for?
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    Interesting plugin, but can you add support to place the redstone just under the bloc of glowstone ?
    It's very annoying to place the redstone just near the glowstone on the same level...

    Thanks :)
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    like rl.* rl.torch rl.glowstone rl.netherrack but you should make it so it supports all the permissions only the main ones. permission 3x, Group Manager, Pex, Bpermissions, Bukkit permissions and then i think this plugin would be complete after you have fixed the bug with the glowstone and nethrack. :) really good plugin
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    I will have time to upload the fixed jar tomorrow. Kinda busy tonight. Ill try to get permissions in to. Thanks for the support!
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    @RefinedCode hey! long time no see! (i helped a lot with EARLY builds of this plugin if you remember) could you make the glowstone into diamond blocks? I can't really hide redstone from glass blocks lol
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    Yep when somone pmed me to get working on this again i thought of you haha. In your replace

    And that should work for you.
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    thanks much!
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    Very, very cool. Awesome job, man.
    Can't wait to start using this on 1.0.0!
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    Thank you so much for continuing support!
    Adding this right away :D
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    Ok i got it done tonight. YOu can now use Repeaters, and torches (placed underneath like any other block in vanilla) to toggle glowstone and netherrack. Please, as always, report your bugs if you find any!
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    Can you add pumpkin toggling? And also allow redstone wire to be just placed underneath netherrack to light it up.
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    I can add pumpkins in a few minutes, but about the redstone under the netherrack, call me weird but I dont think many people would want me to start changing how redstone works in this plugin. I tried to stick with doing things as If i were notch adding new blocks. I guess if someone else asks for it I can add it as its only one line of code to change how that works, but I need more input from others on that.

    Pumpkins are on the way though!

    Pumkins are in, Look for two new config options, similar to the glowstone ones. Ill explain on the first post.

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    lol soon you'll of taken this plugin as far as it can go XD.. whats next Lava to Water under Redstone lol

    oh and from experience with other plugins, pumpkins reset their facing direction when changing the block type :(
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    Oh I can fix that. I know there isnt much left to do with this plugin hehe. I have been working on another plugin which I think people will really like. Im still surprised NOONE has thought of it, but yea thanks for all the support on this one guys!
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    XD i'd like two spout plugins if that was an invitation LOL a pop up 100% custom MOTD window box where you could add a photo if you wanted or just text with an OK button or a /rules pop up window (one time) where you have to hit I Accept (closes the popup and goes to the game) or I Decline (Auto kicked from server until they accept the terms and conditions for the server) and one that displays players HP bar under their name in game
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    I havent touched spout yet. Ill see what I can do!
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    I LOVE THIS MOD [diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond] + [cake]
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    Just run the wiring through the ceiling.
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    I have found a bug you can't place Redstone/Pressure Plates on glowstone

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