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    Redstone Lighting: Version: v1.8.6 Toggle your torches, glowstone, netherrack, and now pumkins with red stone currents!
    Here is a Demonstration:

    Version 1.1:



    Download Redstone Lighting 1.0.1

    Note: If you were using a version before 1.8.2 you need to take your lights.rf file and put it into the plugins/RedstoneLighting/ folder now to clean up the main folder. The glowstone.rf will be automatically generated there for you.

    As demonstrated in the video, this plugin allows users to wire up a
    normal torch to redstone to toggle it on and off. This allows your players
    to use better lighting than redstone torches for switches to light up your
    rooms when you want to, and off when you don't.


    • Allows changing lighting with the flick of a switch/lever.
    • Works with any blocks that you can set a torch on!
    • Now you can also turn glowstone on and off.
    • Netherrack can also be toggled to have fire on and off with redstone.
    Using the config file:

    The configuration file is located in plugins/RedstoneLighting/

    It will look like this the first time you run the plugin:
    Simply change the values to 'on' or 'off' to enable or disable torches or glowstone lighting.

    the GlowstoneAlternateMaterial Value can be changed to any material you like such as a DIAMOND_BLOCK

    Version 1.8.6
    • Jack o lanterns have been added. Enabled by a config property.
    Version 1.8.5
    • Glowstone & Netherrack can now be toggled by Repeaters pointed to them, or redstone torches under them.
    Version 1.8.4
    • Added netherrack support. Enabled by a config property.
    Version 1.8.3
    • Added a configuration property allowing different materials to be used for the alternate to glowstone.
    Version 1.8.2
    • lights.rf moved to its own folder in the plugins folder.
    • Glowstone is now toggle-able by a config file located in plugins/RedstoneLighting/
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    Leon Philips

    I think you have falsebook extra for that already ;)

    OFF = Soulsand
    ON = Glowstone
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    Doesn't work no config files, torches doen't turn off when powered :-(

    Java: 1.6.0_22-b04
    Minecraftserver: 1.7.3
    Bukkit: 1000
    Permissions: 3.1.6
    Cookiemonster: 1.3.4
    Saddleback: 1.3
    Gold2iconomy: 0.3.2
    iconomy: 5.01
    lwc: 3.11
    xcraftgate: 0.7.2
    cravelclay: 1.1
    money2xp: 1.0
    creaturebox: 0.7.4
    redstonelightnin: 1.6
    bigcatch: 0.7
    mcmmo: 1.0.32
    showcase: 0.6.13
    mobarena: 0.92.2
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    Yeah, same problem. Redstone torches are able to be powered on and off, but not normal torches.
    Can you try to get it fixed? we have an underground maze in our server, and there are small redstone lights to light up the maze, but creepers and other stuff spawn if I dont place torches in there afterwards. I have a whole lot of torches ready to be toggled on and off, but i cant, so far.
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    Could you add a feature to increase the radius of lightning? In large rooms it sometimes is very annoying to get everything lighted properly. Would be nice if you could have like ├╝ber torches which have a 3x bigger lighting radius.

    Great plugin though!
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    Add GlowStone,
    if you rightclick with redstone in your hand then right click the button/lever/pp that sets wirelesss, and as well it changes to like obsidian or can be configurable in the CONFIG.
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  8. This could be a cool mod, but it's incredibly frustrating to get it working properly (I can do the exact same thing 5 times and it will only work once), so I've given up on it until you release a less buggy version :)

    I've tried different combinations of wiring/powering/making it a redstone torch just to make sure its not some easy to get around bug, but most of the time it doesn't work at all, and it's random when it does :(
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    I CANT WAIT, for this to be updated !!!!

    GOD YES PLEASE, add glowstone. thats actually what i was looking for LOL.

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    Sounds awesome but Dropbox cant find the page
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    ditto on that 404, would be really nice if you could get that back up...
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    If someone had a backup i can set up a mirror :)
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    What about glowstone blocks? Would be cool if it would work on those too. ;)

    Also, the download link doesn't work.
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    Can we get a re-up please? can't make a good lighting system with redstone torches :p
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    broken download link
  16. great!!
    but i cant run it,
    because the download link doesn work,
    and only het .jar doesn work

    can PLEASE you send me the plugin?

    [email protected]

    (sorry for the bad inglish, i am dutch)
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    Link is dead, we need a mirror :'(
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    Refined code, your download link is broken i wish for you to fix it... Immediatly :mad::'(
    PS: Your [torch] idea is great!! :)

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    Just wondering if your still updating this. But for me the download link isn't working.
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    This sounds cool and i want to get it, but the link doesnt work...... is there somewhere else i can go to get the plugin?
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    is this plugin dead? a shame if it is as this would be a really great plugin. redstonetorch suck for lighting.
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    The download doesnt work :( can you fix it plz?
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    please fix the link i really NEED this!!!!!! :( please fix it!
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    Any chance we could revive this plugin?
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    download is dead
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    can you make it work with glowstone?
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    The plugin is updated with the newest RB. SORRY about the inactivity. I am back. Also, I have this working with glowstone as well if anyone wants it I suppose I can post the jar to that one too.
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    Thank you for your continued support!
    Great plugin
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    Yes thanks i have been waiting for this plugin for ages! thanks so much.

    i have a suggestion you already said you will do the glowstone i have another idea why don't you do nether rack when its not powered fire comes when its powered fire goes? also how long till your glowstone jar?

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    Ill get the glowstone as soon as I get to my home computer which has all the code for it. I made that one for somone who asked me in PM a LONG time ago. So I will have to also make sure everything still works with 1.8. I can also Do the netherrack idea with the same code so nice suggestion!
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    Hey guys, I have to report a bug :(
    Sometimes when I switch the lever, the torch turns into a redstone torch!
    If it isn't a bug, tell me please how I can fix it!

    Sogomn :)

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