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    Redstone Lighting: Version: v1.8.6 Toggle your torches, glowstone, netherrack, and now pumkins with red stone currents!
    Here is a Demonstration:

    Version 1.1:



    Download Redstone Lighting 1.0.1

    Note: If you were using a version before 1.8.2 you need to take your lights.rf file and put it into the plugins/RedstoneLighting/ folder now to clean up the main folder. The glowstone.rf will be automatically generated there for you.

    As demonstrated in the video, this plugin allows users to wire up a
    normal torch to redstone to toggle it on and off. This allows your players
    to use better lighting than redstone torches for switches to light up your
    rooms when you want to, and off when you don't.


    • Allows changing lighting with the flick of a switch/lever.
    • Works with any blocks that you can set a torch on!
    • Now you can also turn glowstone on and off.
    • Netherrack can also be toggled to have fire on and off with redstone.
    Using the config file:

    The configuration file is located in plugins/RedstoneLighting/

    It will look like this the first time you run the plugin:
    Simply change the values to 'on' or 'off' to enable or disable torches or glowstone lighting.

    the GlowstoneAlternateMaterial Value can be changed to any material you like such as a DIAMOND_BLOCK

    Version 1.8.6
    • Jack o lanterns have been added. Enabled by a config property.
    Version 1.8.5
    • Glowstone & Netherrack can now be toggled by Repeaters pointed to them, or redstone torches under them.
    Version 1.8.4
    • Added netherrack support. Enabled by a config property.
    Version 1.8.3
    • Added a configuration property allowing different materials to be used for the alternate to glowstone.
    Version 1.8.2
    • lights.rf moved to its own folder in the plugins folder.
    • Glowstone is now toggle-able by a config file located in plugins/RedstoneLighting/
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    Confirm if your exploit is in this video i made please tux. I found Four ways (Including Refineds way) to get a Redstone Torch outta it :p I love this plugin and im more than happy to help you out testing things
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    Yup, the one I found was the second to last one in the video. ;)
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    Thanks guys! I added some code and tried to do everything in the video, I no longer got any redstone torches. I suppose I should remove the ability for the off redstone torch to turn on just so it looks better, but it does not drop a redstone torch anymore. Thanks for the help testing so far guys! Hopefully my next plugin doesn't have as much exploits XD
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    if they add any redstone/piston features and it cant be used to cheat ill be in love with it XD im
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    :) I would just have some confused/mad users that all their torches kept turning into redstone ones as it seems that redstone is abundant on my server, even more common than coal. I'll be doing a quick test on my test server to make sure everything works, and if it works great it's getting installed. Also, since you do have to right click the torch with redstone a permissions node for creating them would be a nice touch. ;) (I don't need it, but I'm sure someone might)

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    i know XD it makes me drool hardcore ONLY IF someone makes a plugin for it. its only exciting to me when its used to crush mobs or make factories or launches players/items! then ill have a seizure of awesome.

    @RefinedCode @Tux2

    You can still make a lit redstone torch but now it drops a normal torch so id say everything is successful XD its impossible to farm redstone torches now

    Refined interesting note. i was testing the torches in different fashions to get a idea what i can do....

    Sooo I came up with a REALLY interesting result.. REDSTONE TORCHES.. cant toggle the torches just the wires can... buttons and levers cant either lol only with dust

    i tested a lever and a button on the side of a block with a torch on it and no success i tried putting a redstone torch on it no success meaning only if redstone dust is touching the block does it work

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    Oh, you see, having a lever or button ON the block didnt even cross my mind. I will rewrite that section of code to make that possible. Thanks for telling me.
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    lol im outta ideas and bug exploration or additions after that lol 1.4 is it for me ill be happy to test but im outta improvement ideas for you unfortunately :p
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    Thanks for the plugin, but it only works with five torches in length!
    Can I do more!:(
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    1.4 Out. Enjoy, and as always report bugs if you find them (sorry if I suck at testing :( ) Diemons, I dont know what you are talking about. Can you possibly explain more?
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    Redstone power can only go 15 blocks down redstone wire, if you want to extend the range you will need a redstone repeater.
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    heres the scoop from my tests of 1.4 NO DROP BUGS!!! yay! however. a interesting glitch that may not even be worth your time. heres two SS explaining my set up.

    As you can see i simply put a torch on the block like normal and ran redstone wire BY it (not hooked to it) and threw the switch. created a ever lasting redstone torch but normal torch drop.

    heres the other way to get a redstone torch working

    simply run the thing on the ground to a torch on the ground :p

    those are the new bugs with 1.4

    the first one works in any way if theres a redstone wire running BY the torch and not to then it will turn into a redstone torch :p

    AND out of curiosity i explored the 5 limit torches claim... results?

    i successfully wired 8 torches together at one time and added a repeater and a traditional (two redstone torch) repeater. it all worked flawlessly. something was up with his redstone wiring.
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    Thank you!
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    Alright I will fix those things up in a bit! you find everything XD
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    ill help you test your other plugins too mwhaha I'm drunk with power ~_~ i was mentioned in a plugin post XD
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    Haha yea im working on another plugin right now. I think alot of players will like it.
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    I got version 1.4 and CB 860. I'm wiring a torch with redstone, I'm right clicking it with redstone. And after I power it nothing happens. I don't get any errors in console.
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    Do you get a message "Redstone lighting ENABLED" when you right click with the redstone?
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    Ive got a problem to report.

    When i place a torch on a block, then click on with redstone it come up with Enabled message. However when clicking it places a piece of redstone in front of the torch. I f i leave the redstone there and power it works. But if i remove redstone in front of the torch it doesn't. I dont want to have redstone in front of every torch i place.

    Build 860 and Latest download.
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    Yes I will fix that, Sorry I have been busy! I will fix that and the redstone connecting to an adjacent block (not in front or behind) tomorrow. Thanks for reporting!
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    I've followed your instructions to the letter, receive "Redstone Lighting ENABLED"; but when I flip the switch, my connected and enabled torches turn into redstone (on) torches. When I turn the power off again, the redstone (on) torches remain.

    The plugin doesn't do as it's supposed to, at all. At least it still drops a regular torch instead of a redstone one. Uninstalling, it's too bad. This would have been cool to have.
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    FIXED (although it acts different than redstone but it was the only solution i could think of for now because of conflicts with natural redstone behavior, I will keep thinking.)
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    Try looking up WirelessRedstone, or Redstone Chips
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    This does not work for me. I put it like this:

    Lever > Redstone Current > Torch
    Lever > Redstone Current > Sand > Torch (on side)

    And whenever I switch the lever with the redstone current on and off, the regular torch just stays there and doesn't turn into an off redstone torch. You know what's wrong?
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    Sorry for the late reply, you now need to right click a torch with redstone and you will get a message "Redstone LIGHTING enabled." This prevents any problems from happening with normal redstone torches. But note: you do not need to use sand now, you can use anything, you dont even need to have it on a block.
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    keeping up with it i see :p however theres a bug! oh novos! the new repeaters wont work with em :p if you hook a repeater right against the block it wont change the torches when redstone power hits it from the repeater
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    I was thinking a few days ago "What if notch would add lights rectable with redstone.." ANd I thaught, it would look cool to change the states just like this, and now it's here! :D Thank you thank you thank you! :)
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    Simple fix, I will get to it in a few mins. Thanks!

    Alright it seems to be working, also its working with the latest RB! I also found a weird code error i had that would result into file reading or writing mishaps, it seems to be fixed but im surprised noone reported any nullpointerexeption errors! Oops!

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    Hey, I haven't got a chance to test this plugin yet, looks cool though. Are there any plans for hooking your plugin into Permissions? That would be awesome if you did as I am just trying to think of ways to make the spawn area of my server cool, and while your plugin came to mind, I wouldn't want my users having full access to it.
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    Could you make it so The switch also toggles glowstone? That would be really helpful :)

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