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    Redstone Lighting: Version: v1.8.6 Toggle your torches, glowstone, netherrack, and now pumkins with red stone currents!
    Here is a Demonstration:

    Version 1.1:



    Download Redstone Lighting 1.0.1

    Note: If you were using a version before 1.8.2 you need to take your lights.rf file and put it into the plugins/RedstoneLighting/ folder now to clean up the main folder. The glowstone.rf will be automatically generated there for you.

    As demonstrated in the video, this plugin allows users to wire up a
    normal torch to redstone to toggle it on and off. This allows your players
    to use better lighting than redstone torches for switches to light up your
    rooms when you want to, and off when you don't.


    • Allows changing lighting with the flick of a switch/lever.
    • Works with any blocks that you can set a torch on!
    • Now you can also turn glowstone on and off.
    • Netherrack can also be toggled to have fire on and off with redstone.
    Using the config file:

    The configuration file is located in plugins/RedstoneLighting/

    It will look like this the first time you run the plugin:
    Simply change the values to 'on' or 'off' to enable or disable torches or glowstone lighting.

    the GlowstoneAlternateMaterial Value can be changed to any material you like such as a DIAMOND_BLOCK

    Version 1.8.6
    • Jack o lanterns have been added. Enabled by a config property.
    Version 1.8.5
    • Glowstone & Netherrack can now be toggled by Repeaters pointed to them, or redstone torches under them.
    Version 1.8.4
    • Added netherrack support. Enabled by a config property.
    Version 1.8.3
    • Added a configuration property allowing different materials to be used for the alternate to glowstone.
    Version 1.8.2
    • lights.rf moved to its own folder in the plugins folder.
    • Glowstone is now toggle-able by a config file located in plugins/RedstoneLighting/
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    I like the look of this, just changes the state of the torch to unpowered redstone.

    Imagine the dungeons you could create or puzzles, nicely done sir.
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    Would you consider adding a feature to make stuff wireless somehow? Like whack a switch or something with torches, and those torches are assigned to that lever/pressure plate/button.
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    Yes If you would like that I can add that feature.
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    I send you a PM, about a suggestion/request for me.
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    would like this feature also :) it would be cleaner than using redstone especially for ceiling lights
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    alternative to craft book's redstone pumpkins.
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  9. Sorry, i liked this for your siggy.
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    if destroyed will this thing drop a redstone torch or a normal torch? and beyond that does this mess with regular redstone torches in any way?


    after some tests my fears were true :O it makes redstone torches unusable and it drops a redstone torch

    great plugin id DEFINATELY use it but i need my redstone torches for my complex Automated Repeating Rube Goldberg Machines... NO MINING COBBLESTONE FOR ME :p i got pistons to do that.... same for transport and minecart tracks walking/pickaxes are old news!
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    I have just reviewed this :

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    How shitty would that be? So every torch needs to be powered by redstone? :(
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    Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I will fix the sand block only thing, I am working on something else related to this plugin but I will fix everything mentioned and make it so that any block works with this. Its my first plugin I didnt know that many people would like it. I will fix the topic too as suggested in a bit.
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    why limit it to sand blocks? I like lights in rooms without sand in them :) Cool plugin btw, not trying to bash ya. Just seems a bit restricted.
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    Yes, I am working on it Right now. My plan was never to keep it Just sand blocks which is why I added it on my todo before I even posted the topic. I should have something ready soon.
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    xD sorry, I missed it on your ToDo list. U rock sir!
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    other way around. Lol.
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    Daimnnn!! Lol i read Lightning not Lighting :p I was already YAY LIGHTNING TURRET :/
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    Version 1.1 is done. Feel free to suggest more improvements or if you come across any bugs they would be greatly appreciated!
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    Looking good! Might want to change the download link to say Download RedstoneLighting.jar v1.1
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    Brilliant suggestion :p
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    @RefinedCode ill test it for you and let you know if theres any bugs i can find.
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    Awesome thanks!
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    Well, I downloaded and was testing, and found an interesting glitch... place a torch, and enable it. Remove redstone next to torch while the redstone is powered on. POOF! Instant redstone torch. Even if the redstone is just going beside the block. Once the redstone is put back into place and turned off, the torch does revert back to a normal torch though.
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    Glitch Exploit Detected... i'll make a few screenshots to explain it.

    Here it is I made a small album explaining step by step what i did. its a way to get inf redstone torches again. everything else works like a charm

    sorry for the bad news :p

    and this torch doesnt revert so it must be different from @Tux2 I hope he confirms this

    and i noticed the last image could be slightly confusing... i turned OFF the switch to make sure it didnt revert then i punched the redstone torch and got the redstone torch as a drop. it works perfectly on the sides of blocks. just not ontop of them lol
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    @Avous, correct, I never removed my torch from the wall, I just remove the redstone (powered) that's powering it and it turns into a powered redstone torch. I was experimenting with the torches in my hut on my test server and placed the redstone wrong, so when I took the powered redstone away from the torch the torch instantly lit up, but instead of being a regular torch, it was a redstone torch.
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    Ok I fixed the Redstone Glitch you found Avous. Thanks! I will look into the one for Tux2

    Alright I think i Know what you are saying. If i understand correctly this isnt really a problem, as it just makes the torch work like a normal redstone torch, Still you wont be able to harvest it as a redstone torch. It should just get destroyed and pop out a normal torch. I hope this is what you mean.

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    I got his bug! ill make a quick photo album its more complex to explain lol give me a sec in fact i found two bugs.. im a mean Ezio skinned glitch findin machine.

    im not ENTIRELY sure this is all stemming from the same problem but im giving three examples.

    try em yourself i did this on 1.1 :p
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    Thanks so much guys!

    Sorry. I have done all this and got the same as in the images. But when they drop they drop regular torches. The rest is just normal minecraft behavior which does not really affect the lighting. Do you mean you want to see that the torch never goes to a REDSTONE_TORCH_ON state?

    Edit: I see a problem when you break a block it drops the torch. I will fix this when I get back to work on it.

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