Inactive [MECH] Radiation v1.3 - Region based Hazards now with Radiation Armor [1000]

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    Radiation - Region based Hazards
    Version: v 1.3

    This plugin allows users to set area's which will cause damage over time, includes a fully customizable region and configuration.

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    • Gives player "Rads" for staying within region
    • Damages player for accumulating too many "Rads"
    • Get rid of "Rads" by consuming an item (Default sugar)
    • Global Fallout mode - Enable radiation everywhere apart from radiation zones!
    • Supports Permissions (Radiation.modify)
    • Customize Damage taken and Damage intervals via config file
    • Radiation Armor - Protect yourself from the radiation
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        Version: 1.2
    #Time in seconds before accumulating Rads while in a zone
        RadiationInterval: 10
    #Damage in half hearts while under radiation sickness
        RadiationDamage: 1
    #How much time should pass before radiation sickness kicks in
        RadiationChecker: 60
    #How many rads to give per Radiation Interval
        RadiationCounter: 20
    #Amount of Rads a player must accumulate before getting sick
        RadiationThreshold: 100
    #Item ID for the radaway item
        RadAwayItemID: 353
    #Amount of rads consuming the item should remove
        RadAwayAmount: 100
    #Enable Global Fallout mode - Everywhere apart from safe zones emit radiation!
        GlobalFallout: false
    #Restrict GlobalFallout when enabled to one world (all being all worlds)
        RadiationWorld: all
    #Allow players to be exempt from radiationplayers with Radiation.Exempt
        ExemptPlayers: False
    #Here you can list all your protection items that when worn protect you from radiation
        #Item Name (can be anything)
            ItemID: 316
            #Amount of radiation points to soak up
            Amount: 10

    Adding new Radiation Armor

    At the end of your config.yml is a list of ProtectionItems, follow the format and specify the name (can be anything) the ItemID and the amount of rads it should soak up. Note that Armor will degrade while in radiation zones.

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    /rad - /radiation

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    /rad alias command for radiation
    /radiation check
    Check current radiation level

    /radiation [add|delete] regionName

    Create a new region, or delete an existing one​
    e.g. /radiation add mybunker​

    Version 1.3
    • Added new definable Radiation Armor, follow the configuration guide
    Version 1.2
    • Added new permission node to prevent the build up of rads (Radiation.Exempt)
    • Added multi-world restriction for GlobalFallout
    • Fixed bug "Radiation causing player to die over and over"
    Version 1.1
    • Added Radiation Accumulation (Rads)
    • Added RadAway (remove Rads)
    • Added new alias "/rad"
    • Added /radiation check (check your Rads level)
    • Added Global Fallout mode (everywhere has radiation apart from safe zones)
    • Fixed Bug "Players health cannot be set below 0"
    Version 1.0
    • Initial Stable release
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    Update it please!
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    Any Chance of Updating this to 1.2.3? Making a survival radiation server and without this addon it just seems pointless, want to add some danger outside the safe zones. Thanks in advanced!, just in case you need to know, when loading I get Playerlistener errors.
  5. Can someone update this plugin?
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    I want this to be updated it sounds like an amazing plugin
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    For me the config files dont appear in plugins folder for some reason and thats why i cant use this plugin.

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