[MECH] QuickTree v1.01 - Harvest Trees Quickly! [1060]

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    <font color="#333399">QuickTree[Deprecated, search for QwickTree]</font>
    Harvest Trees Quickly!
    Version 1.01

    <font color="#ff0000">Gorbb has done an amazing job with rewriting this plugin as QwickTree for 1.2.5. Check it out HERE!</font>
    I had a plugin for hmod back in the day that harvested the entire tree and had configurable drops. I haven't seen something quite like it yet for bukkit, so here it is!
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    This plugin <font color="#ff6600">breaks down trees fast</font> with an 'optimized for speed' tree search algorithm!
    "But!" you say, "Cutting the wood isn't what takes so long! I still have to wait for those blasted leaves to decay."
    Indeed! This plugin <font color="#ff6600">prunes the leaves as well</font>! With <font color="#ff6600">configurable drops</font> no less! You want apples? Great! Add them in. Cocoa Beans! Fantastic! Can do with <font color="#ff6600">configurable data values for drops</font>! Extremely rare golden apples? No rare is too rare with<font color="#ff6600"> configurable probability precision</font>! <font color="#ff6600">Saplings that match the tree</font>? Of course!
    "Hold on!" you rudely interrupt, "with all these drops, won't I have to waste time running around gathering them all up? And what if I miss a rare golden apple!?"
    No need to worry you're blockish little head with such trivialities! Now with the <font color="#ff6600">configurable auto collect option</font>, drops are placed directly into your inventory! (Unless, of course, you have no more room) This plugin is a one-stop shop for anyone tired of spending time chopping down those pesky trees! With its Non-Recursive...
    "Non-Recursive!?" you ignorantly impose, "Isn't recursion faster!?"
    Absolutley not! While excellent for allowing humans to wrap their little brains around an algorithmic idea, recursion is a nightmare for computers that have to save the environment to the execution stack every time it recalls the recursive method!
    So now that I've quelled all of your fears you can confidently fell trees with the speed of a Canadian Lumberjack with QuickTree!

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    #how rare can you make the drops. The larger the number the smaller the allowable chance. 10000 gets as low as 0.01
    dropPrecision: 10000
    #- [ItemID][:dataValue],[Chance out of 100]
    #make sure all the changes add up to 100 or less
    #if it's less, make sure AIR is at the end
    - 6,20
    - 18,10
    - 260,1
    - 351:3,0.1
    - 322,0.01
    - 0,1
    #will drops automatically go into the players inventory?(if the inventory is full, items will fall naturally)
    autoCollect: true
    #how far away will the algorithm search for leaves to prune?
    #My recommendation is 3. This ignores a few leaves on the larger trees. If that bothers you add to this number slowly.
    #Remember the search time grows by a power of 3 here (3 dimensions to search in)
    leafReach: 3
    #tools that will allow tree harvesting to allow any tools use 0 as the only entry
    - 286

    * Configurable:

    - * Leaf drops and data values for them
    * Probabilities for the leaf drops, as rare as you want
    * Auto-collect option to have drops placed directly into your inventory
    * Tools that allow harvesting
    - Saplings and logs match the tree
    - Non-Recursive tree search algorithm optimized for speed.

    * Permissions support
    * Automatic drop precision and better randomization code

    * <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    - * Released QuickTree
    - <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    * Corrected tool handling
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    Cosmic Break

    so let me see if i understand you...

    this chops trees faster? meaning i can break one log and the entire tree falls?

    this auto prunes leaves, which means no more floating leaves from small trees?

    this also makes leaves drop extra items, which it can do at a configurable rate?

    does it have the same random crashing problem that choptree had?
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    chops faster, yes, if you break the root log
    autoprunes, yes
    drop extra items, yes
    at a configurable probability
    not sure about the crashing problem. Probably not. Being that there's a million ways to go about finding the tree, I doubt very much that my code is at all similar to choptree. I'll investigate it though.

    uploaded 1.01, the config wasn't automatically setting the tools array in the yml.
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    The tree checking looks nowhere near robust enough, what is there to stop this from destroying log buildings ?
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    very little actually, it checks to make sure that there's a second log on top and dirt underneath. Following through the entire tree just to make sure it's a tree wastes a lot of time and there are a million variations to check for. Not only that, but if a griefer with a golden axe decides to target your log cabin, not much is going to slow him down.

    So i decided to go with the preventative path. For log houses, just make sure your bottom logs aren't sitting on dirt. I figure the block under the walls usually isn't seen anyways, so it doesn't detriment the aesthetic value very often. However if it turns into an issue I may add an optional check to see if there are certain blocks in the area.
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    True, but the problem is that if someone kosw a server has this pluign, then could just put dirt under a corner, and since you just set the block to air there would be no way to rollback anything other than the one block they break.
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    there is already a plugin with this features ( Choptree ), maybe ask the developer "askmeaboutlo0m" what he did to save buildings
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    Approved, but please look to the future: BukkitDev.
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    Yeah I'd probably wait for permissions before even trying it. It looks like it might be a good implementation of this task though.
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    It's working great for me and so far I haven't encountered a world-corrupting crash like it happened for me after a couple trees with ChopTree. I love the drop and tool configurations and the auto-collecting keeps things neat and possibly even saves some performance too I would assume. Thanks a lot for making this. :)
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    Heard about Lil Tree Helper? CB1060 and still works.
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    Perfect plugin, apart from that it lets players destroy trees in protected areas that is.
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    woot no crash with this tree chopping plugin, like the option to edit drops also. I added chance for wood to drop from leaves also:)
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    it seems items that spawn via the leaf drop can not stack with other items of same tpye....

    also a feature suggestion, i have on mine to have a chance to drop wood with the leaves but no matter the tree type it drops the same default wood. i saw saplings will drop according to the tree type so can we get it for wood also?
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    Will there be an update for build 1185? It currently crashes the server with an "Internal Error" message.
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    I have tried this on the new recommend build of bukkit #1240. I don't get any errors but it just doesn't do anything. What would cause this? The plugin reloads just doesn't drop the tree when the bottom log is broke.
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    Would it be possible to make it where you don't need to use a tool to break a tree down? Such as ChopTree?
    I would like it to make the tree fall when I use fist.

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    can you make this work for enderman? they keep moving around tree blocks...
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    Lol yeah I have been noticing the same thing, at first I was like: "what admin keeps using world edit to remove tree blocks, you know floating trees tick me off." Then I noticed enderman in a forest messing with my trees. I agree, either that or some pluging to block them from messing with certain blocks like trees.
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    any one know if this still works with the RB?
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    Mod works well, besides one thing.
    It's really cool and stuff but I really wanted to turn autocollect off. Actually, upon reloading the mod, it... replaces my setting with it own settings. Since the atuoCollect setting is set as 'true', I tried 'false' at first, then 'no', '0' and 'disabled'. Always comes back to 'true'. If the way the program works changes the config, instead of the config changing the way the program works - what's the point of a config file at all? Besides that one issue - works great.
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    i have mine set to false and it does not aoutcollect? you make sure your server is not running when you make the changes?
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    After extensive testing, I can confirm that this plugin works flawlessly with 1.1R4 (1938) but not with the default config. Here's mine:
    - 6,10
    - 260,1
    - 0,89
    - 0
    leafReach: 3
    autoCollect: true
    dropPrecision: 100
    In my experience, this is the best tree-harvesting plugin out there: no crashes (with modified config), no unstackable or cross-species wood, amazingly fast, and as close as possible to Terraria-style tree-chopping. The only missing features are auto-replant and permissions support, but everyone on my server automatically gets QuickTree access and are encouraged to plant their own saplings.

    Scarletomato, please consider updating this plugin for the 1.1R5 code cleanup. My server's members are unanimously happy with it under 1.1R4.
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    no unstabackles? i have that issue since the day i installed the plugin with the bonus drops from the leaves never being able to stack with other items gathered in the vanilla way.

    but yes this plugin still works great!
    just a feature request if it can be compatible with the wool tree plugin. nothing wrong just be nice to quick chop wool trees also
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    everyone misses this feature in MC 1.2
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    I've Downloaded the Source code, and updated it to 1.2 (build [2060]), and I would like to know if you would let me post it up onto BukkitDev. If I don't get a reply within a week, either positive or negative, I will assume a "yes", as this is an inactive plugin and user.
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    Gorbb, you rock! Please post it on BukkitDev. If you leave a link on this thread, I will download it and thoroughly test it for you.
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    Also you can't release it if he doesn't give you permission, you will have to re-make it.
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    That was what I was thinking.... Kinda hoping I could get permission to do it though, so if anyone knows this person, or another way to contact him on my behalf, I would very much appreciate it.

    EDIT: Although, if the code is open Source, should I really need permissions?
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    Depends on the license. Most people don’t bother to include one, if that is the case then you cant :(

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