[MECH] Quantum Connectors v1.0.2 - Remote Control Redstone Made Easy [MOVED]

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    Quantum Connectors

    Has found a new home:

    For those of you wishing to get "pistons" compatible with this plugin, I will add compatibility for pistons when 1.7 is patched. I "might" also wait for bukkit to update, I haven't decided.

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    Is there anyway to make multiple receivers trigger from the same transmitter? or transmitters in a different area. I've been using wireless redstone plugin before trying this, because it is currently not working with pistons.
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    I just attach a bunch of redstone to a lever, make the "main sender" trigger that lever, and use the redstone as senders for all the things you want to control.
    Multi-receiver senders would still be cool, though. :)
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    It is planned.

    @Skirmisher : thanks for answering everyone's questions. :)
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    You're very welcome :D
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    Short question. Can you link one lever to several things?
    Because I want to link 1 letter to 8 buttons, is that possible?
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    @gulbirk What do you want to do with said lever/buttons?
    Which one's are you going to "press" or "turn on" to flip the other. Basically, what are you asking to do?
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    Haha I blow up a friends base with this :p I have to rate this plugin 10/10 great work!
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    Repeaters don't appear to be sending signals through Quantum Circuits. :(
    Also, left-clicking a "one-click-break" object (with redstone) that is already part of a circuit will produce the message "A circuit already exists here!", but will also break the object, causing the circuit that was there to not be there anymore. :p So, fix please? (Though it will be pointless when multi-receiver senders are implemented. :p)
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    The fix should have already been there but... I'll look into it.
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    buttons as receivers please?
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    What good would that do? A lever would do the exact same thing and can be placed where buttons can.
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    lol chill brah it was just a question. i was fooling around with this plugin and a temporary output (that of the button) would have fixed my problem, and im too ocd about things looking perfect so i wanted the lever as the sender. i figured it out now
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    can you make the plugin work with piston please???
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  16. This is a BRILLIANT plugin. I have tried others of the same purpose but this one is currently the best.
    Even my friend (since it is a private server) commented on the fact that wireless redstone circuits are now working better, so thank you from him.
    I'm not to fussed about the whole piston thing as I'll just put a lever before it, easy fix. This plugin is going to save a LOT of circuitry work on my current project!
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    I need one lever that will turn on 8 buttons. What I need it for is to switch the ONE lever, so that it "starts" the 8 buttons.
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    can you make pistons to reciever?
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    @Perling : Read the thread.


    To Everyone: Stop asking for features that have already been discussed! Read the thread before posting a request!
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    ah ok sorry
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    I use this plugin, and it works perfectly, but for some reason every single time anyone does anything on my server it spams the console with
    [SEVERE] Could not pass event REDSTONE_CHANGE to Quantum Connectors
    [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_INTERACT to Quantum Connectors
    Any help? Am I doing something wrong?
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    can you add a command like /qc delay ? so we can make timed circuits :D
    oh and multiple transmitters/receivers on one item would be nice!
    love the plugin, it took us ages to make secret doors and stuff in really small spaces.. this makes it too easy xD
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    ID like to request adding delay to it
    Like repeaters
    for exp:
    Adding 0.01 to the end of the command to add 0.1 sec delay
    0.1 for 1 sec

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    Just put some delayers ?
    You may want an exact timing though.

    I'll try this, i hope it works better than wireless redstone plugin.

    Need to change the config ??? Do you mean that i would need to enable a multiple receivers in the settings or that i need to link the receivers to the transmitter manually?
    If i need to do it manually... I'll just wait for an update before using this plugin :/

    Edit: this is way better than Wireless Redstone, and also bug-proof :D, just need implementation of multiples receivers/transmitters.

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    @chuiby : No no, you missunderstand me. I will have to change the code in the plugin itself, you will NOT have to edit anything yourself. I wouldn't dream of doing that to the users.

    Also, it's not bug-proof... It's just hard to find the bugs. (I actually know of three "bugs"... I'll be fixing them soon)
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    Oh okay btw i prefer your plugin than the wireless redstone plugin (Even if its fixed now), its much easier than getting a sign, placing it,
    typing on it.
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    I just installed the plugin on build 1000 and I'm getting an internal error when we try to use any of the commands. EDIT: The error doesn't come up until I add a variable after the /qc command. It will still list all the possible connectors with just /qc.
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    @zachcheatham : I'll take a look, I haven't tested it on RB 1000.

    EDIT: I can't recreate the bug you are getting zach. Does anyone else get his error?
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    Do you think 1000 build make possible pistons to reciever ?
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    I'm testing that right now @sinkir

    EDIT: Sadly, I have to say "no."
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    I got the plugin working yesterday. Turns out, there were a couple of other plugins that were doing the same thing. I found out that my permissions file was borked.

    Nice plugin btw!

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