[MECH] Quantum Connectors v1.0.2 - Remote Control Redstone Made Easy [MOVED]

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    Quantum Connectors

    Has found a new home:

    For those of you wishing to get "pistons" compatible with this plugin, I will add compatibility for pistons when 1.7 is patched. I "might" also wait for bukkit to update, I haven't decided.

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    MineCraft has a glitch with pistons in 1.7. Haven't heard?

    Though I have actually already worked a mini-patch for the plugin to support pistons...
    Let me test it.
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    Lol I haven't used the new builds yet
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    Yeah it's kinda interesting. But I'm more concerned about getting 1.8. :D

    I have seem to have hit an elusive bug when coding in "piston" support, and it makes the head disappear. I will (attempt to) fix it after work, or at least look at how pistons work as of "right now."

    Piston support will have to wait. It is a bug with Bukkit. (I'm so easy to pass the blame. ;D) So I wont release the update yet.

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    Just call the missing head a feature ;) no one uses it anyway. Glad to see you are continuing the plugin, I use it alot lol.

    We can just have a switch connect to the piston toggled, no rush on piston support :)

    For now, I been having fun figuring out the redstone circuitry for pistons, if you power one block above a piston, when it has a piston on both sides of it, all 3 are powered by 1 redstone powered block.. doesnt work on the bottom though, it only powers the piston above it. Not sure if that is a bug, but it is nice.
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    Ah, the piston's head.. thought you ment the players head (was wondering how that could effect it) and no.. rather not :p
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    Yeah I thought so. :D
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    o.0 Damnit. Neon hasn't been on the server for a bit I knew something was up >_>
  11. Before i switch to this from wireless redstone (which is currently terribly broken), can you tell me if there is a distance limit? i ask because some users on my server have built a massive trainstation in the centre of a huge island.
    but they want to be able to choose the destination they end up at, from the other destinations. Eg, they are at place 1 on the coast, they push a couple of buttons, switches etc, the tracks change within the station, and they go straight to the destination without actually stopping at the station. They set the whole thing up with wireless redstone, only for it to break on a server reload. (it corrupts its own config file it seems)

    So, Bearing in mind the station is somewhere around 300 blocks from any destination, would this be possible with your plugin?

    ok i did some testing, and it seems that it wont work. i tried a long range quantum circuit, and it did nothing. Is this something you can fix? Wireless redstone had unlimited range, and even worked multiworld. This is something that would make this plugin epic. as is it now, it has no use for me, but dont get me wrong, its still an awesome plugin, that im sure lots of people will get use out of, but could be made a lot better by giving it unlimited range. (multiworld of course would be a bonus, but not really needed)

    Thanks for your time.
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    @TrenceJ it should be possible. I haven't tested very intensively, but theoretically it should work.
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    The reason why this works with wireless redstone (at least up until a server restart lets say) is that it keeps chunks loaded if they have a wireless redstone reciever (and transmitter?) in them. I am guessing that this plugin does not keep the chunks the chunks loaded. You would have a couple options to fix it, first would be to get one of the keep chunk loaded plugins and mark any chunks that need to stay loaded. The second option would be to (politely) ask feildmaster to implement a keep-chunk-loaded feature.
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    oh i didn't read the edit.

    Wireless red stone had a persistent chunk feature? I didn't know that. I might look into that... I had thought (and hoped) it automatically did that.

    I will look into this

    @xenofixus and @TrenceJ

    EDIT: Wow, he's edited it a lot since I last saw it. still, don't think it matches my new plugin i'm working on... (Slowly... very slowly...)
  15. Thanks for the replys guys.

    Yeah, i must admit, i dont really know all that much about chunk loading etc, all i know is that it worked. Well, did work, like i said, the current one is broken. I'll look into the keep chunks loaded plugins for the moment, and hope and prey that fieldmaster implements that into this program.

    Also, any possibility of adding track pieces to the list of items you can directly control with a quantum circuit?
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  17. Sorry, did'nt explain myself very well.

    I mean, you have powered rails as a valid receiver, but how about normal track pieces, as they can be switched to different directions. That would be very a handy addition, could shrink the whole trainstation on my server by many blocks, and also enable track switching on glass platforms without the need for other blocks under it obscuring the view :)
  18. I don't use permissions on my server but I would like this plugin.
    I am op but it says that I don't have the rights. Can this be fixed?
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    argh, pistons are not added as receivers yet
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    Right now, the plugin just gives power to redstone power-able blocks. I might change this at a later date, but I like the simplicity is has at the moment. (I'm also unable to play with this plugin much these days)

    I am unable to reproduce the problem, could you try to narrow it down (by moving plugins out of the plugin folder) to the plugins that interfere with it?

    Will let you know when they are... Waiting for a new recommended bukkit release.
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    I have installed the plugin but when I type for example /qc on
    then I click on a lever with redstone and it says "invalid sender" comes up with the list...where lever is at the top.
    It just doesn't seem to recognize anything as a valid sender or receiver.
    If anybody can help with this it would be great :D
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    Not getting that problem. I downloaded it clean from the site just in case I uploaded a bad one, but I can't produce that error.
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    Would it be possible to add the ability to define multiple receivers at once?

    1. type /qc on
    2. hit the sender with redstone
    3. hit multiple receivers with redstone
    4. go back and hit the sender again with redstone to complete the circuit

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    Its fixed w
    Fixed now - Has stopped doing it :D
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    I've considered that, and will see what happens when multiple definitions are enabled at a later date... And oh, you said multiple receivers, i thought you meant set sender multiple times, either way both "should" be possible. The current configs will have to be changed though.
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    When will you add pistons as receivers?
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    Diddo on the info...

    Would be A M A Z I N G!
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    Love the plugin I just added it to my server today, and it plays nice with wireless redstone and craftbook!
    will critique in about two to three days.
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    @Skirmisher but... but.. we're impatient and want them now! :p jk I don't mind waiting for something to work right vs having it bugged now

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