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    Captain Chaos

    PorteCoulissante moved to BukkitDev!

    PorteCoulissante has moved to BukkitDev! I will no longer be updating this thread, please use the BukkitDev page to keep track of developments, download the plugin and source code, read how to configure it and other details, etc.

    PorteCoulissante - The easy and realistic portcullis plugin:

    Build redstone powered portcullises, without using commands! This is my first ever Minecraft plugin, so please be gentle! I needed a project for my first plugin, and I've always wanted a working portcullis in my town gate, so I decided to write this. I subsequently discovered that there already is a portcullis plugin (which is why I named mine after the French word that the word portcullis was derived from), but I think mine has enough distinguishing features to be useful.

    Download the latest release from the BukkitDev page.

    Also check out the new sister plugin, RetractableBridge, which does basically the same thing, only horizontally.

    • It doesn't use commands. Just build the portcullis and it will work.
    • Stateless, i.e. it does not have to save anything on the server.
    • It's redstone powered, giving you flexibility in controlling it.
    • It is realistic. The portcullis does not disappear, but moves up and down just like a real one would.
    • Build the portcullis itself by stacking rows of fences (wood or iron), at least two wide and two high.
    • Build the wall around it to contain it. Leave enough empty space above the portcullis to allow it to go as high as you want it to go.
    • Power the portcullis by powering one of the blocks adjacent to it on either side, by attaching a lever or redstone dust. For now, the power has to come from the side.
    • The result should look something like this:
    • When the block is powered, the portcullis will start moving upwards, and will keep going until it hits something and can't go any further. It moves slowly, since a portcullis is heavy!
    • Important: make sure that when it is in the up position, it is still in contact with a powered block (the same one, or a different one).
    • When the power goes off, the portcullis will drop down (a lot faster than it went up).
    • Decorate the gate by building walls in front of and behind the portcullis to cover the empty space and to make it appear the portcullis is moving in a groove. Of course you can make it look any way you want! Here is an example:

    Hints and tips:
    • The portcullis can be any size you want, as long as it is at least two blocks wide and two blocks high. It must be rectangular though, and have no holes. If the portcullis breaks, it won't move any more until you repair it.
    • Try to make the empty space above the portcullis one block less high than the portcullis itself (like in the first picture above). That way, you only need to power one block (the one in the middle on either side), since that block will always be in contact with the portcullis.
    • Of course the empty space can be even smaller, if you want. The portcullis only has to go up two blocks to let people through, or three if you want the passage to be a little less claustrophobic.
    • The portcullis will go through (and hold back) water and lava, so you can make water gates and water or lava traps with them.
    More information:

    For download links, source code, configuration information and change logs, please see the BukkitDev page:
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    Loving the plugin-- I really like mechanics changes that feel natural, that don't require signs and other artificial means to achieve.
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    can i place fence above gap and it will kepp raising or will it stop when it hits the top
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    Captain Chaos

    I'm not sure I understand the question. Are you asking whether the gate will still raise if you fill the entire gap with fences? Obviously not. As you can see in that video, the gate stops when it hits something, so if there is no room to move it will not move at all...
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    I posted the same on the retractablebridge thread, but does this not support permissions? I would appreciate if it did.
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    Captain Chaos

    I responded to you on the RetractableBridge thread. The same answer applies to PorteCoulissante. ;)
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    I love this plugin, thank you for making it I made a castle just for it and it is perfect.
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    Uhhh sorry either this plugin has developed backwards from the tutorials on youtube?
    Maybe its a different plugin on yt but on their video they just type /portcullis create
    And i'm sorry i have no clue how to use this or install it
    I put it in my plugins and that shit and it didn't create a config file
    And ik i read bout the config stuff
    Do i need it?or can i run it without it
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    Captain Chaos

    Yes, I think you're confused with a different plugin. This plugin does not use commands, as you can read in the information at the top. You will also find instructions there on how to use the plugin, it's really quite simple.

    W.r.t. the config file: no you don't need one. You only need it if you want to change plugin settings from the defaults.
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    Can u please put it on bukkitdev.
    This plugin has always worked for me and it is easy, thank you.
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    Captain Chaos

    It is on bukkitdev!
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    Oh thanks.
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    My portacul.png
    This is my main PorteCoulissante

    There are two here 1 is mossy stone the other is iron bars
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    Captain Chaos

    Very nice! I like the creeper statue. It looks very christmasy, somehow... :)
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    Great plugin. I really like it. I would like it if i could set the maximum dimensions in the config.yml. In the methods where you scan to see if a group of blocks is a porte, maybe you could use a dynamic value for the minimum and maximum height of the portal. These values could be set in the config.yml.

    like these defaultvalues:

    minimumHeight: 2
    maximumHeight: 16
    minimumWidth: 2
    maximumWidth: 16

    This would be a way to protect the server and users on slow internet connections/ computers from lag causes by all those blocks being moved at once. (like the speed setting is a way to do this)
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    Captain Chaos

    Are you experiencing such lag yourself? I'd rather not implement such a restriction if it has not been demonstrated in practice to be a big problem.

    The size of the portcullis doesn't really have much of an impact on the performance, because of the way the plugin works. It doesn't move every block of the portcullis, it just adds blocks on the leading edge, and removes them from the trailing edge. I think the number of portcullises and especially their speed has a much bigger impact.
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    No I am not experiencing such lag myself, but i want to know this will not be an issue before i give access to your nice plugin to players on my server. it would be sad to first let them build a lot of portcullises and then having to remove the plugin because of lag. But in the way you describe it, it sounds like it is implemented pretty smart.
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    Captain Chaos

    I don't think it will be a problem. Many people are using my plugins on their servers and I have yet to hear any complaints about lag.
  19. This is exactly what I was looking for. A simple plugin for my gate without all the hassle, bulk, and permissions. I'm using this and your bridge plugin. Great work
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    Captain Chaos

    Thanks! :)
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    I found an issue where the gate just keeps flying further up into the sky if you forget to put a cap on the frame. I'm not sure what happens when it gets really high, but can you make the portcullis stop when it gets out of redstone power range?
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    Captain Chaos

    That has been asked and answered before. I could, but I won't. ;) I want you to have maximum flexibility, including the ability to bridge distances without being in contact with anything.

    If you forget to constrain the portcullis at the top it will continue all the way to the top of the level, where it will disintegrate and the fences will rain back down, so it should not be too big of a deal. You just have to hang around for a while and then collect the fences dropping from the sky.
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    That's perfectly fine. I just didn't want my server crashing with fences flying up hundreds of tiles high. As long as they break, I'm okay with that :) Thanks!
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    Hmm... I don't know why, but my 12x8 (height x width) portcullis isn't working in the 1.0.0 craftbukkit. It was always working fine with the old craftbukkit server (for Minecraft Beta 1.8.3). I've entirely isolated the structure and made sure that there's no connecting redstone anywhere except for the controlling block. I've tested with a small 4x2 portcullis, which works fine and RetractableBridge is also working correctly. Any idea what may have caused this?

    Found the problem. I did a Voxelsniper action to darken the logs around the portcullis (setting data value to 1) Some of the fences where hit by that too. I used WorldEdit to fix the fence data values back to 0. WorldEdit reported "36 blocks where changed". But the portcullis wasn't working because those 36 blocks hadn't been changed at all!
    Apparently WorldEdit doesn't change data values when it won't make any visual or mechanical changes in vanilla minecraft. I wonder why it does report them as being changed though.
    Using WorldEdit I removed all fences and re-placed them. That fixed the portcullis.
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    Captain Chaos

    I have no idea. If the small portcullises work the larger one should work too, the size of the portcullis is irrelevant.

    Are you quite sure the large portcullis is constructed right? You are powering it from the side through a frame block, right, instead of running the redstone directly to the fence blocks?

    Note that there is no recommended Bukkit build yet for Minecraft 1.0.0. The latest officially supported Bukkit version is still version 1337 (Minecraft Beta 1.8.1); I'm waiting for a new recommended build for Minecraft 1.0.0 before updating the plugins (if necessary).
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    I have a suggestion that applies to this AND the retractable bridge, you should make the portcullis make sounds when its active to sound like a gate being raised. (ditto for the bridge, make it sound like its sliding open. Completely silent operation is a bit odd. (I know this requires a client-side mod, but I think it would be pretty cool.)
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    Captain Chaos

    I may do that, using the Spout plugin.
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    An example of how the two plugins can be used together

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    Captain Chaos

    PorteCoulissante moved to BukkitDev!

    PorteCoulissante has moved to BukkitDev! I will no longer be updating this thread, please use the BukkitDev page to keep track of developments, download the plugin and source code, read how to configure it and other details, etc.
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    honestly it looks like a great plugin [diamond] but it dont work for me how come i feel like a creeper! [creeper] [tnt]
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    Captain Chaos

    I'm sorry to hear that. I don't know why it doesn't work for you; the plugin works. If you're sure the plugin is being loaded (check the server.log file) you most likely made a mistake building the portcullis. Carefully check the images above, and the videos people posted throughout this thread. One often made mistake is to lead the redstone to the portcullis itself, instead of to the frame around the portcullis, so check whether you're not doing that.
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