[MECH] PlgRailBoost v2.0 - make powered rails boost much more [1.4]

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    PlgRailBoost - powered rails boost much much more
    Version: v2.0

    Because mechanical boosters were removed from the game and electric booster just boost too little, I had to create this plugin for my server.
    I cannot really tell you how much this boosts, because I just set the cart to have a really high momentum (the actual speed is still 8 m/s, it just lasts incredibly long).

    Thanks Afforess for his MinecartMania (used as an inspiration).

    • Powered rails boost 3000x "longer" by default (the number is an approximation)
    • The boost is configurable
    • Unpowered rails stop immediately (you need only one unpowered rail to stop any minecart)
    • Unoccupied minecarts' behavior has not been altered
    Download(source code in the .jar)


    You need to add a file to the plugin folder (plugins/PlgRailBoost).
    The file name is the configured boost value!
    If you want to use the default value it should be 32, so you create a file plugins/PlgRailBoost/32.
    If you want it to boost more, rename the file to plugins/PlgRailBoost/256 for example.
    The default value is 100000.

    Version 2.0
    • updated to new bukkit API
    Version 1.1
    • Boost configurable
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
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    yes it only takes an integer value, not a float. 1e15 is also bigger than an integer anyway.
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    Yeah, I know, I'm just joking around.
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    Great plugin. It helps me with metro/railroad building.
    But, can you please add one configurable value for empty carts?

    Currently in PlgRailBoostVehicleListener.java you check for empty carts, and ignore it.
    // do not boost empty minecarts
    if (cart.isEmpty()) return;
    Can you please add some config-value to allow this? I have changed source for allowing empty cart boost, but it's very extremely.
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    Would be great to add that in too, because I am using TrainCarts and the automation doesn't work so well if the manned trains are colliding with unmanned trains ;)
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    Deleted user

    One thing.
    2011-11-19 16:57:06 [INFO] 500.txt is not a valid configuration file name for PlgRailBoost!
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    exactly, I never said anything about ".txt"
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    Hey there you still alive? XD

    Could you please update the listeners in this plugin to suport the new ones, from bukkit R5 onward the depreciated ones no longer work.
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    will try to look into it, but I usually just support latest recommended
    if you do not here from me, send me a PM reminder .)
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    Oh I fully understand its just that when the next recommended build comes out the plugin will stop working, and I found that using this in conjunction with traincarts allows both for high speed carts and long boosts!

    If all my boosters revert to the orig boosts the whole rail system would die.
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    Yes, actually, this plugin no longer works :( When I activate it, put speed on 100000 or 500 doesn't do anything.
    This is sad because this is the only one I've found who can increase the speed of a powered rail, which is really useful.
    If you can update it to the actual Bukkit/Minecraft version, it would be awesome!

    Thanks in advance!
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    updated to new bukkit API

    thanks for the warning
    download away guys :)
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    Thanks a bunch!
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    Thanks you very muuccchh!!!

    But... After added it, i've tried to set it to 100000. Nothing happened. :(
    So I've tried to set it to 30. Then the Minecart was going slower.

    The plugin seems to work, but the speed isn't really increased. Or maybe I've done something wrong?:confused:
    My goal with this plugin would be to put the powered rails speed faster than the noclip mode, for add a true utility to the minecart.
    Thanks in advance!
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    If I remember correctly this only increases your momentum so you can go further with less booster tracks, it won't increase the maximum speed of the cart.
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    Like DragonMasterNYC says, this only increases the momentum, so you can go further, not faster.
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    Oh, okay I see. Sorry to haven't understood that. :(
    Anyway this can be really useful too, because with that, I no longer need redstone right?
    And, do you know a plugin where we can increase the maximum speed of powered rails?

    Thanks in advance! ;)
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    the guy above your first post here said he uses traincarts for speed.
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    Oh ok I didn't paid attention to that. After trying the 2 plugins, this works fine together: TrainCarts allow to increase the maximum speed of a Minecart and PlgRailBoost allow to keep this high speed further withn't use Powered Rails. Awesome combo.

    One more time, thanks you very very much, and sorry for the inconvenience.
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    I play on a server where we reluctantly moved to 1.2.4 around a month ago and have been missing the Minecart Mania plugin quite a bit. We have a few worlds and one of them has a 320,000 grid rail network which used unpowered rails to boost (courtesy of MM) every 100 blocks.
    Currently we're waiting for one of the MM replacement plugins to mature and add features that we need for proper player-cart sorting, etc.
    What we'd like currently is a plugin that we can use as a stop gap in the meantime. All we really require is players to be able to ride on the system even if their cart doesn't get spawned or they don't get sorted.
    Could you add a feature to your plugin (with a config file setting) to allow unpowered rails to act as boosters?
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    Will this plugin be updated for Minecraft 1.4, does it need to be updated for 1.4?
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    I don't think there will be any changes needed, there are no changes in rails in 1.4
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    that is good to hear, thanks for the quick reply.

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