[MECH] PistonPlugin 1.4 - Pistons for SMP (powered by redstone) [803]

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    PistonPlugin - Pistons for SMP
    Version: v1.4
    <font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)">***This is an updated version of a plugin that was tagged as inactive***</font>
    Original thread:
    This plugin adds pistons to your server (no custom blocks).

    Here is a video of BasBloem (creator) testing it:

    * Push blocks away from the controlblock using redstone!
    * Diamond pushes a maximum of 25 blocks (default)
    * Iron pushes a maximum of 15 blocks (default)
    * Gold pushes a maximum of 10 blocks (default)
    * Config file to change the blocks/maximum push distance
    * Obisidian/bedrock/inventory-based blocks (furnace/chest) block it

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    PP.zip (1.3)
    PP.zip (1.3) (mirror)

    Version 1.4
    * Changed the configuration loader to use config.yml
    * Added option in config to change the maximum push distance for each piston block
    * Compiled with CraftBukkit 803

    Version 1.3
    * Added config file
    * Fixed the amount it can push to +1, because it was 9, 14, 24, heheh :D
    * Fixed a weird glitch
    * Disabled redstone from being pushed, because it could messup alot
    * Default blocks are still Gold, Iron, Diamond

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    Version 1.2
    * Fixed the whole obsidian thing, heheh :D

    Version 1.1
    * Fixed the thing where it doesn't set the data(Such as wool color)
    * Added bedrock and obsidian to not move, and chest and furnaces, so they won't loose their content etc.

    Version 1.0
    * Initial release!
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    Daniel Few

    Nice plugin. I might try this on my server :) I'll let you know how testing goes if I do.
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    try to make it like the real ones
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    What do you mean?
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    Can you also add the functionality of having one redstone wire or a button power two pistons that are stacked above one another?

    Or have one piston be able to push the whole stack of blocks in front of it?

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    You can modify the maximum push distance in config.yml if you're trying to move a large amount of blocks at once.
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    Nice, I have an Idea if you can add it! Make 1 of the 3 push and pull back, like the SSP Pistons mod where the gold ones push blockes out 1 and pull them back in
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    Lead head im thinking of moving away from the 1 you posted because it has major saving and dupe issues :/ if this added the push/pull piston and a better way to change direction i would swap in a heartbeat.
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    does it push rails?
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    With 1.6 coming soon, was pistons mentioned for this update? if so this plugin will slowly dissapear :(
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    John Kapsis

    nope... notch backed off again...
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    Hmm, what about a "type" option in config.yml? It could be "normal" or "sticky".
    You can't configure those pistons...
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    Actually, I meant to have
    Powered by one redstone and treated as one piston.. makes making secret doors easier..

    The other possibility was to have

    One piston pushing two stacked blocks..
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    can it push block upward?
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    I don't know what would happen, but you could try it :D
    I don't think so, I'll try that.
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    so how do you make the pistons? cant find that anywhere.
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    I'm using BukkitPiston v0.53 and it's great, if you could add sticky pistons (which is what a LOT of people are wanting) and have it work similar to BP/the actual piston mod I'd definitely switch!
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    If the pistons crush blocks, I'm definitely downloading.
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    Watch the video or read the original thread.
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    Why dose this only work for the first 5 misn then stop :S
  24. If you can get direction changing and sticky pistons then that would be awesome.
    I had BukkitPiston for a while but it didnt save the directions properly, thus on every load all the pistons defaulted to up and it broke lots of things, so it got removed. The author still hasnt fixed that bug :/
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    My only complaint is that people can exploit this to get infinite iron.
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    i ment so they can launch you and sand in the air.(i know they can launch sand but not as hi as the real one)
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    If i was to swap to this one I would like to see two pistons crushing blocks like in the real one.. lik whe u have a non moveable block and piston going up stuff like cobbelstone gets crushed back into a pickup.

    Like in this vid
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    could you make it so when a block is caught between two active pistons it Crushes the block and makes a drop? thanks!
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    Ohi :)
    I just wanna say that I'm not really developing plugins anymore, and if you need the source(If you don't have it already, haha. Then just say so)
    Maybe one day I will start developing again :D
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    Pls update I want piston in 1.6 too

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