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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by feildmaster, Jul 3, 2011.

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    PermaFences v1.4

    Has found a new home!


    Just as a note: I don't care if this is never moved to "Releases." I made it for fun. Probably wont ever edit it either.

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    Source looks pretty solid to me. I would prefer this over the other plugin that just got released.

    Suggestion: Add if(!event.isCancelled) on all your onEvents as that would improve the performance if another plugin already cancelled the event.
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    @Dreadreaver That's a good idea. I'll see what all should be changed.

    As I have gone through various tests I have determined using "pistons" on fences, will move a fence no matter what.

    That feature will have to wait until a piston API is added into bukkit. *snips that code out before I release the update*

    - Plugin now has the LAST SAY when breaking a fence, and overrides any other plugins. (Might actually cause more problems. Who knows, lets test.)

    And yes. This update is JUST a priority change and a movement of actions...

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  4. The reason I requested this is so on my server I have a gate made out of sticky pistons and its like a defensive base so people can't break through the fence and get in.
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    @Xxcod4glitcherxX - Ah I see, so you wouldn't really need it to prevent fence movement. (Though, i think people can still "PULL" your fences...)
  6. Well I don't think anyone in my server is smart enough to do that because I know everyone ;)
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    Haha. That's kinda funny.
  8. Can you make a .txt file where you can change what you want to use instead of a gold pickaxe?
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    lol, love it, i use a jail plugin, and the rule is if you can get out, you're free, so we made obsidian cages, but they can eventually break those if they're determined, fence cages FTW! And Xxcod4glitcherxX's idea would be kinda nice, but then that might get complicated and people might demand permissions...battle of priorities i guess.
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    Update v1.3
    Updated to RB 1000​
    Now pistons can't move fences.​

    @Xxcod4glitcherxX : No I wont allow editing of the breaking item.
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    Permissions support maybeh?
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    @Banana937 : Permissions for what exactly.
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    Permission node for that, like permafences.break or something.
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    @Banana937 : oh right...!

    I'll do that later. ^^
    (it will still require the gold pickaxe though. ;p)
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    Well, yeah of course.
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    Cool. And you used my node :D
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    really didn't have much else do put it as.
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