[MECH] PerformanceTweaks (updated) v1 - Monster Limiter, Chunk Persistance And More [1000]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by epsn, Aug 8, 2011.

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  2. Does this contain any changes or did you just simply compile it against RB 1000?
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    Hope you continue improving this plugin in the future. Also, can you add it to CraftBukkitUpToDate?
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    good to see this back up, but it seems to totally break citizens. i have been testing plugins all night, citizens was fine across multiple restarts and adding/removing other plugins. i saw this was back so i quickly installed it and my npcs vanished. any ideas? i tried turning off mob limiter and it didnt make any difference.
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    Rofl looked over it and saw that you didn't even edit the package names. You probably didn't even touch th file at all, i still use the old version (cough cough "same version") fine with no errors on RB 1000. Please when you "update" a plugin at least change & fix stuff D:

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    If I'm wrong and i opened the wrong files, fix your source code D:
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    LOL, you got the .zip file link and source link backwards...

    I just got it on my server and i'll reply again if my server got less laggier or not!

    Edit: The plugin made the chunk loading slower but that might be because I have BananaChunk. I'll test it without BananaChunk

    Edit 2: Just tested it without BananaChunk. The chunk loading was still slow and the server sometimes freezes for 5 seconds every 5 minutes. And the ram usage was climbing up VERY fast. I have a 3GB ram server and after 10 minutes the ram % went up to the 90's.
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    So this plugin does the opposite of what it's supposed to do?
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    I'd avoid using this plugin in its current state.
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    I'm with Kainzo. I would avoid it from day one. The chunk issues that might happen with this are just horrific. This should have never been accepted.
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    How did this get past submission???

    I mean ok it works fine without the Chunk part, but hey he didn't edit/add a thing D:
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    need to fix it
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    Does it work on SSD?
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    "Then it will re-enabled it when the monsters get below the threshold - 100. "
    i want settting that "below the threshold - 100"
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    Will this help the performance of online hosted servers? IE-Servercraft?
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    Sounds like a good idea (kind of) but honestly, it seems like there are more cons than pros atm. I'll keep an eye on this plugin and see if it gets perfected ;)
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    it's pretty useful when you disable the chunk part :p bad part is that this naabface doesn't actually update the plugin but just recompiles it with the newest bukkit build...
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    How about now? :p
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    Dude, this is awesome!
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    Can we either get a real updated version of this or close this thread?
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    dude, this plugin WAS perfect back in the day, but the developer stopped updating and now this dick has just copied and pasted!!

    I will apologize about what I said once (and if) this starts working properly as I used to love this plugin.
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    To be honest, this works perfectly for me after build 1060 was released.
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    srsly? If so please tag me again :D
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    Test it yourself, mate. Seeing is believing :)
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    when i activated the plugin first 5 minutes were good but then it just started kicking players randomly at an inerval of time and it said ,,you were kicked for floating to long"!So the only way i found around this is to put allow-flight = true in server.properties
    i am waiting for a fix
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    I'd advise against this plugin, the idea is sound, but it just doesn't work. The idea it this speeds up the server and allows the server to keep chunks in ram that are frequently used, problem is I'm using 4G of dedicated memory and within 15 minutes my server got so much lag I couldn't do anything, block would reappear after being destroyed, dropped blocks would never get picked up, etc. Lots of lag issues and my biggest issue is I was using less than half my dedicated memory. Great idea, bad plugin. I also was getting the kicked for flying issue, didn't know what plugin was causing it, thank you decebalddecebal!
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    Thats because this guy didnt update anything, that was the same glitch the old version has... He just stamped his name on it and called it "updated"
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    That is why he does not have to plugin dev title :D
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    Please change the version in plugin.yml to 1.0, I've redownloaded this four times XD
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    There are no changes from 0.8 from this. He just updated the thread basically.

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