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    Eonz PailStone
    A Redstone Extension

    Version: v4.0 (download)

    Permissions: Any

    Do you like this plugin? Help a poor student out, and toss me a few bucks!

    New version control setup coming soon.​

    • :logic IC signs to simplify redstone logic gates and save space.
    • :logged IC detect if a player is in the world.
    • :item IC spawns item drops.
    • :ctime IC signs to check the time.
    • :send and :recv transmit signals wirelessly.
    • :sensor senses players withing a certain area.
    • :spawn IC spawns mobs.
    • :cuboid IC changes up to 100 blocks at a time
    • :bolt IC to spawn lightning
    • :disp IC to send you text from anywhere when redstone power is applied!
    • :announce IC to display messages to everyone in an area.
    • :trigger IC to turn on redstone power from anywhere.
    • :cweather IC to sense the weather conditions.
    And MORE! Full List


    • Major overhaul of all systems.
    • Some significant syntax changes.
    • Added :area
    • Added /ps area
    • Added :arrow
    • Added :teleport
    • Added /ps coord
    • Added pulse
    • Permissions Overhaul

    • Added :click and :count.
    • Added support for PermissionsEx and Bukkit permissions.
    • Made PermissionsEx the default choice for permissions.
    Old Changelog (open)

    • Added :delay, :toggle, :clock, :rand
    • Fixed minor errors in text prompts
    • Added :item, :logged
    • Added config file
    • Added sign wipe protection to combat standing bugs in vanilla minecraft (toggleable in config)
    • Added variable cuboid limit, settable in config.
    • (3.4.1) Fixed error when triggering :trigger signs from console.
    • Fixed bug with a single input not working when extra inputs were wired.
    • Fixed bug where signs with blank lines would not always load.
    • Optimization.
    • Added :cweather
    • Added data values to :cuboid
    • Fixed bug where :send signs fired in rapid succession would not always trigger their :recv signs.
    • Added :disp
    • Added :announce
    • Added :trigger (previously :command)
    • Bugfixes (Thanks, Ollieboy)
    • Total rewrite. New release.
    • Various bug fixes.
    • Signs names, not arguments, are now colored.
    • Updated for 602.
    • Fixed major bug in the :cuboid IC regarding build limits. (Thanks to kenohki for pointing it out)
    • Added :twire IC to detect players in cuboid areas.
    • Started work on IC scripting language. (Unreleased)
    • :spawn IC
    • :cuboid IC
    • Updated to 556 to capitalize on the chunk ghosting glitch fix. The chunk ghosting glitch was causing spontaneous sign unloading.
    • Various bug fixes.
    • Pulled all code onto the main thread to stop concurrency errors.
    • Fixed a major bug that caused signs to sometimes spontaneously unload.
    • Fixed proximity's sensor range bug
    • Temporary bugfix for levers not triggering signs. (This is a craftbukkit problem. I put in a hacky solution)
    • Added config file.
    • Added ability to set data values of blocks with :set (fourth line)
    • Updated for CraftBukkit 531
    • Removed reference to Block.getRawData()
    • Updated for CraftBukkit 527
    • Redid backend entirely.
    • Added : proximity
    • Added :send and :recv
    • Removed (maybe temporarily) : players
    • Major bugfix.
    • Added :command
    • Minor bugfixes to :set.
    • General bug fixes.
    • Added players sign.
    • Major bugfix. (Thanks GagaPeter)
    • Added :rand sign.
    • Modified the :disp sign.
    • Added support for Permissions 2.5+
    • Added :set
    • A few bug fixes.
    • Fixed a bug that broke :ctime signs in some cases.
    • Auto-toggling ICs now fix their output levers if a player flips it.
    • Fixed code that still referred to the plugin by its old name.
    • Added support for automatically toggling signs.
    • Added :ctime and :logged
    • First Public release.
    • Added :logic and :disp
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    Bricke, to get a current out of a sign, you have to place a lever on the opposite side of the block from the sign. To get current to the sign, you have to wire the redstone into the front face of the sign. I posted an image a page back that shows how it is done.
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    Very nice!
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    Still no luck a little upset but its minecraft it would be awsome to thow us a vid cause i looked back throught the pictures the only one you submitte was for proximitte not wireless and the one wireless example i saw didnt work.

    but thanks for your time!
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    I guess I can try for a video today.
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    Epic plugin Hafnium, i really love it [​IMG] Thankx.

    I just try devise some new improvements for you ..
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    Updated with mob spawning and a cuboid IC. Cuboid ICs essentially function as incredibly versatile [Gate] [Door] and [Bridge] craftbook signs. They can even do non 3x1xn shapes. ;)
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    Signs are unloading again D; Again, same case scenario. They worked for a few days actually, then while the server was idle they dropped.
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    I've noticed this too, but on my server, they come back after a bit. I'm doing some bug testing, but without figuring our the exact conditions, its slow-going.
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    Any chance of creating an announcement sign?
    When powered it sends a message to every player within x blocks?
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    Hello Hafnium! Top notch job on the plugin there! We use it heavily on the server that I totally run and stuff. You probably haven't heard of it.

    It runs fantastically and has great ideas. However I do have a request for an IC if I may.

    I suggest that you include a countdown IC. It would involve a high (or low) input on a sign initiating a defined countdown on the sign. The 3 available parameters could be <Time to count down (in seconds or game ticks)> <Detected input (what goes in)> <Given output (what goes out)>. It should be pulse triggered and unalterable once the countdown has been initiated, with a sensible limit of course. There is no sense in have a timer that runes for over 10 minutes, for example.

    Either way I don't know how possible that is but I'm sure with your incredibly knowledgy knowledge you can make it happen. I want to have sex with your face.
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    I totally forgot that I was going to do this. :p

    This is an interesting idea. I'm going to have to tinker around with it.
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    When the server restarts, all of our proximity sensors seem to get reset. They don't save. Why is this?
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    !!! Critical Update !!!

    There is a serious flaw in 2.10, please update to 2.20 asap.

    The code that saves the signs doesn't differentiate between sign types. I would suggest using :twire for now.

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    I mean. I create the sign, set the radius to 8, and if the server restarts or something, I come back, the radius is 5. WITHOUT fail, the radius on all Proximity signs somehow end up at 5.

    I've PM'd you what I think is the cause, and a possible solution.

    Might I suggest that you use real-world values for a cuboid selection instead of offsets? It's much harder to figure out offsets for me than it is to get the standard X, Y, Z coords.

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    Great job on this mod, very innovative!

    Any chance you'll be releasing the source? I'd love to tinker with it and hopefully contribute some ICs!

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    but2002, I tinkered with that, but the issue is that past a certain range, you run out of space on the sign for the numbers. :p

    You can designate the points with glowstone dust though. The item for that will be configurable in the next update.

    Yeah Jonanin, I'll release the source with my bukkit 600 build I'm pumping out tomorrow.
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    Updated for 602.
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    Where can I find the source?

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    Hehehe, totally broken in the new release it would seem.
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    Yes, CB 612 has an issue with signs, you have to use CB 613+. Still, Pailstone recognizes the signs (according to Log and Sign color), but none of the ICs work. No errors are thrown...
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    It looks like the method I use to ensure that no one sign fires more than once every two ticks is broken. Leads me to believe that the server.getFullTime() call borked too. I'm doing so research, but don't expect pailstone to be back until this weekend. As long as you don't touch your signs they should all start working again when I update.
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    Ah, indeed it did! Look at, Pailstone might work CB 617, have not tested yet, though :)

    Edit: Just tested it quickly! Looks good with CB 617.
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    Your webserver is offline! I just updated my pailstone.jar with the html of a 404 page D:

    It is fixed! :)

    Silly CraftBukketUpToDate decided the 404 page was more updated than the actual .jar file. Herpy Derp!
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    Dammit.. Mines the 404 too.
    Lessons learned: Dont just check if update is CB compatible. Also check if .JAR is a real .JAR. :)
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    Yeah, the 404 was my fault. :p Problems between server host and my bank. Everything is back to normal.

    The version for 602 works, as far as I can tell, in the latest RB. The :spawn will even work with wolves. I'm currently working on allowing you to pass arguments to :spawn like slime size, sheep color, wolf anger, etc.
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    Hi, your plugin is awsome!! I'm actually using it for a dungeon on my server.
    But i've found some problem on my side.

    - First, i don't understand how to write correctly the twire sign it's a problem for me, because in some cases i don't want to use proximity because it's an circle area detection and i just need a cuboid.
    - Second, and probably the worst for me, sometime (i can't find when exactly) the list sign in the folder "Do not edit" goes empty and i can't make my previous signs works even if i restart or reload the server with this empty file or by putting a backup of the working once in it, have you ever heard of this problem and do you know any solution?

    PS: I work on Bukkit 617. And sorry for all the grammatical mistakes, it's not my natural language
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    The file just goes blank? There should be some sort of log.txt in your /plugins/pailstone folder, you want to give me its contents?

    For now, right clicking on a sign with a slime ball forces PailStone to reload it.
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    Ho yes apologize, the files don't go totally blank. In fact all my sign allready set in game, disapears from file and are replaced by this(nearly):
    This is my log, thank you for the help
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    For some reason the signs will not spawn hostile mobs, but will spawn sheep, chickens, cows, and pigs fine. Me and my friend were trying to make a dungeon that spawns mobs with pressure plates and we just couldn't get it to work :(

    Edit: Nevermind! We figured out what was wrong, I didn't realize my friend had protected the area and he didn't know that protecting it would stop hostile mobs from spawning!

    Thanks your plugin has made our dungeon a reality!!
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    First of all, thanks for an awesome plugin! Really useful. But is it possible to add cooldown for the :spawn sign? I use the sign in my museum and people can spawn the mob over and over again so that is kinda annoying sometimes.:p

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