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    Eonz PailStone
    A Redstone Extension

    Version: v4.0 (download)

    Permissions: Any

    Do you like this plugin? Help a poor student out, and toss me a few bucks!

    New version control setup coming soon.​

    • :logic IC signs to simplify redstone logic gates and save space.
    • :logged IC detect if a player is in the world.
    • :item IC spawns item drops.
    • :ctime IC signs to check the time.
    • :send and :recv transmit signals wirelessly.
    • :sensor senses players withing a certain area.
    • :spawn IC spawns mobs.
    • :cuboid IC changes up to 100 blocks at a time
    • :bolt IC to spawn lightning
    • :disp IC to send you text from anywhere when redstone power is applied!
    • :announce IC to display messages to everyone in an area.
    • :trigger IC to turn on redstone power from anywhere.
    • :cweather IC to sense the weather conditions.
    And MORE! Full List


    • Major overhaul of all systems.
    • Some significant syntax changes.
    • Added :area
    • Added /ps area
    • Added :arrow
    • Added :teleport
    • Added /ps coord
    • Added pulse
    • Permissions Overhaul

    • Added :click and :count.
    • Added support for PermissionsEx and Bukkit permissions.
    • Made PermissionsEx the default choice for permissions.
    Old Changelog (open)

    • Added :delay, :toggle, :clock, :rand
    • Fixed minor errors in text prompts
    • Added :item, :logged
    • Added config file
    • Added sign wipe protection to combat standing bugs in vanilla minecraft (toggleable in config)
    • Added variable cuboid limit, settable in config.
    • (3.4.1) Fixed error when triggering :trigger signs from console.
    • Fixed bug with a single input not working when extra inputs were wired.
    • Fixed bug where signs with blank lines would not always load.
    • Optimization.
    • Added :cweather
    • Added data values to :cuboid
    • Fixed bug where :send signs fired in rapid succession would not always trigger their :recv signs.
    • Added :disp
    • Added :announce
    • Added :trigger (previously :command)
    • Bugfixes (Thanks, Ollieboy)
    • Total rewrite. New release.
    • Various bug fixes.
    • Signs names, not arguments, are now colored.
    • Updated for 602.
    • Fixed major bug in the :cuboid IC regarding build limits. (Thanks to kenohki for pointing it out)
    • Added :twire IC to detect players in cuboid areas.
    • Started work on IC scripting language. (Unreleased)
    • :spawn IC
    • :cuboid IC
    • Updated to 556 to capitalize on the chunk ghosting glitch fix. The chunk ghosting glitch was causing spontaneous sign unloading.
    • Various bug fixes.
    • Pulled all code onto the main thread to stop concurrency errors.
    • Fixed a major bug that caused signs to sometimes spontaneously unload.
    • Fixed proximity's sensor range bug
    • Temporary bugfix for levers not triggering signs. (This is a craftbukkit problem. I put in a hacky solution)
    • Added config file.
    • Added ability to set data values of blocks with :set (fourth line)
    • Updated for CraftBukkit 531
    • Removed reference to Block.getRawData()
    • Updated for CraftBukkit 527
    • Redid backend entirely.
    • Added : proximity
    • Added :send and :recv
    • Removed (maybe temporarily) : players
    • Major bugfix.
    • Added :command
    • Minor bugfixes to :set.
    • General bug fixes.
    • Added players sign.
    • Major bugfix. (Thanks GagaPeter)
    • Added :rand sign.
    • Modified the :disp sign.
    • Added support for Permissions 2.5+
    • Added :set
    • A few bug fixes.
    • Fixed a bug that broke :ctime signs in some cases.
    • Auto-toggling ICs now fix their output levers if a player flips it.
    • Fixed code that still referred to the plugin by its old name.
    • Added support for automatically toggling signs.
    • Added :ctime and :logged
    • First Public release.
    • Added :logic and :disp
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    How do you stop designating with the lightstone dust? I can designate point one and point two, but it doesn't activate the sign. It just keeps letting me designate point one and two over and over again.

    Edit: nevermind, figured out that you're supposed to designate points first. Also didn't realize points were relative. That'll make things more difficult.
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    If you designate everything with glowstone, the relativity of the points is no issue. Unfortunately, if the points were absolute, they would stop fitting on the sign a certain distance away from spawn. Just be thankful you don't have to write them in base 36 or something. That almost happened.
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    I am thinking ahead to when 1.8 comes around and I really like the new world generator. Ideally I would like to import my existing map into the new map by using MC edit but I know the pailstone signs won't work.

    For the 1.8 update can we have a command that scans the world for pailstone signs and sets them up correctly? If too resource intensive could we input a radius? So either /pailstonescan [world] or /pailstonescan [world] [radius]?

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    I was curious how designated points were indicated on the sign, since it was not absolute coordinate. Relative to the sign, now I see (I usually play when it's very late...).

    By the way, I'm sorry if this has already been asked before, but I was wondering, you have awesome signs, but is it possible (or planned to be added) to use the sensor sign to check for a specific player in the area, not any player around? (I intend to greet players home with a custom message, but only them — or with a trap :rolleyes:) Thanks!

    EDIT: A suggestion for your future updates: Could it be possible to have the signs powered by repeaters in front of them, as well as redstone dust? This could make more compact settings.
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    TheGurw seems no matter how many times I do a safe stop of the server, if I ever have to do a hard stop, all of the signs stop working. It is damned annoying when I have over 50 signs to go around and reset them all.
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    Has someone already tested it with the RC for the 1.8.1 update?
  8. Yes. Works just fine :)
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    I'd like to move my main world to another server as a Multiverse alternate world...this works fine, but breaks all the PailStone signs. I tried editing the file where they appeared to be stored (a .dat I think?) but there were some non-UTF8 characters in there and I probably did more harm than good. All I need to do is change the world name from "world" to "world_old" -- how do I go about accomplishing this without destroying all my PailStone signs and remaking them?
  10. I don't seem to be able to get the :sensor signs working when people are in a Minecart. Has anyone been able to do this?
  11. @Hafnium I noticed many people have asked about a way to restore the signs without re-creating them all, and I needed this myself as well recently, so I coded it. I also made some other changes, which you may or may not want.

    You can find my changes here:
    (I noticed you used to have a github repository for this project but deleted it - why?)

    All changes I made are:
    - Added pulse type trigger signs (see my post here a while ago)
    - Fixed delay signs initial state (when created powered, delay signs did not start powered, causing weird behavior under some circumstances)
    - Changed delay sign max duration to 5000 instead of 500 (I needed longer delays :p )
    - Added "/ps searchall" command to search all loaded chunks for pailstone signs and re-create them.
    - And some minor changes to remove errors/warnings in Eclipse, which should not have any effect on the plugin itself.

    Feel free to take some, all or none of these and add them to your plugin.

    Some information to go along with the /ps searchall command, since it's quite a big change:
    - Will also cause most other plugins to re-create signs if they use signs - very handy when working with raw map data and plugins!
    - Anything not written on the signs will be lost (messages stored for chatting signs). As these are not stored anywhere inside or with the sign itself, there is no way around this unfortunately.
    - This will not re-create signs in unloaded chunks, so make sure you're near the signs you are re-creating.
    - Ownership of all loaded signs will go to the person re-creating them. This can be worked around, but I didn't need it so I didn't.
    - Only server ops will be able to use this command by default, give out the pailstone.recreate permission to let others do it. Not recommended, because of the point above.
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    I for one, would love a GitHub repository for this. Not only would it make browsing the code simpler, I'd love to contribute. @Hafnium, could you please attempt to do this?

    Also, nice @Thulinma! Looks fantastic.
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    I've explored github. I may explore it again.

    In other news, I'm firing up the development furnace once more. What permissions does everyone want to use? I'm testing with PermissionsEx, but I'll implement as many as I can.

    Prerequisite is group functionality.
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    Honestly, I would prefer the native Bukkit Permissions, since a LOT of the new plugins are just using it and nothing else, and many of the permission plugins are starting to slack in their updating.
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    Yeah, I think use superperms for basic Permissions checks. PEX supports superperms, so no need to use its API for that. As for groups, well, it would be nice to support both PermissionsBukkit and PEX. That's what I do for my SimpleJail plugin.
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    Bukkit default permissions and PEX will both work, any other APIs?

    For now, 3.6 is out. I added support for PermissionsEx and Bukkit's built in stuff.

    Order of preference:
    PEX > Nijikokun's API > Bukkit default

    It will just go with the first one it finds.

    Two new ICs, including the one with the most complicated arguments to date!

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    If I restarted the official git, would some people want to hop on board the "pail team"?
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    Sure, gladly. I ran my own "dev version" that I never posted here back during PS 2.x. Primary features were :set/:cuboid whitelist/blacklist (so people couldn't go around spawning diamond blocks), tweaks to the registration system, and the like. I no longer have my own version for 3.x, but I'd love to have access to the source and changes in such a simple way.
  19. Yes. Assuming you'd want me, that is.
    I never really got the message whether you liked or hated my edits :)
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    I tried v3.6, but I get a whole lot of "Got an invalid clear message" messages every once in a while. Switched back to v3.5, and it works great, so it's definitely something with 3.6. I'm running b1185 and my plugin list is:
    • Command Helper
    • General
    • Help
    • HeroicDeath
    • LogBlock
    • LWC
    • mChat
    • MultiInv
    • Multiverse-Core
    • Multiverse-NetherPortals
    • NoCheat
    • PailStone
    • PermissionsBukkit
    • RepairChest
    • SimpleJail
    • Spout
    • SuperpermsBridge
    • Superpickaxe
    • WorldEdit
    • WorldGuard

    Not sure what causes this, I don't know exactly what changed from the two versions.
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    Same thing here. The terminal is filled with errors, so much that I can't even scroll back to their start. This is the kind of message I get:
    [INFO] Got an invalid clear message: Location{world=CraftWorld{name=world3},x=-65.0,y=91.0,z=
    6.0,pitch=0.0,yaw=0.0} and mine is Location{world=CraftWorld{name=world3},x=-18.0,y=62.0,z=-87.0,pitch
    Reverted to 3.5 meanwhile and no problem encountered so far, so indeed, it looks like it's 3.6-related.

    These are the plugins I have on our server: WorldGuard, Multiverse-Core, Transporter, Safe Creeper, NarrowtuxLib, WorldEdit, MobileAdmin, iConomy, PermissionsEx, CraftBookMechanisms, Modifyworld, PailStone, CommandBook, MinecartManiaCore, CraftBookCommon, MinecartManiaSignCommands, MinecartManiaStation, MinecartManiaAdminControls, ChatManager, MinecartManiaChestControl, LWC, Showcase, MobArena, ChestShop, dynmap.

    I'd love to update when a fix is created since the two new additions to the plugin seem really great!
    Thanks for your help, Hafnium!
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    The invalid clear message thing is just old debug code, there's nothing actually wrong with PailStone. I'll see to a fix soon, along with some minor updates thanks to imjake9.
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    Thanks a lot!
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    To be completely honest, and yes I know this was made before the "pail" plugin... I'm kind of wondering the reason behind the "Pail" in the name.
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    Actually, I'm more curious about the "Stone" myself. :p
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    I'd assume that it's a combination of his name "Pail," which he apparently uses as a prefix to other unreleased plugins, and "Stone" as in redstone.
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    Ha, of course, (red)stone! I found the use of "pail" a little more original than every other Bukkit plugin with their "bukkit/bucket"-related names! ;) And do I have to tell yet again that this plugin is so much interesting and powerful? And that it's one of my two favorite ones? Well, even if I don't have to, I'm glad to repeat that again and again :D Thanks for this awesome addition to our server!
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    I concur. PailStone makes my server's world go 'round!
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    By the way, I'd like to suggest an idea: to have the redstone current delivered to a PailStone sign by a repeater as well. It would then be possible to have a design much more compact in redstone building. Thanks!
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    Two questions:

    1) To update, do we have to upload the src folder (containing the plugin.yml file) as well and keep the old generated pail/stone folders?

    2) In the plugin.yml file, I read:
            description: Triggers a PailStone :command IC.
            usage: /<command> <trigger>
            aliases: [ t ]
            description: Do a pailstone command.
            usage: /<command> <sub-command>[ <arguments>]
            aliases: [ ps ]
    Can you tell me exactly what this is? New features? I can't seem to find anything on your website. There is /trigger <identifier>, yes, but no "/<command> <trigger>, nor mention of "pailstone commands". If you could tell me, it'd be great.

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